Mission Statement

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The Mission

of the


Sacred Warrior Society


The ultimate intention of this suggestion is

Peace for all concerned.

 By clarifying PROBLEM, SOLUTION, and RESULT;

For those who understand and wish to support those who wish to understand

Avoiding participation with those counterproductive behavioral disorders that undermine healthy productive companionship. While practicing “Rational Isolation” from complex “irrational” suggestions. Under the modern socially accepted concept of gender equality.

Providing the foundational focal point of common bond, in problem, solution, and result. For those men who are incapable of personal or social submission, or conforming to the resulting insanity of toxic feminism. For the regeneration of sound mind. Through masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control.

This is not a suggestion of social direction. But a suggestion of realistic, practical, and trustworthy moral philosophy. To be applied to the presently intoxicated social direction of feminist mixed messages and double standards.

The mission of The Sacred Warrior Society of Brave Men and Brothers Keepers. Is to demonstrate the example of individual and social opportunity for the regeneration of human civility, civilized order, to consider, apply, and benefit as needed. For the sake of civilization as a whole.

Demonstrating the author’s evident experience, of the cause and effect of the Problem, suggesting Solution and demonstrating Result. Concerning the individual and social effects, of feminist theory and relative theory, applied as philosophy. Recognizing that relativism provides no moral basis, and only serve to undermine all previous moral philosophical traditions intent on human civilized order. Confounding the intended design of masculine rational problem-solving. Resulting in increasing fear and control based behavioral patterns, social violence, domestic violence, sexual violence, alcoholism, drug addictions, and various self-sabotaging dependency. Human civilization self-destructing, by means of deceptive error concealed in complexity. Undermining confidence in the increase of gender polarity, and the destruction of all previous unified philosophical basis. Unto thyn own self, be true. The only way to remain ahead of the “blame and guessing” game, is by avoiding participation.

Identifying and deprogramming baseless social persuasion, and previous principles that do not apply to the increasing perspective of gender equality without unified understanding. While regenerating the intended design of Masculine Self Identity, Self Respect, Self Confidence, and Self Control. In order to resolve order of sound problem-solving mind. For the sake of demonstrating personal and social civility, and civil order in gender polarity, which is the foundation of human civilization.

Peace! Love over fear! Self-identity over social persuasion! Walking with divine intention!

True Gender Equality?

Simple, There can be no holy matrimony without the foundational intention of feminine submission to masculine authority. Humanity being progressively evolving, will not return to primitive concepts which no longer apply. A day is the same as a thousand years with God. The sixth day is passed, and man has evolved! There can be no intimacy in privacy. There can be no liberation in obligation. There can be no dependency in independence. There can be no special consideration with equality. Trustworthy Confidential Significant Companionship can only exist by the understanding of, and commitment to, equal intention. Without the agenda to control, manipulation, or change another individual.

The Sacred Warrior demonstrates the dignity of honorable intention. By providing, “The Covenant of Equal Intention”

The Individual who is easily persuaded is not trustworthy!

By the application of those who subscribe to relativism as a philosophy. It is quite acceptable to pull any notion out of the air and call it spiritual, divine, or godly. Therefore every belief under such perception is acceptable to those who subscribe to relativism. Even those beliefs that stem from fear based control behaviors. Which, are the cause of escalating chaos and madness in human civilization. Yet the very concepts in moral philosophy, that form human civility, civil order in gender polarity, and Human civilization. Are rejected by those who subscribe to relativism. In short, relativism applied as philosophy accepts anything but sanity.

In effect, humanity is following after the immediate sensual gratification of false Christ, and anti-Christ. Without consideration for probable outcome.

Without the mind, there is not value, nor reason. Yet there is hope of regenerating the dignity of sound mind, by reason of masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control.

Any man concerned with his own dignity would understand the divine intention for human civilization. Refusing, and avoiding participation with the individual who willingly demonstrates the intent to sabotage the intended and necessary order in gender polarity. Which, is the foundation of human civilization. Any participation with such behavior demonstrates guilt by association, and can not be trusted.

While The Sacred Warrior is maturing in the Sacred and the Divine Kingdom on earth, as it is within Masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. Always holding out hope for mature responsible correction. With the willingness always to forgive all who seek forgiveness.

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Covenant of Equal Intention

Feel free to speak your mind.

With consideration that contempt prior to investigation is irrational! And that the act of ad Hominem forfeits any reasonable debate.

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