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Beginning prior to 06/06/2004

The Following letters were sent to, and published by the Editors of The Circleville Herald news paper. Circleville Ohio USA. After attempting to work with the proper local authorities. Resulted in some direction, but mostly verbal attacks and threats. These letters were intended as a demonstration to all authorities. Government, Lawful, Psychology, and Religious. By Public accountability. That I am well studied in the consistency of the philosophy being presented. At a time when the suggestion of “gender difference” would bring immediate and extreme reaction from toxic feminists out of the woodwork.

   Although, I began this process by contacting a local attorney. Who suggested I “sell” the local Common please Court Judge on these views. Who suggested I talk to the probation department. Who suggested I speak to the local victims avocets. Who stated that I am on the wrong side. Which prompted me to contact a director of a psychological clinic. Who suggested I write a letter to the Editor.

   I proceeded to contact every attorney in my local phone book. Who basically were not in the position to offer me any assistance. Some not comfortable with talking to me at all. Some even stating that these issues are a lost cause. While others would encouraging my passion. One lady attorney stating that she struggles with the same issues, but that her office wouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole. A few attorneys suggesting some attorneys in Columbus Ohio. After calling a few attorneys in Columbus with no success. I pretty much give up on the notion of trusting the so-called authority of civil justice. Opting to continue public address with the media.

   Other than the expected outrage. These letters resulted in increasing support and encouragement. The most common theme being “OK! Now speak to the people!” as well as, “We’ll see ya on the web!” Therefore, the following is provided for any and all individuals to consider, apply and benefit as needed.

   My first editorial attempt at public accountability and/or debate. Concerning our social disorder, and pending demise.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004.

Dear Editor,

My intent here is to raise an issue the public needs to be aware of. I have been shunned by Scioto-Paint Mental Health’s Circleville Clinic. In my request for space to hold an educational support group. For men being labeled domestic violence batterers as well as the victimized male egos.

I’m concerned with restoring and regenerating, sound consistency in masculine maturity where domestic violence presently exists.

The people in charge will not speak to me or offer the common courtesy of returning my calls.

They know I’ve done my homework and they can’t fault my rational views.

My attempts to provide the present system with my experiences of masculine recovery by deprogramming environmentally influenced feminist notions remain ignored.

I’ve asked the local authorities for the opportunity to comfort the accused, and support the willing. By educating men to the cause of their regrettable reactions and to remove the notion, and shame of accusation, blame, and fault.

The powers that be suggest the emphasis on labels that only discourage the masculine sense of self-identity, self-confidence, self-respect, or self-control.

By reason of the feminist notion, men are confounded by trust in complexities that originate error and deception. Rather than the intended ability to relate by simple rational deduction.

Accusing blame is easier than responsibility, fault finding is easier than fact finding.

The hands of law are clearly tied. By the cunning and deceptive manipulation of the feminist upper-hand. The rational mind doesn’t insist on being right but being corrected with sound reasoning.

The simple fact is men are increasingly unable to conform to the feminist notion – Rational command confounded by irrational demand.

Primarily from those notions that create social double standards, liberation in conflict with obligation, independence in conflict with the need for natural dependency. Equality in conflict with the expectations and demands for special consideration.

The actual cause of domestic violence can be easily demonstrated by the increased tendency of the feminist notion to incorporate irrational complexity in order to divert communication away from rational deduction, compounded by other common patterns such as the victim role of accusation, blame and fault as well as the tendency toward the easier softer way as with the confession of President Clinton, “because I can,” an irrational right brain conformity.

All these encourage a host of common feminist patterns in order to confound and possess the masculine.

It’s the origin of increased violence in our homes, violence in our schools, depression, addictions and every increasing irrational and unnatural dependencies.

These men need only avoid further participation with these and other common patterns originating with the feminist notion.

“The mind that is manipulated is unaware of that manipulation.” While deprogramming a socially confounded conscience, the only way to remain ahead of the game is by avoiding participation. It is better to remain free of the deceptive notion of obligation than to continue submission to manipulative control.

Again, my intent here is to aim this method of masculine recovery and healing at the most socially destructive problem of domestic violence. While fully expecting recovery and healing with the broader spectrum of social patterns of dependencies and addictive behavioral disorders.

The only requirement would be the willingness of those individuals placed in positions of social trust, and authority to direct those men suffering from these problems in the direction of this example of a solution.

I’m frequently asked lately “can you stop domestic violence?

I can do nothing by my self. There are those who can yet they will not. But those of us that are willing can.

In the end, I believe we’re all working for the same result – masculine self-identity, self-confidence, self-respect, and self-control.

Keith O’Conner, Circleville


   First of two “direct” editorial responses to my letter. From two outraged local women.

Frid ay, July 16, 2004

Letter writer resorts to tactics

that really amount to nothing

but women bashing

May I please respond to a recent letter sent to you from Mr. O’Conner?

Mr. O’Conner stated that he had been “shunned” by Scioto-Paint Mental Health’s Circleville Clinic in his request for space to hold an educational support group for men being labeled domestic violence batterers as well as the victimized male ego.

I want to say praise God that the “people in charge” saw through your convoluted, bizarre ramblings strait to the heart of your hidden agenda!

Mr. O’Conner stated, “they know I’ve done my homework and they can’t fault my rational views.”

I am the daughter of a batterer, and I personally fault many of the “views” you refer to in your letter sir.

I am certain that other women who’ve read your views are as curious as I to know what your credentials are.

Are you a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a teacher perhaps?

Please tell us how your propose to educate (and I quote) “male batterers to the cause of their regrettable actions.”

Mr. O’Conner you made the statement, “the mind that is manipulated is unaware of that manipulation.”

How did you arrive at that brilliant deduction? Could it have sprung from a personal experience?

After having read your “rational views” I personally concluded that you may be trying some manipulation to further your own cause.

Let us try to work our way through the complexities and the pseudo-intelligence of your letter.

I want to offer my personal interpretation using much simpler and concise sentence structure and vocabulary.

For the record, I do not consider myself a feminist. What I am is a woman who grew witnessing terrifying, soul-shattering, violent incidents of domestic abuse perpetrated by my father.

He was also a manipulator. But duh, Mr. O’Conner, we all knew that he was trying to manipulate us and most of us resisted it.

Much of your letters refer to “feminist nations” and also “feminist patterns that confound and possess the masculine .”

According to you, “it’s the origin of increased violence in our homes, violence in our schools, depression, addictions and every increasing irrational and unnatural dependencies.”

That sounds like woman bashing to me Mr. O’Conner!

It appears that you sympathize with the men who you state, have “lost their masculine sense of self-identity, self-confidence, self-respect or self-control.

Well, where’s the sympathy for women like my mother who dreamed of a normal family life, a safe home and a husband who provided for, protected and cherished his family as God intended?

Where’s the sympathy for the woman who was beaten so badly that her own children couldn’t recognize her?

A woman who was being strangled by her husband until one of his children beat him over the head until his grip was broken.

Where’s the sympathy for the woman who was knocked down, kicked and trampled, so badly injured that she couldn’t work for weeks?

Where’s the sympathy for the woman who bought groceries for her family only to see the food thrown onto the railroad tracks by her drunken husband?

Mr. O’Conner, how about some sympathy for the women and children whose husband/father turned on every gas jet in the house then left his sleeping family in the dead of night?

Do you have a masculine notion what it must feel like to watch a woman cry after learning that her husband had not only thrown all her clothes into the river but jewelry from her late parents and brother as well.

Would you have any masculine concern for the woman and her small daughter who were chased from their beds into the cold night wearing only nightgowns by a naked, drunken, husband who had just cut her jacket in half with a butcher knife while yelling, “this is what I’ll do to you!”

Mr. O’Conner do you worry about the self-esteem of children who were threatened and verbally abused daily with statements such as “reach in front of me again and you’ll draw back a bloody stub!”

You wonder if domestic violence can be stopped Mr. O’Conner? Perhaps, if the courts would make the batterers more accountable for their despicable actions by sentencing them to longer, harder prison terms.

The violence won’t stop if delusional people think the answer is to teach men to get over their fears of “feminine nations” and buck up their self-esteem while urging them to use self-control.

In closing, I would like to ask if you have experienced domestic violence Mr. O’Conner? Either as an accused perpetrator or as a victim?

You can’t teach what you don’t understand. Best leave it to the trained professionals at Scioto-Paint Valley Mental Health Center and God’s final judgment.

A local woman


Second of two “direct” editorial responses to my letter.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to a Letter to the Editor printed June 29th edition of the paper.

First, let me congratulate you paper for proving that the First Amendment of the Constitution is alive and well in Circleville.

I read the letter written by a Mr. Keith O’Conner complaining about the treatment he received from Scioto-Paint Valley Mental Health Clinic.

He claims that they have ignored his request for meeting space for his so-called educational group for men who have been accused of domestic violence.

I would like to applaud them for ignoring his request. It is clear from his letter that what he wants to provide for men is anything but educational.

Mr. O’Conner claims that the national domestic violence epidemic is caused by some “feminist notion” and that men need to be deprogrammed from the “cunning and deceptive manipulation of the feminist upper-hand.” Those statements are both offensive and completely false.

I am uncertain to which feminist notion he is referring but I feel safe in assuming that his information is inaccurate. Women in American society have never had the upper hand. It has been the men who are the lawmakers and men who shaped our current justice system and societal structure. If he and the male members of his group only themselves to blame.

I am shocked and amazed that he even has the nerve to suggest that men turn into abusers because of some external force. Any educated person knows that people who commit acts of violence do so because of an internal feeling of inadequacy, poor anger management and coping skills or sometimes just a plain lack of conscience or compassion for the human race.

Perhaps his time would be better spent teaching the perpetrators of domestic violence to accept responsibility for their actions and not enable them to shift the blame to some external force or “feminist notion” as Mr. O’Conner contends.

He claims that he has received no response because they know that he has “done his homework and they can’t fault my rational views.”

I suggest to him that they have not responded to him because they choose not to support an “educational” group for men that excuses their behavior and teaches them not to accept responsibility.

His ideas are not rational. They are simply the ramblings of an ill-informed constituency of one. He also states that “we are all working for the same resalt.”

No, Mr. O’Conner, we are not all working for the same resalt. Organizations like Haven House and Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health clinic are working to end domestic violence. You are simply providing men with an excuse. Shame on you, Mr. O’Conner!

A local woman


My Editorial response to the toxic feminist attacks.

Monday, August 2, 2004

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to the two editorial views on July 16. Concerning the discomfort, with my intent to provide a more direct approach to solving the problem of domestic violence.

I appreciate the cooperation and want to thank the individuals for such interesting participation. But, with all due respect, I really don’t need your help.

With that said, I would like to add, that issues concerning men should be examined appropriately by men.

There are no sound reasons to suspect ulterior motives, hidden agendas, or the need for anonymity.

The issue being raised concerning my desire to provide public access to sound solution and results for men who struggle with the results of the feminist notion.

The formation of this men’s group is intended as a deprogramming way of life for men, who are increasingly incapable of conforming to the effects of the feminist notion and who are willing to consider, apply, and benefit as needed.

I’m acting on the suggestion of a professional in the psychological field who has reviewed this work and suggested I start by directing this work toward those men in domestic violence situations who would be more open to this deprogramming way of life, not to mention more prepared by there circumstance.

Careful consideration will conclude that I haven’t isolated any individual or gender, but the very notion that was accepted in theory of the feminist notion of gender equality, which is become the social standard.

This theory is easily demonstrated as the root cause of increasing patterns of behavioral disorders, primarily affecting men, who are incapable of conforming to this theory most evident in domestic violence situations.

The solution is simple – self-deprogramming – by the observation of commonly experienced feminist suggestive influences and by individual levels as well as broader social levels.

In a nutshell, the socially accepted and encouraged feminist theory of equality naturally causes general masculine trust and expectation of equal intent, especially with sexual dependency, where deeper intimate trust is required.

With equal intention not being provided, frustrations, suspicions and competition for power emerges by the same notion. Behavioral patterns emerge in order to control, poses, and manage what has developed into dependency.

Now by evaluating the circumstances necessary for brain washing, in order to maintain mind control, in comparison to these same commonly experienced feminist suggestive influences.

Men may quite naturally and easily come to understand and problem solves, for themselves.

Again, feminine requires safe obligation yet feminism demands liberation.

Feminine requires dependent security yet feminism demands independence.

Feminine requires compassion and special consideration yet feminism demands equality.

Under the circumstances, men need only examine the model of evidence being provided in order to pose the rational question – is this theory of feminist equality only a “notion,” that need not apply?

In order to understand what is reasonable to expect or not to expect as well as determine at what point, and to what degree, is appropriate in avoiding further participation in order to regenerate and maintain sound mind and value while applying seven reasonable steps in order to deprogram the affects of those previously influenced notions which are counterproductive to rational development, and intended design.

We all make mistakes. It’s part of being human. No shame in it. Shame remains with those who are unable to admit and correct mistake.

My only intent is to provide public access for men, to offer the opportunity to question the possibility of mistaken trust in the feminist theory, which causes unreliable expectations while providing a practical, and easy to apply, means to reasonably avoid further frustration.

I’ve made myself clear to the right people for several years now. “If I am mistaken. Show me the error of my way.” I certainly appreciate reasonable corrective criticism.

Those who discourage rational development, or dispute sound reasoning, with unreasonable contempt, prior to investigation simply aren’t my concern.

Keith O’Conner, Circleville


My second editorial attempt at reasonable debate of my experienced views. It should be noted here. That references to Judeo-Christian scripture is due to the majority of Americans considering America to be predominately Christian. While I personally am outraged at the suggestion of being classified as Christian. While I deeply concur with the teachings of Christ and those who truly fallow that sound mind.

September 24, 2004.

Dear Editor,

I would like to offer a public apology to the officials of Scioto Paint Valley, as well as all those trusted authorities in our community who I’ve involved directly or indirectly with those issues of feminism. I willingly address openly.

The need to publicly demonstrate the willingness to offer a solution is necessary, prior to application.

I quite understand a system will not support or cooperate with a philosophy that is radically contrary to that system.

New insight is naturally contrary to the current mainstream direction. There are some men and women who will not speak to me, or deal with me at all, due to these issues. Yet others completely agree.

There are few individuals within the system, who are responsible for the lack of consideration or application of this philosophy.

But the authority of the system itself, which system “In God, we trust” allows freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and to gather.

Clearly this philosophy has to do with the development of sound mind, stability of emotion, divine and rational order, of principle, boundary, and universal truth, trust, compassion, and unconditional love. Yet, because the state has deemed, the separation of church and state. Government and federally funded organizations must ignore even the most basic common sense solutions, prior to substantial evidence, which is irrelevant to the “intended masculine value” of this philosophy.

Therefore, I am pleased to state by the divine authority no state agency should incorporate itself with this solution. That no judicial system should order or appoint any man to this solution. That no government funded organization should pervert the intent of this insight toward sound mind and stability of emotion as witnessed with other recovery systems.

The Sacred Warrior Society of Brave Men and Brothers Keepers is intent upon honoring the state’s determination of separation of church and state. Understanding that the word “Church” by the freedom of religion implies “Divine Intention,” which implies Sacred, and Divine principles, boundaries, and universal truth, toward those progressively positive, and beneficial results of responsibility, respectability, reliability, and reasonability.

The Sacred Warrior does not wrestle against flesh and blood but against tactical psychological maneuvers that are set against the intended value of sound mind and emotional stability.

Brave men do not fear the lack of immediate gratification, by the trust and faith in divine intention.

Brothers Keepers support masculine trust and bonds, avoiding participation with the complexities of the feminist notion, to regenerate and maintain the common sense simplicity of sound mind and stability of emotion.

Again, the intention of these editorials is to demonstrate the willingness to openly and publicly examine this philosophy. Outside the principalities of sensual emotionalism, religious secularism, indoctrination, state politics or financial powers.

No stones are being thrown, nor am I without sin. Women have the right to choose as do men.

The intent is a rational deduction of sound mind. The Warrior chooses to avoid the participation of (obligation) with the (liberation) of feminism.

The masculine mind cannot be led, possessed, controlled or manipulated by suggestions or influences that stem from the feminist theory without increasing regrettable reactions of addiction, dependency, patterns of behavioral disorder, and violence.

Men and women are examining and supporting this philosophy. I assure you, those offended are not offended in me but in my authority who directs me.

With all due respect, women can do nothing with this insight. Only men are able to apply divine intention of masculine responsibility.

Bait-and-switch tactics are prominent in our culture – luring women in order to reach men. These tactics are contrary to divine intention as demonstrated in the Garden of Eden, where the woman is first to error. By listening to the most (subtile) “cunning deception.”

God later places the point of divine responsibility, in saying “Because you listened to the voice of your wife.” But divine intention directs the sacred and divine order of natural spiritual consciousness in God with us.

So let the woman who has a man, Question these things through her husband or brother or son at home, as intended. Or if she is alone, learn in general from this rational and divine system. Honor the design of masculine intended value. Especially in public, let men examine appropriately.

If there is a curiosity among the women in our society. Ask your men, in whom you trust, to question these views publicly. In doing so, men can hardly resist the response. But if there is no curiosity along these lines, I completely understand, having only to continue by what means I am directed.

Otherwise, I am content in my soul, having acted publicly, morally, ethically, and lawfully.

Keith O’Conner, Circleville


My letter to the Editor.

Printed Wednesday, December 8, 2004

In response to an indirectly supportive letter.

From a local Vicar of an Episcopal Church.

Dear Editor,

I’d like to address the direction of family, culture, and healing from within. Please understand that I mean no disrespect. I assure you, I am speaking from experience.

I realize that my letters may seem aggressive and hasty. But I assure you, those who know me and understand the most. Are aware of my cautious restraint.

Because I am directed to addressing the general public. It should be apparent that my intent is to reach across all religious, and political lines, social classes, and cultural differences. “All of my family” The intent isn’t to oppress, but to liberate. We classify, divide, and separate our selves and others by our beliefs, more than any thing. Which is basic, instinctive, tribal, right brain, reactive, human nature, void of divine intention.

Seriously, is our community and nation really interested in a solution? Or do we just like to hear our selves complain?

We can either continue going with the main stream flow. Participating in the problem. Those behaviors of accusation, fault-finding, complaining, blame games, classifying each other, dividing, and separating each other. Or we can participate in the solution. By introspection, and self-deprogramming, those self-destructive notions, suggestions, and influences that are being accepted, and followed without question. First at the personal level, affecting the social level, affecting the political level.

The character patterns of increasing right brain influence throughout every level of our culture. Tends to accuse, fault, blame and complain. Which is also the character patterns that find it difficult to admit a mistake. Irrational! Maturity can only develop by admitting and correcting a personal human mistake.

The present socially accepted suggestions and influences resulting from feminist theory. Right brain tendencies toward immediate gratification, because we can. The immediate emotional reaction doesn’t consider possibilities or probabilities. Rational choice requires cautious consideration of outcome. For all concerned.

All that is rational, sound mind is divine intention toward personal maturity of right-choice-ness. Which tends toward the agreement in like-mindedness. Yet our feminist culture is increasingly tending toward irrational emotional reaction, toward self-destructive chaos, and madness.

A colleague from New York suggested to me recently, that researching the statistical facts of divorces, addictions, violence, depression, suicides, etc.: Sense the beginning of social acceptance of feminist theory. But I thought, why should I bother providing factual evidence of what should be apparent. Those on the fence, will seek those facts. I’m not concerned with trying to convince those who clearly choose to remain in denial of the problem. My concern is for those who clearly see and choose to consider and apply sound solution. The attempt to reason with unreasonable, is in it’s self unreasonable. The only way the rational mind can be responsible for the irrational, is by offering the consistent evidence of rational example. Which is the intent of the Sacred Warrior.

The Sacred Warrior is without indoctrination, interpretation, prejudice or division. Yet by rational practicality, recognizes the socially excepted theory of gender equality. Insisting that gender equal can not incorporate special consideration, secure obligation, or trustworthy dependency. Also, by the natural spiritual consciousness of gender difference. The separation of gender influence is vital with the theory of gender equality. In order for Sacred and Divine Order, in Natural Spiritual Conciseness. It is the evidence of benefit in the principles, boundaries, and universal truths. Which provides example, and definition of the Sacred Warrior.

The Sacred Warrior is without need for organization, membership or expectation of any individual. But offered for personal masculine regeneration of natural problem solving, reasoning, and personal choice. For the evidence of divine intention. In those who consider, apply, and benefit. By the recognition of divine intended self, in contrast with widely excepted, and self-destructive, notions, ideas, and beliefs. Which result in patterns of behavioral disorder. All stemming from feminist theory, without the separation of gender influence. Adversely affecting the masculine mind.

The Sacred Warrior recognizes, and avoids participation with the suggested notions, and affects, of feminist theory. In order to regenerate sound rational mind. There is no other psychological, or faith-based alternative. The social affect of feminism is throughout. Yet, by the same token of The Sacred Warrior, being without indoctrination or interpretation. Can not be in conflict with any. But consistent with the foundation of all divine intention. As well as the understanding that religious freedom can only exist by the separation of church and state. Which requires avoiding participation with such deviations from that foundation.

The Sacred Warrior determines self value by self evaluation and right-choice-ness for all concerned. Rather than accusing, blaming, or finding fault, with any interpretation, theory, or belief. Yet avoids participation with the irrational intent to impose, coerce, manipulate, classify, separate, divide, dictate, control, or oppress. We are all family! Knowing unconditional love for all God’s creation. While understanding the necessity of voiding the “demonic possession” of self sabotaging, self destructive, and influencing patterns of behavioral disorder. Of those who are manipulated and unaware of that manipulation. Forgive them for they know not what they do. While responsibly accepting personal human mistake. With the intention of admitting and correcting those mistakes that have harmed others. Insisting on regenerating and maintaining evidence of personal example. Of Masculine self identity, self respect, self confidence, and self control. By the power of choice, in God with us.

Keith O’Conner, Circleville


My Mother received a Christmas card just before Christmas

from Mr. and Mrs. Bush. Around January, Laura Bush publicly

announced after the inauguration, that her special cause would

concern young men who have been neglected in our society.

Which disturbed me. Because I personally don’t want any woman

to be seen as a representative for men’s best interest.

Also around this time, my Mother received a “thank you card”

from Mr. Bush. For her support in re-electing him. “My Mother

hasn’t voted for years, and she has always been a Democrat.

Deeply in disagreement with Mr. Bush.


The following Editorial letter was printed Thursday,

December 16, 2005 Signed by a local husband and wife.

Dear Editor,

Is anyone else confused as to Keith O’Conner’s recent (12/8/04) and past letters?

My husband and I have read them. We are both college graduates. We consider ourselves well-read and relatively intelligent. But, we can not decipher Mr. O’Conner’s “psycho-babble” to determine the meaning of his letters. We can discern that he is not a fan of feminists. He would probably consider me a feminazi, and my husband a “whipped sissy boy.”

Believe me, my husband is very self-assured in his own masculinity. We like to think of ourselves as partners and friends.

Mr. O’Conner’s misogynist agenda both amuses and concerns us. Is he advocating a return to the days when women were owned by their husbands and walked 10 paces behind him, could not own property and could not have credit in their own names?

And, just what is a “Sacred Warrior?” If anyone knows, could you please enlighten us.

A local woman


The following letter to the editor was Printed,

March 11, 2005

Dear Editor,

Are there any gentlemen who might be confused or concerned with my letters to the editor?

Those I’ve spoken to personally, demonstrate consistency in there understanding. By asking the most relevant questions, offering a valid suggestion, as well as encouraging further public address.

Clearly, I’m not so interested in publicly clarifying every typographical error. But publicly demonstrating the clearer, broader, picture. Provoking thought. Correction is simple for those who are interested.

It’s only reasonable to avoid participation with obvious tactics designed to incite unnecessary fears or anxieties.

The reasoning for expressing my education is a necessary and valid responsibility. If it isn’t of interest or value. I would suggest consideration, and application, of what works.

“Avoiding participation is quite an affective statement in its self.” Wouldn’t you agree?

The recent public statements of Harvard University President, Lawrence Summers, and resulting reactions. Clearly, demonstrate support of my statements concerning the influential “upper-hand” of feminist opposition to reasoning.

If there are any gentlemen who have a question. By all means, ask! Personally, if you find it necessary. Or publicly for the opportunity of open public evaluation. I’m aware of no ignorant question.

Although, the intention of public evaluation is in order. According to individual necessity. Which is a reasonable and practical means of limiting unnecessary and counterproductive complication.

Under the circumstances, there are naturally men who prefer lawful obligation, or otherwise dependency. Under the various degrees of conditions resulting from feminist theory. Who know to express there thoughts, and choose there words very carefully. Concerning any agreement or support with the principles of The Sacred Warrior Society. Because masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control, is in direct conflict with lawful obligation or dependency, under the conditions resulting from feminist theory.

If there are any gentlemen who disagree. By all means elaborate. I am of the mind to consider a mistake, in order to problem solve.

The Sacred Warrior understands the reasoning with being concerned with his own choices. Without judgment, expectation, or concern, for the choices of others. Every one accounts for there own choices, and everyone has a choice in the matter.

The Sacred Warrior simply prefers the Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Over lawful obligation or dependency, under the conditions resulting from feminist theory. Jeremiah 31:22 and volumes more!

The Sacred Warrior trusts the intended masculine design, rational consistency, problem solving, self respect, self confidence, and self control. Despite feminist dissatisfaction and opposition with intended masculine design.

Clearly, I’m prepared to demonstrate practical avenues of avoiding participation with increasing psychological, religious, and lawful oppression of men. In a feminist occupied sub-matriarchal culture.

Keith O’Conner, Circleville


March 30, 2005

It was broadcasted on the local news that

Laura Bush’s special cause is for Woman of Afghanistan.

Remember the inauguration statement from Mrs. Bush?

This is quite amusing. Remember her declaration of special

cause after the inauguration?


The following Editorial letter was printed in

The Circleville Herald about

May 12, 2005

Dear Editor,

The problems resulting from social acceptance of feminist theory, have infiltrated the whole culture. Which is contrary to the foundational patriarchal intention of Religion, Psychology, and Civil Order. At the core, sensual feminist theory is the refusal to trust rational masculine authority. Socially discouraging the foundational intent of marriage. Replacing love with control, and resulting in all manor of social patterns of behavioral disorder.

Under sub-matriarchal feminist occupation. Civilization is steadily escalating in the direction of lawless anarchy. Despite the frantic attempts of religious indoctrination, to correct their participation with feminist theory. In order to restore the institution of marriage. Social participation with the very notion of feminist theory. Has brought about the fulfillment of prophesy. This great cunning of complexity giving birth to sensual, superficial feminist manipulative social control. Spreading extreme disgust and hatred of intended masculine design throughout the earth. Women refusing to marry by divine patriarchal intention. Rather than depend on the Sacred and Divine Order of rational masculine authority. Resulting in the masculine sense of value, being confounded by trust in feminist theory.

Happy is the man, who acts responsibly to deprogram, and avoid participation with right brain suggestion. In order to regenerate and sustain sound masculine mind. In self identity, self respect, self confidence, and self control. For that man provides confident example of divine patriarchal intention, in God with us. Being the messenger of light and the simplicity of truth. Out of the darkness of complexity, error, and deception.

The attempt to reason with unreasonable only results in the frustration that triggers various levels of regrettable reaction. Which results in unnatural dependency, addiction, and patterns of behavioral disorder.

Again I tell you, the mind that is manipulated is unaware of that manipulation. Continually accusing, blaming, and finding fault in others. For the resulting frustration, torment and misery of pleasure and pain manipulation. Under socially supported emotional, and psychological, control. Yet the irresponsibility lies with trust in theoretical error, which results in these demonic patterns. No individual can be accused, blamed, or faulted. But responsibility respectability, reliability, and reasonability is a masculine matter, of personal right-choice-ness for all concerned.

The mission of the Sacred Warrior Society of Brave Men and Brothers Keepers. Is to provide the message of divine patriarchal intention, through the integrity of word and action in God with us. In order to provide an opportunity for men to defeat the cunning complexity of psychologically manipulative, social mind control.

God with us, is the resurrection and the life, of divine patriarchal intention. Under the social occupation of sub-matriarchal feminist theory. Therefore, “In God with us, they (The Sacred Warriors) neither trust the feminist notion of matrimony, nor are given in lawful obligation of marriage, but are like (messengers) of God with us. (Matthew 22:30) Providing opportunity for the truth in gender equality, and separation. Unconditional love provides all that is needed.

Sacred: The resurrection of God with us, is witnessed by the Sacred and Divine Order in Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Regenerating Sound Rational Masculine Mind. Remaining consistent with Divine Patriarchal Intention. Despite the cunning of complexity and mainstream dissatisfaction, opposition, disgust, and hatred of masculine design.

Warrior: By the tactical maneuver of rational isolation, avoiding participation, and self-motivated deprogramming. With applied trust in God’s intent of sound mind. Despite mainstream notions and theories of sensual designer gods, which serve selfish motives, of emendate gratification. Resulting in the complexity of deception, by matriarchal occupation of patriarchal intent. Seeking and acting on sound wisdom, over cunning complexity.

Society: For the like-minded, in order to fit in, and belong, without obligation, expectation, or indoctrination.

Brave Men: Demonstrating confident example. By the result of masculine value in self identity, self respect, self confidence, and self control. In order to provide opportunity for masculine regeneration. By the principles boundaries and universal truths of the Sacred Warrior Society. Despite the cunning, fearful, angry, and irrational reaction, criticism, opposition, disgust, and hatred. Of those who stand to loose manipulative control.

Brothers Keeper’s: Avoiding participation with sensual right brain mind game. Which are not naturally masculine, and ultimately serve to pit men against men, with concern for woman, and immediate sensual gratification. But rather being true to Responsibility, Respectability, Reliability, and Reasonability, with self and the brotherhood of intended masculine design. For the sake of natural spiritual order and stability for all concerned.

The time is correct. Woman choosing to provide for them self equally. Now, true equality in mature and responsible order, and stability, in civil companionship is at hand. Reasonably and responsibly avoiding participation with the irrational suggestion of self-imposed obligation under civil law. In recognition of the necessity of sound mind over the concern for lack, in superficial security. (Isaiah 4:1) “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man saying, We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; Only let us be called by your name, To take away our reproach.” By the very design of feminine nature, where two or more women trust in one man. The manipulative power of feminist suggestion is cut off. Despite vain, hateful, and fearful imagination. Peace of mind is accomplished, by means of clearer conscience, truth, trust, compassion, and unconditional love, for all concerned.

Keith O’Conner, Circleville


The folowing was extreemily edited, from the previous letter submitted

 July 11, 2005.

Dear Editor,

Democracy is crumbling. There is so much taking place at such an increasing schizophrenic pace. What can possibly be done. Well I don’t know about you. But I insist on avoiding participation with the foundational cause. Failure to maintain the vital separation of church and state. This one issue is the primary issue that affects all other issues. And the cause of democratic demise. Force democracy on Iraq? How absurd! Example educates.

Church and state politics is normally none of my business. The aspect of divine intention in the nature of humanity has been my concern, and primary life’s work.

I am quite content minding my own business. Demonstrating resulting example with small groups of like-minded people, of divine intention. Who seek the sacred and divine. I tactfully avoid participation with those sheltered heads buried comfortably, in the sands of naive denial.

But suggestions of divine intention coming from transparent arrogance, and being applied to corrupt political agendas! Now, these things are my business!

I was wondering if one Nation under God is willing to demonstrate the highest human character of divine intention. Admitting human mistake, and acting on the right-choice-ness of correction, for all concerned. But wait a minute, Impeachment can’t occur without federal justices in place, can it? Imagine that! Besides, Cheney certainly isn’t going to consider Kennedy’s suggestion to step down either. But let’s not forget true democracy. Public voice, is powerful. It’s always the squeaky wheel that gets greased.

Actions speak louder than words, my friends.

You on the right, and you on the left. Keeping you divided, at odds, is essential for social breakdown. You who claim enlightenment, and religious experiences in this perspective. With the same passion and fortitude you’ve seen. Apply your self. You who would pull strings and speak to the right people. You in the pews, be wise, and seek the facts, and inconsistencies, for your selves. Keep reasoning among your selves. Call and write the media. Above all, “keep going, don’t stop!”

Keith O’Conner, Circleville


Submitted August 5, 2005

Dear Editor,

Often, It had been suggested. That I provide this perspective for public consideration. But timing is always critical.

A few would suggest, that I believe women should revert back to lawful submission to masculine authority. This is not the case at all! On the contrary, my intent is to provide sound working philosophy. Of balanced completion in the social event, of gender evolution. With masculine liberation, independence, and the demonstration of complete, evident, and true, gender equality. With fundamental respect, consideration, compassion, and unconditional love.

Lets say for the sake of argument. That I am nothing more or less than an extreme radical nut. With potentially harmful social impact. If this were the case. Shouldn’t reasonable evidence be provide to that affect? By positions of trusted public authority. Wouldn’t that be sociologically responsible?

If your child were recruited and brainwashed by a cunning, elaborate, and broad-ranging, occult. Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to rescue that child? Even if it meant that child would despise you until they were deprogrammed? That’s called tough love! Unconditional love, isn’t concerned with immediate emotional reaction.

What if an adult family member were recruited by an occult. That promises instant religion. But, you could clearly define subtle damage taking place over time. Affecting other family members. But no physical evidence could be provided for civil law to take responsibility.

What if that family member was called America? The occult, calling it’s self “Christian church”, suggesting world dominance. Demonstrating false religion and anti-christ characteristics. Wouldn’t tough love still apply?

Shouldn’t rational demonstrate responsibility for irrational, by providing a sound example?

Or, is it easier to just ignore it, and deny social responsibility. Because of probable public criticism and outrage?

Two integrated primary cause issues. Are easily demonstrated. As resulting in most if not all issues, that have been increasingly sabotaging our culture, for generations.

Dominating, and coercive integration of church and state influence. Eliminates democracy, and liberty. While deviating divine intention from sound spiritual maturity into immediate sensual, and superficial gratification. The need for church and state separation, is obvious. I have the ten commandments thank you, and you will not dictate where, when, or how, I may pray.

Social acceptance and participation with feminist theory has greatly confounded masculine maturity. Increasingly sabotaging the social and civil foundation of gender compatibility. The need for separation of gender influence, is obvious. I genuinely prefer being alone, over being miserable. Trust and respect is earned, not a special consideration.

Clearly, I’ve declared war on these issues. Social action must be taken and united in determination. In order to win victory over each of the resulting issues of human conflict, increasingly affecting our society.

Personally, I only need to know, that I’ve done every thing in my power. To provide every possible male, with the opportunity to consider the evident experience. Which deprograms and liberates the masculine mind. Resulting in the regeneration of the highest quality of sound masculine judgment.

Locally witnessed and dated. The Sacred Warrior Society, of Brave Men, and Brothers Keepers. Has initiated, and demonstrated clear understanding of problem, solution and result. Concerning the foundational human dilemma that encompasses and results in the foremost issues of public concern. Complaining without providing solution, only magnifies the problem. True solution is never comfortable.

Without direct public challenge or question. It can only be suggested, that I am considered the foremost authority on this perspective. Which would suggest this source should be provided for broader national consideration.

Of course, I am seeking national attention. This should suggest confidence in sociological consideration.

Those who think to privately attack my ego, often ask. “How many support your movement?” Obviously, there is nothing to prove. No reason for concern with consensus! People not only think, but always move with sound progress.

Support began to grow with men and women alike, several years ago. With the same increasing sentiments, “Keep thinking!” “Keep talking!” “Keep up the good fight!” and above all “You’ve got it, keep going, don’t stop!” It became apparent that growing numbers were beginning not only to understand, but recognize sound consistency.

Those who support this movement, clearly prefer anonymity. But public knowledge should be available.

It would seem appropriate and responsable of our community, if not positions of trusted authority. To play the proverbial role of devils advocate. Providing reasonable, and responsable demonstration of mature example. To benefit common progressive social thought.

Keith O’Conner, Circleville


The Circleville Herald

January 9, 2006

Dear Editor,

I disagree with the proposed Senate bill 140. Adding a covenant to lawful marriage will increase financial profits, as well as result in further social emotional disorders. False romantic security of lawful marriage is already creating misery for the majority who participate.

Security in civil order between genders was provided in the Holly Matrimony of masculine authority over feminine power. But feminism clearly isn’t interested in promise keepers! And social encouragement of lawful obligation within a feminist culture, is increasingly counterproductive to civil order between genders which is the foundation of civilization!

The resulting increase of feminine insecurity of feminist theory creates the need for women to manipulate control over men for dependency. Exercising manipulative power with lawful authority based on moral ideals which no longer apply. Is setting the stage for increasingly abusive feminist power intoxication. Increasingly confounding the masculine mind, masculine self-identity, self respect, self confidence, and self control. Allowing feminist influence to fragment our civilization.

The war on drug addiction, alcoholism, domestic violence, and all control based behavioral disorder. Will never gain ground by attacking the symptoms. The problem is socially encouraged emotional disorders, resulting from exclusively human, recreational sex beyond reproduction. Which naturally places tremendous soul addictive power with woman over man. The primary recreational gratifying addiction. Which creates emotional disorders by the increasing lack of healthy companionship security. Of course, attacking the problem wouldn’t be financially profitable, yet responsibility for deprogramming this social influence falls upon the backbone of concerned men rather than increasing government moral legislation.

Understanding these conflicting social principles allows men to regenerate sound mind. Necessary for reestablishing order between genders, in equal cooperation with feminism.

Of course an agreement of foundational understanding is necessary for the intent and purpose of mature and equal confidence in companionship security void of lawful obligation. Only when the principle of confidential desecration is placed exclusively within the companionship can trustworthy security of intimate confidence remain. All that is needed is mutual willingness.

Keith O’Conner, Circleville

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