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   The Sacred Warrior Society of Brave Men and Brothers Keepers is a brotherhood of rational order. Correcting the imbalance of the irrational disorder. Stemming from error in complex toxic feminist suggestive persuasion. Of dis-satisfaction with and liberation and independence, from. The Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Which, is human civilization. Keeping and maintaining the divine intent, design, and order of consistency in rational liberation and independence. From socially influenced manipulation, possession, captivity, and control. Of the natural masculine mind within the simplicity of logical rational judgment and reasoning.

The Intent of this “Free” Website Book, Is to be used! As a masculine self-motivated, self-help work book. For deprogramming baseless mind-confounding social suggestive persuasion. Resulting from toxic feminist theory. Which, has created increased individual, psychological and emotional torment. As well as undermining human civilization as a whole. Deprogram, in order to regenerate the intended masculine design of sound, rational, problem solving, philosophical order in simplistic judgment. For the sake of individual sanity, as well as the restoration of civility and civil order in human civilization. Each man must find his own incentive to consider, apply and benefit, from this work as needed. Change is difficult, nothing in the superficial world is free. This self-deprogramming process, requires work on the part of each individual, at your own pace. You will get out of it what you are willing to put into it. But the potential results of application in this philosophy are astonishing to the common individual. While the more common “Contempt prior to investigation” that is clear participation in the increasing indifferent, irrational, and immoral, social chaos.

The use of “bigger words” are important! As well as worth taking the time to self-educate, “again” at your own pace. For reducing the likelihood of misinterpretation and misunderstanding. While at the same time reducing complexity in the content of this text. Remember, greater complexity results in greater “probability” of error. This text is continually being modified and simplified from its original form. Which, was presented to Psychological, Government and Religious authorities. As well as put into practice by individuals.

You will find the seven medicines provided in this text, to be similar in many ways to the original six principles of the Oxford Group. That resulted in the 12 steps of the foundation of the self-help recovery movement. The Basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The practices of the Oxford Group were:

1) Admission of personal defeat (You have been defeated by sin).

2) Taking of personal inventory. (List your sins.)

3) Confession of one’s sins to another person.

4) Making restitution to those one has harmed.

5) Helping others selflessly.

6) Praying to God for Guidance and the power to put these precepts into practice.

Those were also, essentially, the original six steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, years before the group even had that name — back when it was just “The Alcoholic Squadron” of The Oxford Group. Some of the very early A.A. members mention the original six steps in the “Big Book”, Alcoholics Anonymous. These steps are listed in the historical autobiographical story He Sold Himself Short (on page 292 of the 3rd edition the Big Book, and page 263 of the 4th edition):

1. Complete deflation. (of Pride)

2. Dependence and guidance from a Higher Power.

3. Moral inventory.

4. Confession.

5. Restitution.

6. Continued work with other alcoholics.

Although the founder of this text has been involved and participated in the recovery movement sense 1985. As well as greatly agreeing with the AA basic text, without the individual stories. It is highly recommended that you avoid the various modern 12 step groups and superficial based institutions, for the sake of sound mind. Due to the influences of so-called psychological suggestions and persuasion. As well as the incorporation of relativism among many members.

Which are, right brained, irrational and counterproductive. Especially in comparison to the first 100 members of the same movement. Also clearly to many, the recovery movement has become a brain washing movement, largely influenced by so-called psychological, “complex errors” in judgment and suggestion, law, as well as monetary based organizations. Where the Sacred Warrior Society, is intent upon the foundation of “self-deprogramming” by exclusive spiritual based principles. That are based on proven moral, spiritual philosophies. Without the need for superficial gain. Instead of programming in order, it adjusts to the “normal” general, mainstream, socially acceptable and mindless superficial, self-sabotaging focus on blaming the symptom rather than solving the problem.

During the recovery prose’s, The founder began to recognize that there were increasing numbers of 12 step proses for various behavioral problems. That many, including the founder, were being guided into these increasingly complex and complicated variations of recovery. Which of course went against a very basic principle of recovery. KISS!! Keep it simple stupid!! Complexity is the mother of error. The greater the complexity, the greater the probability of error. Deception is hidden in complexity.

For this reason, the founder determined that by going back to the very foundation of the entire self-help processes. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid! Remove the increasing complexity. But that these six very simple principles, could be applied to any and all aspects of self-motivated recovery life. Upon seeing the results of this approach of simplicity in action and gaining recognition from key authorities.

It became apparent that it was time to provide the demonstration to all who would consider, apply and benefit as needed. The only real difference in the demonstration in this text and the original six principles of AA. Is that the founder has separated the sixth principle into two separate principles, considering the more left brained aspect of ego, “self-identity” and the more right brained aspect of pride, “social identity” Resulting in Seven Sacred Principles. Or as the founder has referred to them as the seven medicines of self-deprogramming.

Quoted, within the foundational text of faith-based recovery. Dr. Carl Jung, describes the phenomena of healing, by vital spiritual experiences, to an alcoholic client. “They appear to be in the nature of huge emotional displacements and rearrangements. Ideas, emotions, and attitudes which were once the guiding forces of the lives of these men are suddenly cast to one side, and a completely new set of conceptions and motives begin to dominate them.”{clearly suggesting a self-motivated, self-deprogramming}

Later within this foundational text of faith-based self-help recovery. Sigmund Freud’s observation is also referred to. “regretting the institution of marriage” “those who think that most of the troubles of the race are traceable to sex causes.” {The intention of the author of this philosophical website book. Is to demonstrate, that without the balance of masculine design in sound simplistic rational judgment. There results in an intoxication in the power of right brain affective immediate sensual gratification, without consideration for outcome} “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”

You will also see “within this website” relevant consistency with Abraham Maslow’shierarchy of needs” as well as consistency in reference to right brain / left brain – theory, “probable thought tendency.

The founder of this web site has never formally studied psychology. Nor interested until it was pointed out in the late 1990s “by a highly accomplished and respected therapist and educator of psychology and sociology”. That these views “stemming from spiritual principles” were clearly consistent with and even bridging the views of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. As well, It was most recently pointed out, that these views concerning the medicine-hoop relating to the human soul, are closely consistent with Abraham Maslow’s views of the hierarchy of needs. Also because of the great influence of the Christian persuasion. As well as the founders own experiences with the great Christian hypocrisy. There are incorporated within this text, scriptural references that are relevant to this work. These references are based on the Douay / Rheims, Accurate – Translation of The Holy Bible. Where most other so-called translations, are in fact, biased cemeteries of scripture and not true translations at all. As well, in this true translation, there are also many scriptures and entire books that have been removed from most other bibles.

The founder’s spiritual experiences have continually demonstrated sound evidence. That increasing social disorders, personally developed addictions, dependencies, emotional and psychological behavioral disorders. Are the direct result of trust in baseless notions, stemming from toxic feminist theory, incorporating relative theory into the false philosophy of relativism. Which is actually a false philosophy, that accepts anything except sound judgment in the rule of civil justice or demonstrated the example of traditional philosophical civil moral order.

Feminist dissatisfaction with the civilized order of natural masculine/feminine role, responsibility and honor. Is increasingly determined to control and change the divine intention of sound masculine mind. Into submission to the feminist upper hand. For immediate superficial sensual gratification, without consideration for the outcome. Destroying individual minds as well as human civilization. Jeremiah 31: 22,

Humanity requires Civilization! Civilization requires social “civilized” order. Social “civilized” order requires sound “civility” in family structure. Sound “civility” family structure requires the foundation of “civil” gender polarity. All provided and maintained by sound traditional order in foundational spiritually based philosophy.

Civilization rapidly increasing in irrational chaotic disorder. Is the direct result feminist theory becoming toxic and oppressing sound judgment and rational civil order, Increasingly confounding all traditional foundational moral philosophies of human civilization. From the foundation up. By reason of liberation and independence from evidence civil order. Incorporating increasing complexity in order to conceal the error. For the sake of immediate sensual gratification, without consideration for the outcome.

For that reason, it is necessary to personal/social responsibility as a participant of human civilization. To provide the seven principles of masculine self-deprogramming, for regenerating sound mind. By reason of Masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control.

Although there are exceptions to the general rule of behaviors being provided. Observation of the general and mainstream direction of social behavior is essential to determine. “general is what is accepted as normal” {probable} Because of the majority of social identity that follows mainstream direction, without question. Rather than the divine intention on masculine self-identity self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control.

This work is offered as a suggestive demonstration. To be considered, applied and to benefit in the realized result of the solution. To the rapidly increasing disorder and chaos of human civilization. In order to provide a basis to deprogram and correct our socially influenced victimized egos. Becoming the valued Sacred Warrior we were intended and designed to be. Rather than the liability of the general, “normal” of increasingly irrational complacency. The Sacred Warrior is conscious of the difference between his Ego, and his Pride.

Our intent here is to appeal to the left brain with respect to the right brain! To trust rational. In consideration of emotional. To offer natural spiritual order to the masculine. In order to increase stability with the feminine. But above all. To remain dependent only upon Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Conciseness. By the rational consistent reasoning of principle, boundary, and universal truth. Remaining as firmly centered as possible. We also find the narrow path between the natural and spiritual. Where the intended “comfort zone” of Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness is found.

Realizing the intended design of calm, confident, peaceful, pleasure in life. Our intent and purpose here, are to first liberate self of cunning irrational socially suggestive influences. In order to provide sound judgment and rational demonstration for the liberation of other brainwashed prisoners of this psychological war game.

Our purpose, Is to correct within ourselves what we see wrong with the “general” {normal} miserable complaining mainstream. In order to demonstrate the result of the solution in sound rational productive masculine direction, for others to responsibly consider, apply and benefit.

Becoming a “valuable participant in the solution.” Rather than remaining a “liability participating in the problem.” Who blindly going with the mainstream flow of increasing social disorder and chaos. Without question. Resulting in rapidly increasing addictions, dependencies, psychopathic, even sociopathic disorders and ultimately the pending demise of civilization.

Through self-evaluation of sound judgment in comparison to baseless socially influenced suggestion. Being wise enough to consider and learn from, those who demonstrate calm, peace, and pleasure with life. Which results from following this “rational system of principles, boundaries, and universal truths” of the Sacred and Divine Order in natural spiritual consciousness.

Without the mind, there is not value, nor reason. A sound mind is dependent upon the intention of “dignity in civil value” in self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence and self-control. Combined with “intimate trust” in the other human being.

The absence of self-dignity and trust results in psychological disorder and emotional instability. Resulting in further participation and conforming to baseless beliefs without question, in order to fit in. Causing the increased need to self-medicate. Abandoning all dignity in civil value for self-centered liability, in immediate gratification without consideration for the outcome.

The male who is easily influenced is not a spiritually conscious man despite his words. But a reactive miserable sort, prone to addiction and dependencies on immediate sensual and superficial gratification, without consideration for probable outcome.

The male who is easily persuaded by the treachery of toxic feminist persuasion is not only untrustworthy but more importantly, he is a danger to himself and others. Without conscience, self-identity, or a mind of his own. Sociopath, anti-social, ANTI-CIVILISATION, ANTI-JUSTICE, ANTI-CHRIST!

But the man who is not easily persuaded. But the sound mind in self-confidence of simplistic rational judgment. Is the man who is true to his intended design. We who are Sacred Warrior’s are not men fear any lack of belonging, but men of sound mind. 2 Timothy 1: 7,

Ultimately your own truth will become evident. Which will be consistent with all universal truth. The intended design of sound, rational, problem solving, masculinity. If there is an addiction, dependency, pattern of behavioral disorder. “Rational Isolation” from, and “Avoiding Participation” with, individuals who support or trigger the reaction, or tempt the ego. Is the most rational avenue for deprogramming the “pride” continual reactions to socially suggestive persuasion.

“PRIDE” Goes before a fall. The sound mind is the result of the Sacred and Divine Order of “EGO” {Self Identity} equally centered with “PRIDE” {Concern for Social Acceptance} Pride alone, or greater pride then ego, allows the opportunity for the individual to become “Socially Persuaded”. Seduced by immediate superficial gratification, caught up in, conform to, dependent upon, and possessed by, baseless beliefs and ideas that provide immediate gratification, without consideration for persons or outcome. This need to belong, “gone awry” out of insecurity. Is counterproductive to our own well-being. Self-sabotaging and self-destructive. It is the basis of the need to self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, sex or what ever serves the increasing need for immediate gratification. Yet this is increasingly normal, mainstream and general, “probable” human behavior, is due to the increasing lack of true spiritual insights from {Self Identity} “Sound Ego judgment”

Our human natures cause us to need a certain level of “PRIDE” {To believe we are socially valuable, needed and belong.} Or else our reality becomes hopelessly surrounded by a sense of rejection, and critical alienation. Leaving the mind without vital “trust”! Resulting in self-seeking, self-sabotaging, self-destructive and socially destructive patterns of behavioral disorders.

Yet there is hope of regenerating the personal value of dignity in sound judgment in rational mind, by reason of masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control.

Any man concerned with his own dignity and mind would understand the divine intention for human civilization. Refusing, and avoiding participation with the individual who willingly demonstrates the intent to sabotage, the intended and necessary order in gender polarity. Which, is the foundation of human civilization.

Manipulative relationships have ended by reason of this information. Sound Rational Information is powerful. Women have actually broken off relationships. Simply because this information was given to the man. Even before these men could progress in the restoration of sound rational mind. Such women are only interested in vindictive, self-serving, manipulative control over men. Chances are they only know self-serving, manipulative control over anyone in their lives. With no genuine consideration, for the victimized subjects under there control. They will simply refuse to participate with an individual. Who is, progressively restoring the ability to question irrational and unreasonable suggestion. Only the availability of this information. Will cause such a woman to either react with hysterical exaggerations, of accusation, blame, and fault. Or simply end the relationship, in search of an other victimized male ego. Either way, only the knowledge of the availability of this information. Is all that is needed to trigger that psycho-emotional reaction. Therefore, The Sacred Warrior is as wise as the serpent, yet gentle as a dove. God’s intended design is for peace and pleasure in life. Let peace and pleasure be the intention of every Sacred Warrior. With unconditional love. Calmly and confidently avoiding participating with disorder, torment, and misery.

By the present excepted notion of feminine liberation, independence, and equality. The principles of Patriarchal Judaea-Christian order of gender and matrimony are increasingly abandoning. The view of women being the weaker sex. With the marital agreement of woman’s submission to the authority of her husband, in the commitment of obligation to life partnership. No longer apply to the present day companionship between sexually intimate partners. By reason of the notion of feminine independence, and equality between genders. Considering the obvious increasing conflict. Between the notion of independence, and natural human dependency. The notion of dependency between two equals can only result in a stalemate, creating conflict. The notion of dependency upon equality of independence is absurd and irrational. Therefore, equally committed obligation, to this, fair and rational system of principles, boundaries, and universal truths. Is provided and offered. In order to maintain consistent Sacred and Divine Order, of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. For the consistency of sound rational mind. As well as calm, peaceful, respectful, and pleasurable stability in Companionship. Allowing for unconditional love, by the absence of oppressive imposed law, indoctrination, manipulation, possession, provoking or control.

Many have said “It’s too late, nothing can be done” Some have suggested “Christ will fix it, Waite for him” Such irrational and irresponsible notions to be against God. Why not just pray for the child who is dying, instead of taking the child to the emergency room? Its the same absurd principle. Others have requested “Please don’t open this can of worms” We can only pity such pessimism and hopelessness. Remembering that each one of us are exactly where we choose to be, while personally insisting upon a better way. No one in the carnal form has experienced perfection. The point is the willingness “intention” to mature through spiritual principle. As is out intended design. Not the goal but the journey of divine intention toward right-choice-ness. These are ancient progressive spiritual principles. Woman’s power in her intended design, is in her sensual carnal complexity, where mans power in his intended design, is in his rational spiritual simplicity. The Sacred Warrior’s Sacred and Divine INTENTION isn’t in perfection. But in the INTENTION of rational spiritual simplicity. If we were perfect, we need not be here.

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