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Brothers, if simplistic sound mind, dignity, and honor are important to you.
You will want to arm yourself with the information herein provided.

Contempt prior to investigation is not only irrational but unreliable and untrustworthy. But Sound mind recognizes the necessity for human civilization, which requires personal responsibility to mankind. Thus the Sacred Warrior, being his brother’s keeper, is armed with the solutions to those problems that confound the masculine mind. Prepared to mentor his brother. Here is the intent to declare,

“Please! Correct me if I’m mistaken!!”

Providing the foundational focal point of common bond, in problem, solution, and result. For those men who are incapable of personal or social submission, or conforming to the resulting insanity of toxic feminism. As well as those women who are strong enough to admit, correct and avoid participation with the toxic feminist oppression of masculine reasoning. For the regeneration of sound mind. Through masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. By recognizing, self-deprogramming and avoiding further participation. With counterproductive personal and social persuasive influences of toxic feminist suggestion.

Reserving the right to discriminate against those socially normalized theories and behaviors, that are counterproductive to rational mind and civilization as a whole.

Arming the Sacred Warrior, with the clearest understanding of truly equally, independent, healthy, productive, and beneficial feminine behavior. For intended companionship in truth, trust compassion, and unconditional love. As well as what to avoid with the persuasive, suggestive, power of intoxicated, toxic feminist.

A primary clue to toxic feminist behavior would be those who criticize the right of men to classify toxic feminist behaviors.

Love and Peace over Fear and Drama

Walk with Sacred and Divine Intention

The need to achieve, causes men to want to believe.

The only requirement for membership in the,

Sacred Warrior Society, of Brave Men and Brothers Keepers.

Are the consideration, application, and benefit of the information

herein provided.

  Because the most common and sensible encouragement I’ve received has been. “Put it on a website!” I’ve decided to first, post the unedited version for friends who are interested in a heads up before I am able to get it cleaned up and fully prepared for all to consider, apply, and benefit as needed.

Friends & Allies

In Sacred & Divine Intention


Thinking that the importance is on getting the basic understanding out, rather than being concerned with perfection. As well as the opportunity for genuine corrective criticism. Without baseless argument. I’ve enjoyed taking a break from finishing the site while testing the effect of my views with chatters from around the world. Generally resulting in confidential support and rational question. As well as fear-based false accusations and feeble attempts at defamation of character. Clearly right brain intent on “Immediate gratification without consideration for persons or outcome.”

Confident in initially going public locally in 2004, and the original rough text has been in professional hands since before 2000.

Although the site is far from completed and much work is needed to clarify these views. The website is made available for participation. Comments are available at the bottom of each page.

Those of you who are connected to me personally, as well as through the Internet. Please remember, I am particularly interested in thought-provoking questions, as well as sound challenge, or corrections, which will not be taken personally. Personal attacks, “ad Hominem” clearly forfeit participation.  I am only responsible for the presentation of this interpretation. The willingness to consider, in order to correct, personal human mistake. Is a primary principle of this philosophy. Let those who would interfere, be known for their true intent. Thank you for your interest, time and patience.

Frequent references to Judeo-Christian scripture are specifically provided to demonstrate and clarify the social suggestive power of false Christ, “The greater Christian hypocrisy” upon those who follow such treachery. Calming the name of Christ and Christianity, for superficial and political gain. Christianity has clearly become an institutionalized superficial religion, falsely claiming spiritual authoritative direction. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. “Presently available” The sacred and divine kingdom within every human being who chooses to seek. Needing no alliance with any shallow human organization or institutionalized superficial governing body or government.

While I am personally outraged at any suggestion of me being classified as Christian. It is my experienced view, that Christianity is, in fact, become “false-Christ” Due primarily to the compromises agreed with the Roman Emperor Constantine. Culminating in the influential persuasion of feminist theory, incorporating relative theory as a social philosophy of relativism. Resulting in increased emotionalism, romanticism and ultimately relativism into chaos.

Revelation, 17: 4, 5, 6,

Which has resulted in the predominate superficial intent toward immediate superficial, sensual, gratification, without consideration for an outcome? I could add so many scriptures to support this view it is absolutely ridiculous. Yet it is so simple for the individual to deprogram this social persuasion. By taking the time to seek, and you shall find. Rather than blindly allowing the blind.

I deeply concur with the teachings of “my friend and only trusted confidante Jesus, who is Christ!” As well as those who truly follow the sound mind.

We patiently wait for the wax to cool and harden.

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* Books by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

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Why isn’t Promise Keepers listed here? Unlike Promise Keepers, Altho Promise Keepers have excellent points. The sacred Warrior recognizes the greater hypocrisy of patriarchal religious indoctrination making an exception for feminist behavior against the scriptural outline of gender order. The Sacred Warrior recognizes that generally speaking, normally speaking, and most probably speaking. Women aren’t concerned with the honor and dignity of men’s promises. As much as their concern for their own liberation, independence and equal rites with men. The Sacred Warrior deals with the facts of behavioral difference. Knowing that women will never go back to the order of feminine submission to masculine authority. But in fact, The Sacred Warrior recognizes that scripture calls attention to this human development Jeremiah 31:22 and that this theory will cover the earth. Revelation 17:5,  Also see *Why men don’t go to Church, “a good google search”

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Covenant of Equal Intention

Feel free to speak your mind.

With consideration that contempt prior to investigation is irrational! And that the act of ad Hominem forfeits any reasonable debate.

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I, for one, whole-heartedly Agree.

In our current society there appears to be an agenda at work that has resulted in the arrested development of the majority of people around us. This agenda also seems to be false-profit driven as alot of so-called professional behavioral health services appear to be more interested and taught even to focus their therapies for the most part on symptoms rather than the causes in order to cure.

I have observed this in my very own experiences and often wondered why more information like is provided by The Sacred Warrior Society does not exist in the so-called mainstream publications, especially within the ‘mental health’ services. As a result it has become my steadfast opinion that such phenonema is a direct result of the ‘cancer-like false-profit driven greed’ that seems to hinder society as a whole from achieving sound mindedness.

Keep up the excellent work and thanks for choosing to share this information for those with ‘eyes to see, ears that hear and hearts that feel’ 🙂

exposingthelie @ September 22, 2009 7:56 am

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