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    Competitive Gender Polarity  

The Way!


Recognizing the confounding personal and social, cause and effect

of toxic feminist persuasion on the masculine mind.

   We recognized that our minds were confounded by irrational toxic feminist manipulation. The resulting emotional instability left us participating in control based behaviors, self-medicating addictions, and dependencies, and even regrettable violent reaction, as our only means of relief.” Suggestions from feminist theory have fragmented and confounded the divine intention of sound rational masculine judgment, throughout western culture. Increasingly destroying civility and civil order within western civilization and imposing this destructive pattern throughout the world. The increase of right brain baseless relativism has infiltrated government, law, psychology, and religion. Creating a society which increasingly tends toward the emotional and irrational regrettable reaction of immediate sensual superficial gratification, without consideration for an outcome. Self-seeking is contrary, and counterproductive to the necessary civil order of civilization. The dependency upon, and addiction to “immediate gratification” without consideration for the outcome. Has become a means of self-medication with substances or activities. In order to numb the emotional instability caused by trust in toxic feminist influenced right brain suggestion. Which are not only false, but counterproductive to the intended design of sound rational masculine mind, and without any basis in fact. In other words. Placing trust in false notions and ideas. Which may be deep-seated beliefs stemming from childhood. Is the cause of emotional instability. Which result in increasing dependencies and addictions upon substances and activities. In order to achieve immediate gratifying relief from the emotional instability and resulting psychological disorders. These dependencies, addictions, and resulting control based behaviors. Only result in magnifying the primary emotional instabilities. Which then result in greater dependencies upon and addictions to those substances and activities. Creating greater dependency upon control based behavioral disorder. Which renders one’s life increasingly unmanageable. With the consistent recognition of undesirable outcome from the illusion of control. In the first medicine, we recognize how trust in false notions which have no basis in fact, have caused our lives to become unmanageable. Our egos and souls had been victimized by social and personal toxic feminist suggestions that are counterproductive to the design and intent of masculine development. We had lost our sense of masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. Which, had confounded our intended sound rational masculine minds.

Intimacy means that nothing is hidden, Personal privacy creates suspicion which betrays necessary trust for healthy companionship. The willingness to abandon personal privacy for the sake of true deep intimate trust in companionship is required for sound lasting healthy companionship to continue.

Romantic love without earned, trust and respect will turn to hate! Unconditional love comes first, by sound Self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. “SELF LOVE” Unconditional love. Is the love that understands and forgives a human mistake. Unconditional love. Is the love that understands and forgives immaturity. Unconditional love is self-confident, self-respecting, understanding and forgiving. Unconditional love is knowing that all human beings are subject to the influence, persuasion, and manipulation of cunning demonic suggestions of environmental influences. Unconditional love is above demonic possession. “self-denial of behavioral disorder” This is a product of coming to know and understand GOD-MASCULINE, and creator, on a personal level. “sound self-identity” Out from under the conflicting, tormenting, curse, of environmental suggestive influences. The evidence of who I have become. In character and indeed. Regardless of the illusion of fault that the unnatural mind seeks to find, out of fear. Shows clearly, that my responsibilities are easy, my obligations are light. Matthew 11: 30; That I am not concerned with the traditions and twisted notions of the unnatural mind. For the truly spiritual mind seeks the evidence of peace in unity. Rather than the judgment of difference out of shame, and fear. With indoctrination. As is the nonspiritual and carnal mind. Suspicion is the killer of love.

Women mature earlier than men? Absurd! Women only conform to a sub-matriarchal culture easier. Regardless of the supposed idea that a culture is patriarchal. If the greater influence is the sensual right brained influence. “Sensual” James 3: 15 and Jude 19; It is Sub matriarchal. Controlled by feminine, finding the man to be at fault, blamed, and accused. Absurd! If feminine chooses to remain cunning and masculine remain wise to the cunning. Again, It is not the Sacred Warriors responsibility to accuse, place blame, or point out fault. But only to avoid participation with the initiator of the complex conflict. Without a word. The Sacred Warrior avoids personal participation with complex conflict. But rather be the example of avoiding participation with evil. Even if that means Rational Isolation, from all who participate. Participation with those who demonstrate counterproductive behavior demonstrates approval of that behavior, which encourages that counterproductive behavior. “Guilt by association”

The abuse of toxic feminist control has increasingly been perpetrated against men who allow hidden behaviors into their lives. Because of our level of trust in our friends and association. Greatly impact our psychological and emotional well-being. These behaviors resulting from feminist theory can only be avoidable, by an honorable agreement of equal intention. Providing the necessary security for maintaining masculine dignity necessary for the sound mind. Where lawful obligation to toxic feminist upper hand has become counterproductive. Romans 10: 3, 4; It is essential to determine these hidden toxic feminist characteristics. For the intent of equal civility, the civil order between genders, and civilization. Which provides the opportunity for mutual spiritual growth. By foundational understanding of the principles necessary for mutual companionship confidence and security, with mutual dignity, and honor.

Companionship isn’t a competition. The only way to stay ahead of the game is to avoid participation. By this, we begin to understand the necessity of choosing our friends wisely. Our trust in friends and associations has an impact on our sanity. Thus, choose your friends wisely. Birds of a feather, flock together. As well, you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. The character of loyal trustworthy integrity will not closely associate with a deceptive duplicitous character. The only relevant question that remains is, “how close” do I get? Which is determined by the level of trust and respect that is earned.

If there is a question here. Whether you are affected by environmental influences and suggestions. Honestly, ask yourself. Am I bothered by or participate in the immediate gratification of an intimate relationship without careful consideration of the character of the individual who could potentially affect my life in the deepest possible way? Am I bothered by or participate in rumors, gossip, blame or accusation in the personal confidential lives of others? Controlling, or manipulative behavior of people places, and things? Overly concerned with appearances or fearful of what others might think? Am I bothered by others or participate in conforming to or go with the flow without question, only to fit in? Am I bothered by or participate in a harmful level of dependency, upon external sources of gratification or comfort? Such as mood or mind altering chemistry, including hormonal chemistry? Am I bothered by or participate in an obsessive materialistic or superficial lifestyle? Believing that things are where happiness comes from? Am I bothered by or participate in the illusion that the external environment is controllable, by manipulative communication, and action? Am I bothered by or participate in excessive clutter, hoarding of material possessions which serve no real value? Are these things actually confounding and sabotaging my peace of mind and happiness? Therefore, am I a victim of my own focus and dependency upon the influences of my environment?

Continuing in the problem is remaining a liability to self, society, civilization and humanity as a whole. If one chooses to continue on a path of environmentally influenced suggestions. “Going with the mainstream flow, without question. Trusting superficial beliefs and ideas. We feel it best that we lovingly abstain from their influences, regardless of our concern for them. Or who they may be. By this, we protect ourselves as well as offer proof to those who are observing. If they are not concerned for themselves, what good will our concern for them be? We need only visit if they inquire. But to stay could create a harmful dependency. Remember, Pride encourages pride! Self-confidence and self-respect will tactfully, and compassionately, avoid the victimized ego.


Honest, Open minded, Willing! Perfection doesn’t exist in the material world. We are first Spirit, productive thought, expanding experience, eternal life. That has entered the temporary, carnal, illusion. Evolved into the human “God conscious” experience. We are not perfect in this experience. Nor is perfection our goal. In fact, anything beyond moderate participation in this illusion. Results in the self-destruction of free Spirit, productive thought, expanding experience, eternal life. But the Sacred Warrior and honorable women are willing to honestly open our minds to the idea that this experience is better lived by those who follow the solution of self-truth. Over the illusion of immediate sensual, superficial gratification, without consideration for the outcome. Or the illusion of socially accepted theories and notions that are counterproductive to civil order and civilization as a whole. It’s clear to us that self-truth, self-awareness, and spirituality is God’s will and intention for us. But social principles causes conflict with the sensitive heart. Who has, the ability to see through the superficial mischief. As well the negative Psychological labels cause harmful influences upon the sensitive heart. Hence “What a man believeth in his heart, That so he is.” Proverbs 23:7; or “If one continually believes one is sick. That one will become sick.” Job 41: 24; The Placebo effect! Faith! What one believes, and trusts! Be it Negative or Positive. Self Truth. SACRED MEDICINE is trust, in the Rational system of principle, boundary, and universal truth. Of Sacred and Divine Order. In Natural Spiritual Consciousness.

Because recognizing the problem is essential for the consideration and application of the solution. It is important to list the most commonly experienced control based behaviors, of feminine instinct gone awry. Provoking excessive suspicion and emasculating the male ego (self-identity). The most commonly recognized behaviors to be understood. Resulting from increasing trust in, and submission to, personal and social influences of liberation and independence, from the intended human design of Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness.

In order to reach the Solution of this rapidly increasing human problem. The problems must be fully recognized and understood. The fallowing “Problem” is a basic and commonly recognized outline of the symptomatic cause and effect of the problem. In order to be solved, individually, socially and globally. Recognizing that no individual is the problem, but behavior resulting from baseless beliefs.

“LOVE THE SINNER HATE THE SIN” Love the individual, hate the behavior that destroys them and oppresses others. Love the individual with tough love, by refusing to participate in the behavior that destroys them and oppresses others. By recognizing that sound masculine mind has been increasingly confounded by trust in baseless toxic feminist persuasion. We see the resulting promotion of relative theory as a baseless philosophy. Providing no basis in moral value and increasingly undermining all previous moral philosophies and civilization as a whole. Standing for nothing and falling for anything. “don’t be naive!!”

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