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   The Media Examples, Recognizing the radically revolutionary content of the founder’s views. As well as confirmed by others. Combined with the treatment of other movements accused of counterproductive cultism.

The founder realized it’s better to set the stage of complete open public accountability. Not only allowing but asking for any public correction of these views. In order to avoid misinterpretation, false accusation and blatant deceptive intent. The media example provided in this text, are examples of the founders intent on public accountability.

The Primary Endorsements, Upon recognizing that other trusted and productive authorities were seeing consistency in these views. Beginning to requesting signatures, backing their word, concerning these views. From those individuals who could offer trust for individual consideration, application and benefit in this work. The Primary Endorsements page offers a few of such individuals who are considered notable. In effect, they provide credentials of trust in these views.

Self Deprogramming, “Condensed” Is the condensed version of the more defined version of the seven medicines of self-deprogramming “basic text”

The Basic Text, Is The Seven Principles, of self-deprogramming. Laid out in a “problem, solution and result” format.

The Companionship Treaty & Covenant of Equal Intention. Is 4 levels of “suggested” understanding and agreement between companions. In place of the remaining improbable illusion of lawful marriage. For true equality intention. Understanding that Liberation can not be obligated, that Independence can not be depended upon, that equal has nothing special.

The Sacred Warrior Circle, Is a group format. For seasoned warriors to demonstrate a sound example. As well as for men who seek a sound example from seasoned warriors, in their own self-deprogramming process.

One cannot fail, who thorough search for self-truth. Seek and you shall find. Those who fall short are those who are not willing to completely apply themselves to this simple way of life. Usually, people who are not willing to become honest with themselves. These people seem incapable of grasping that all important SACRED MEDICINE, self-honesty! We can only pray for them, make it known to them that God is unconditional, understanding, and protection. As well as the absolute necessity of being true first to self. Even the deeper emotional and psychological disorders are corrected by self-honesty.

We have found a way, and have chosen to avoid participation with conflicting environmental influences. We live by Sacred and Divine Intention and self-deprogramming. This path is partaken by seven stages of healing, wisdom, and understanding. They are seven medicines that awaken one to the inner spiritual truth, self-actualization, and enlightenment. Where the intended sound mind of masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control are found. They are an offering, a suggestion, a journey. We believe that seven signifies completion and rest.

Remember here, that natural feminine is confident, honorable, humble, and most desirable to sound masculine intention. While toxic feminist is insecure, angry, proud, stubborn, and most undesirable and pitiful to sound masculine intention. Below, is the reasons why we never hear the terms, hen-pecked, woman whipped. Because the entire culture is saturated with such men. We never hear the terms dignity or Honor anymore, because such masculine qualities rarely exist any longer.

Clearly, this philosophy has to do with the development of sound mind, stability of emotion, divine and rational order, of principle, boundary, and universal truth, trust, compassion, and unconditional love. Yet, because the state has deemed, the separation of church and state. Government and federally funded organizations must ignore even the most basic common sense solutions, prior to substantial evidence, which is irrelevant to the “intended masculine value” of this philosophy.

The Men’s Liberation, Independence, and Equal rights Counterbalance, movement. This is a universal truth, ‘To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” So to the reactive notion of the roar for the liberation, independence, and equality of Women. Which is in defiance of Judeo-Christian Matrimony. There is this well thought out, and rational action. For the consideration of the sound rational mind of men. Which is in agreement with all Sacred and Divine Order, of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. The notion of feminine submission to masculine authority, From the Judeo-Christian order of Matrimony. Is irrational and psycho-emotionally self-sabotaging. In a culture and society that promotes the notion of equality between genders.

There is nothing to be offered to equal. The only thing gained by the notion of obligation to an equal is an adversarial struggle. Therefore, under the conditions of equality between genders. There can only be maintained sound rational masculine mind. Under the conditions of successfully maintained, principles, boundaries, and universal truths. Again, It is not the Sacred Warriors responsibility to accuse, place blame, or point out fault. But only to avoid participation with the initiator of conflict. Without a word. Whether Christ is correct in his view of women being the lesser sex. Or if women are correct in her roar for equality.

The Sacred Warrior avoids participation with conflict. As well, the Sacred Warrior avoids participation with the initiator of conflict. For it is equally evil to point at evil. As it is to participate in evil. The Sacred warrior neither points nor does he participate in evil. Let there be no Sacred Warrior point out an evil. But rather be the example of avoiding participation with evil. Even if that means Rational Isolation, from all the world. The Sacred Warrior is no victim, despite circumstance. But rather a calm confident value, even in the face of disorder. Let no Warrior be arrogant, vengeful, or boastful with pride or advertising, in his example.

This behavior is nothing less than Right brained, psycho-emotional reaction to victimization, and insecurity. But the Sacred Warrior remains humble, confident, responsible, respectful, reliable, reasonable, and a pleasurable example to others. This is sound rational mind. Be patient in your development. Being careful not to discuss the direction and order of the Sacred Warrior Society. Until you are strengthened in experience, self-confidence, and self-respect, concerning our Society. As to ensure your self-respect, and self-confidence, by experience. The Sacred Warrior is the evidence and example of Divine authority in unconditional love and compassion for the woman. The Sacred Warrior is liberated. Independent of emotional instability, and disorder, in reaction to the woman. By the Sacred and Divine Boundaries of Rational Isolation and NonParticipation. With Psycho-emotional instability and disorder. And principles of sound mind, and rational Order in masculine consistency. Not seeking liberation and independence from the woman, by any means. But maintaining sound rational masculine mind. By rationally, and reasonably, isolating the sound rational masculine mind. From participation with the influences of those women who seek liberation, independence, from man. And the ultimate irrational disorder, and instability of feminine dominance, and control over victimized man. The Sacred Warrior Is not in any way obligated to any responsibility to her or for her.

I once had it, trusted the world and lost it. But then I looked back in and found the way, and the truth, and life. Free of the torment and misery of the world. Now I maintain the challenge to understand. That by the evidence of my own example. Is the evidence of what works for me. By that, I need not point my finger at, or participate with, the choice of torment and misery. It is the free will and choice of every individual to participate and conform. Everyone is exactly where they want to be. By their own choice. Or else they are seeking the way out. By their own choice. If they are seeking a way out. They are seeking examples of the way out. Who are evident examples? Such examples, know that the concern for other people’s choices is irrational. Therefore no rational need to advertise. But only display the example of consistent rational choice, self-confidence, and self-respect. Such abnormal behavior is bound to attract the attention of those truly seeking an example of the way out. Advertising is the desire to convince and attract. Out of the feelings of doubt and uncertainty. Which is only convincing and attractive, to those who are concerned with experiences. But the evident example of self-confidence, and self-respect. Remains continuously attractive. To those who are seeking the way out. Trust that God has maintained the men needed to display evident example.

The result of self-evaluation and moral correction.

If we are painstaking about this phase of our maturity, we will be amazed in a very short time. We will evolve into a Higher plane of Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and Enlightenment. Life will become simple, Burdens will be lifted. We will see with a profound clarity, how self-truth has liberated us. We will know those toxic suggestive persuasions and simply avoid participation in the peaceful tranquility of rational isolation. We will know the intended design of sound rational masculine judgment and order. We will deeply understand the Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Masculine sound direction will become elementary, knowing the value of sound masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence and self-control. We will be grateful for the experiences of the past, regardless of our history of regrettable reactions. We will experience a peace that surpasses understanding. The consciousness of the principles of God inspired truth within will overwhelm. We will guide others by the wisdom of experience.

That sense of uselessness or self-pity will be replaced by usefulness and self-respect. Selfishness and self-seeking will be replaced by unconditional love and the desire to share without reward. We will awaken to a new outlook and meaning of life and self. Old attitudes, old beliefs, old ideas, and influences will vanish. We will be changed in such a profound way that others who are sensitive will want what we have. Fear of people as well as material insecurity will be a thing of the past and viewed as a foolish illusion. Intuition by self-truth will guide us along the way, and the mischief of deceit will become transparent. We will see the noncoincidence of divine order. We will realize that God is with us, doing for us and protecting us. By awakening to the spirit within, as a result of SACRED MEDICINE. We will experience clarity, Which gives us the ability to see through the illusions of our environment. In this, we see to forgive all others. By the understanding that they too have been influenced by and have been a product of their environment. With this, we carry SACRED MEDICINE to others who suffer, and practice these principles daily without effort. We become evidence of happiness joy and freedom, by application of self-truth we teach by example. We become The 4-R Abilities, Responsibility, Respectability, Reliability, and Reasonability. To self and our environment. These are age old results by spiritual principles. Still working for us today. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But always to the degree that we are willing to work for them.

Many of us feared, “It’s too late!! Nothing can be done!” Who could go to such lengths?” No reason for concern. No human is perfect. The point is the willingness “intention” to grow along spiritual lines. Not the goal but the journey. These are ancient progressive spiritual principles. Give it to others, first by the demonstration of evident example. Which creates the desire to become willing to consider and apply sound suggestion along these lines. Under the practical understanding and commitment to an agreement of companionship discretion, and confidence. As sound rational examples, we demonstrate confidante and integrity. To those who become willing to consider and apply. Avoiding participation with transparent tactics of manipulative control and desiring the company of trustworthy mature friends, associations, and companions. We continue to mature, with Sacred and Divine Intention in every aspect of our lives. Maturing in the solution, we give away what is provided, in order to continue maturity. Open social accountability is essential for eliminating error”

If “for any reason” it is important to you to remain Anonymous, in the consideration application and benefit of this opportunity. It is quite understandable, under the circumstances of our present feminist occupied sub-matriarchal culture. By all means, consider, apply, and benefit, as needed. Under the sound and rational security of anonymity. “RATIONAL ISOLATION” By sound stable order of mind, in the preparation of the Sacred Warrior. Every man regenerates within the self. “By trust in his own God-given mind, and by deprogramming irrational suggestion. “Divine Patriarchal direction of Masculine Self Identity, Self Respect, Self Confidence, and Self Control is resurrected, redeemed, regenerated and restored. With the depth of unconditional love for all. Regardless of the intent to intimidate, coerce, manipulate, brainwash or in any way control, by sensual patterns of behavior disorder. IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION WITHOUT CONSIDERATION FOR PERSONS OR OUTCOME. Understanding that the intent of the Sacred Warrior is to provide an evident example for other men who desire to deprogram of a toxic feminist notion. For the sake of the human necessity of CIVILIZATION By evolutionary maturity in sound rational masculine mind. And the intended design of peace and pleasure. In the natural carnal experience of trial and error. Masculine self-deprogramming and regeneration.

Remember, we are dealing with a Cunning Baffling and Powerful Social Persuasion! People, places, and things. It has been the influence of Social Persuasion that has caused us conflict. The substance of our environment is the world outside of us. Our spirits within are sensitive to environmental influences that conflict with the universal truth within us. We experience these inner conflicts because we are a product of and dependent upon our environment. This world and all that is in it is most cunning baffling and powerful. Without help, it is too much for us individually. God has all power, We take this fact quite literally. It is evident that GOD respects the coming together with the intent on spiritual growth and healing. That in sharing one with another, God’s inspirations are experienced. The principles of the Creator are found within. We pray you find him now.

It should be noted here. That the medicines herein are better practiced promptly. The participation of each of the seven medicines should not be more than a daily observation. Completing all seven medicines in a seven day period. Understanding that this is a self-motivated, deprogramming process. Designed for the individual seeking liberation of programming, indoctrination, and social brainwashing.

When we feel we are ready to evolve into a higher spiritual state, as well as a new level of mental and emotional strength. We must be prepared and ready to go the distance. There are no short cuts. We have found that the belief in the illusions of shortcuts, to be the continuing pain of lessons yet to be learned. We can not afford to give sympathy to those who deny their own conscience. Nor can they afford our sympathy. Without respect for the conflict, or self-defeating behavior, we give only love, patience & tolerance. For the evidence is clear, those who idly set by, awaiting, remain idly sitting by, waiting. But, those who ask, receive. Those who seek, find. and The door is open to them who knock. The humble effort of participation at any level strengthens the 4-R Abilities in each member. Responsibility, Respectability, Reliability and Reasonability. As well as it creates the awareness of oneness with the Circle. We must prepare ourselves to be willing. Fearlessly, by means of a trust in intended masculine design above all, like never before. We must be thorough from this point on. We must be willing to open our minds, to question old ideas, notions and theory’s, even shed old ideas if found to be incorrect and false. We can no longer afford to be concerned with the acceptance of others. We must become concerned with the acceptance of ourselves. All truth is within. Be still and observe. In this all things become clear.

Knowing that there are no shortcuts, if we trust that God created us as we are, “masculine” for our own good, and we earnestly pray, we can find confidence in God’s protection and guidance. We know we must trust no other. We stand at the door and we open.

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With consideration that contempt prior to investigation is irrational! And that the act of ad Hominem forfeits any reasonable debate.

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