Self Deprogramming

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Sound Mind is dependent upon Self Confidence.
Self Confidence is dependent upon Dignity, Honor and Self Respect.
All require the right-choice-ness of Avoiding Deceptive Social Persuasion.

The following is the condensed version of the more detailed basic

text of the Sacred Warrior Society, of Brave Men and Brothers

Keepers. Which emphasizes the broader problem, solution and

result of personal and social cause and affect of toxic feminist

persuasion on the masculine mind. The following condensed version

emphasizes the more personal intent on the necessary foundational

order within the resulting gender polarity of toxic feminism.



   Competitive Gender Polarity  

The Way!

First Medicine Principle

Recognizing the confounding personal and social cause and effect of toxic feminist persuasion on the masculine mind.

We recognized that our minds were confounded by irrational toxic feminist manipulation. The resulting emotional instability left us participating in control based behaviors, self-medicating addictions, and dependencies, and even regrettable violent reaction, as our only means of relief.” Suggestions from feminist theory have fragmented and confounded the divine intention of sound rational masculine judgment, throughout western culture. Increasingly destroying civility and civil order within western civilization and imposing this destructive pattern throughout the world. The increase of right brain baseless relativism has infiltrated government, law, psychology, and religion. Creating a society which increasingly tends toward the emotional and irrational regrettable reaction of immediate sensual superficial gratification, without consideration for an outcome. Self-seeking is contrary, and counterproductive to the necessary civil order of civilization. The dependency upon, and addiction to “immediate gratification” without consideration for an outcome. Has become a means of self-medication with substances or activities. In order to numb the emotional instability caused by trust in toxic feminist influenced right brain suggestion. Which are not only false, but counterproductive to the intended design of sound rational masculine mind, and without any basis in fact. In other words. Placing trust in false notions and ideas. Which may be deep-seated beliefs stemming from childhood. Is the cause of emotional instability. Which result in increasing dependencies and addictions upon substances and activities. In order to achieve immediate gratifying relief from the emotional instability and resulting psychological disorders. These dependencies, addictions, and resulting control based behaviors. Only result in magnifying the primary emotional instabilities. Which then result in greater dependencies upon and addictions to those substances and activities. Creating greater dependency upon control based behavioral disorder. Which renders one’s life increasingly unmanageable. With the consistent recognition of undesirable outcome from the illusion of control. In the first medicine, we recognize how trust in false notions which have no basis in fact, have caused our lives to become unmanageable. Our egos and souls had been victimized by social and personal toxic feminist suggestions that are counterproductive to the design and intent of masculine development. We had lost our sense of masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. Which, had confounded our intended sound rational masculine minds.



The truth!

Second Medicine Principle

Recognizing the sacred and divine order of natural spiritual consciousness. Regenerating the intended design of sound masculine moral authority and human civilization.

We confidently chose personal consideration and evaluation of God with us, Creator, Father. Trusting only consistent evidence in the examples of past traditional experiences. Deprogramming all conflicting interpretation resulting from baseless right brain persuasive manipulation. For regenerating the intended masculine design, of self direction, Luke 17:20, 21 Sacred and Divine order, of natural spiritual consciousness is within you. Sound solution, truth, trust, compassion, unconditional love, and the intended civility, of civil order in civilization.



The truth!

Third Medicine Principle

Recognizing that all mistakes are the result of trust in deceptive persuasion. While demonstrating (rational isolation) from, and (avoiding participation) with, the deceptive persuasion that causes mistaken regrettable reaction. Resulting in the confidence to correct mistakes immediately.

We begin to practice the highest quality of masculine honor and dignity. By the willingness by immediate correction of each mistake. Recognizing that we were subject to the human mistake of reacting to trusted participation in false information. With the divine intention toward right-choice-ness. We demonstrate civil order in responsibility, respectability, reliability, and reasonability, to self and others. By self deprogramming manipulative suggestion, and avoiding participation to the degree of rational isolation. In order to regenerate sound masculine mind, masculine self identity, self respect, self confidence, and self control.



The truth!

 Fourth Medicine Principle

Recognizing those regrettable reactions of our past mistakes, by self-evaluation. Of personal liability or value to self, to God and to humanity.

We made an evaluation of our past actions, in search of self identity. In order to deprogram the personal liability of regrettable reactive mistakes of baseless socially influenced toxic feminist suggestion. Admitting to ourselves, to another human being, and to God, those resulting mistakes of trusting baseless beliefs. For we know now that any incorrect actions of our past was not of our own making. But regrettable reaction to socially accepted feminist suggestive influence.



The truth!

Fifth Medicine Principle

Recognizing the intended design of masculine value, by the willingness to correct those personal liabilities of our past mistaken regrettable reactions.

The greatest amends is made by choosing to avoid further participation with, and rational isolation from, reaction to the negative influences of Social persuasion. While maintaining the example of compassion and understanding.



The Life!

Sixth Medicine Principle

If thou wouldst both day and night, unto thyn own self, be true.
Thou canst not be false, with anyone

Recognizing the intended design of the Sacred Warrior’s confidence in Creator, Masculine Father, God with us. By the value of continual prayer, meditation, and self-evaluation.

We sought through prayer, personal evaluation, and meditation. To mature by intimate trust and confidence in God with us, Creator Father, as intended for personal understanding, praying for clarity of self identity and the wisdom to deprogram our false perceptions, while humbly asking Him for guidance in healthy self correction. By this, we may filter out what is false. Becoming clearer to the truth that remains. No longer fearful of woman punishing us, for her respect of God with us. God being the central source, within. It is only rational to conclude. That rational isolation from, and avoiding participation with, social persuasion. That trigger regrettable emotional reaction. Is the first step in prayer and meditation. We begin to avoid participation in manipulative behaviors, addictions and obsessive dependencies. By the understanding. That this participation was directly resulting from the abuse of toxic feminist power.



The Life!

Seventh Medicine Principle

Being responsible to self. Requires that I be responsible for the human need for Civilization.
Therefore, truly, I am my brother’s keeper.

Demonstrating the evident example of value in the principles, boundaries and universal truths. Of sacred and divine order in natural spiritual consciousness. In our intended design of sound masculine direction of self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence and self-control. Becoming Sacred Warriors, Brave Men, and Brothers Keepers.

   We desire and agreed upon companionship security. Under the practical understanding and commitment to the agreement of companionship discretion, and confidence. We continue to mature, with Sacred and Divine Intention in every aspect of our lives. As we live by the principles of Responsibility, Respectability, Reliability, and Reasonability. To self and our society. We grow in the solution. We give what is given, in order to progress in the sound mind, masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. The complete Circle of life, every ending brings about a new beginning. Knowing that the 4 R-Abilities are achieved first in self before applied to others. Unto thyn own self, be true. and thou canst be false to anyone.

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Covenant of Equal Intention

Feel free to speak your mind.

With consideration that contempt prior to investigation is irrational! And that the act of ad Hominem forfeits any reasonable debate.

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