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The Life!




Demonstrating the evident example of value in the principles,

boundaries and universal truths. Of sacred and divine order in

natural spiritual consciousness. In our intended design of sound

masculine direction of self identity, self respect, self confidence and

self control. Becoming Sacred Warriors, Brave Men and

Brothers Keepers.

   We desire and agreed upon companionship security. Under the practical understanding and commitment to agreement of companionship discretion, and confidence. We continue to mature, with Sacred and Divine Intention in every aspect of our lives. As we live by the principles of Responsibility, Respectability, Reliability, and Reason-ability. To self and our society. We grow in the solution. We give what is given, in order to progress in the sound mind, masculine self identity, self respect, self confidence, and self control. The complete Circle of life, every ending brings about a new beginning. Knowing that the 4 R-Abilities are achieved first in self, before applied to others.

   Demands, are placed upon the insecure heart, Command is intended for the sound confident reasoning, of the self respecting mind. Therefore the Sacred Warrior is determined to choose to deprogram all information that conflicts with self confidence and self respect. Knowing that irrational and inconsistent information can only cause emotional reaction. Which is contrary to sound rational action. The Sacred Warrior knows that all are born into circumstances out of our control. The desire to control is the natural reaction to circumstances. When the spiritual intention to avoid reaction, is often undermined by environmentally influenced suggestion. Which creates in the soul, continual emotional reaction to circumstances. It is not the circumstances that have happened to us that cause Addiction, dependencies, and patterns of behavioral disorder. It is the continued reaction to those influences that are the demon. Which causes deeper insecurity in the heart. Allowing for further and further environmental influences upon the soul and increased dependency upon environmental acceptance. The Sacred Warrior’s intent is to abandon emotional reaction, for sound rational consistent reasoning of mind, and right action.

   The Sacred Warrior is a mentor to every man who would consider, apply and benefit. In the same way that just by being human we are either a value to human civilization or a liability to human civilization. We also have a responsibility to manhood. Simply because we are men, we have the choice of either being a value to manhood or else we are a liability to manhood. Civilization is absolutely dependent upon sound rational masculine authority as humanity is absolutely dependent upon civilization. Applying trust in the highest authority the “command” of examples of sound evidence. We confidently chose personal evaluation of God with us, Divine Creator Source, Father, God with us. Trusting consistency in the examples of past traditional rational masculine experiences. Increasingly recognizing, deprogramming, and avoiding participation with baseless feminist suggestion. Beliefs without basis being applied as sacred, divine, spiritual, or even Godly. Regenerating the divine intention of masculine design in civilized order, The outdated, false, and continued socially supported notion that men somehow remain responsible to and for women. Continues to open men up to the vulnerability of abusive feminist power intoxication. That is supported by increasing society’s accepting and normalising feminism. Despite outdated and deep seeded beliefs that are supported and socially encouraged. Men can not and should not be in any way held responsible to or for an equal woman. This continuing social notion provides her with the increasing abusive power intoxication that is denigrating and emasculating masculine incentive, and fragmenting western civilization and spreading throughout the earth. Also it should be made clear to any who suggest the false notion of masculine responsibility of pursuit. That such individuals inclined to such unhealthy notions or suggestions will be avoided. Avoiding all persuasive indoctrination, and sensual manipulation. With confidence in the divine intention of personal understanding and intimate confidence in God with us. We quickly find, “What a man believes, that so he is.” Individual character, reflects individual belief. Whether the immediate gratification of superficial, self seeking, persuasive indoctrination. “need to belong” Or the civility of spiritually valuable soul maturity. We begin to understand that our troubles result from our beliefs. Self motivated deprogramming even the most deep seated counterproductive notions, ideas, theories, and beliefs, come natural. There is nothing more rewarding to masculine self identity. Than finding sound basis, for disregarding mistaken trust, in false notions, theories, and ideas. Regenerating sound confidence in the dignity of keeping trust in manhood. That have been inconsistent with the self confidence of sound mind. Which confounding baseless beliefs are often excepted without question. Simply for the social need to belong. The Sacred Warrior, understanding the intended fulfillment of masculine regeneration in God with us. Recognizing the intended fulfillment of feminist refusal of intended civil matrimonial order. Understanding that natural feminine instinct, gone awry. Is even more counterproductive to feminine. The increasing absence of consistent security in healthy productive masculine attentive respect. Is only increasing the need to control or self medicate emotional insecurity. Being responsible to the intended design of woman, the Sacred Warrior is prepared to avoids participation with self sabotaging manipulation. Or any sensual feminist influence, whether irrational pseudo psychology, sensual and superficial false religious indoctrinations, suggestion, or baseless complex argument against God’s divine masculine intention. For instance, Because America considers and declares it’s self a predominately Christian nation. As well as the more simple, concise and direct example of universal truth. Take Christ, His Disciples, and all the worlds Profits, at there word. The simple interest, and willingness to use a common concordance as a reference to a Douay-Rheims Bible. Clarifies the treachery, and hypocrisy of feminist acceptance and participation in modern American false religious indoctrination. Genesis 3:17 clarifies the result of trusting woman over God.  “Because you trusted the voice of your wife” The Sacred Warrior simply maintains the intended peaceful pleasure of resurrecting, and living, in the solution, by avoiding participation with the problem. (Complexity results in probable error and opportunity to deceive) For the intended peaceful pleasure with mature, and honorable women in agreement with the Sacred Warrior. Under the mutual honor of equal intention. Again, the only way to remain ahead of the game, is by avoiding participation with the competition of toxic feminist against God with us.

   We can not compromise tradition. It is of the up most importance, that we do not compromise the principles boundaries and universal truth provided. Not to conform to the law or government of men which is foolishness to God with us. or the indoctrination of any other idea that confounds sound mind, stability of emotion and orderly soul. But remain supportive, for the benefit of the individual as well as the community. The individual as well as community effort in our cause must come first. We seek Rational Truth, and Equality Consciousness, knowing that God only, is given credit for Spiritual Awakening. Through the collective conscience of Sacred Warrior Circle. Insuring the avoidance of participation with toxic feminist suggestive persuasion. Tho woman may observe what is no longer hidden. Without feminism participation. By courage, participation and service with one another. Becoming our brothers keeper. We grow in sound masculine rational strength of judgement and action for human civilisation. It is obviously not what our negative “More is Better” environment has to offer. It is what we have to offer. Our purpose is not to destroy what man’s laws attempt to demand. But to encourage order, by the “command” suggestion of sacred and divine principle. We trust that the desire to fallow the evidence of divine principle is superior to the ultimatum, and force of man’s law.

   SACRED MEMBERSHIP AND PARTICIPATION. Should be equal and honorable, Observing the Divine principles of order.  Membership is defined by the example of benefit by consideration and application. Void of Judgment or Rumor. Self Confidence need not attack the character of an other. But point out general behaviour that undermines all things sacred. Tho the guilty will react to general statement, revealing the guilt. All who desire and are motivated to actively live a practical life of freedom from the unstable influences of our environment, and replace that with clarity, and truth. Are welcome. May you find the intended design of love, peace, happiness, and sanity, through service to God and man kind.

   Our Public relations policy is based more on the attraction to the evidence of the individual example of growth, stability, apparent peace of mind,  self identity, self respect self confidence and self control.  Without the need to label one’s self “Sacred Warrior” or “Honorable Woman.” We may be assertive, and aggressive without being Arrogant. We need always maintain a level of personal anonymity beyond carrying the MEDICINE. Actions speak louder then words. One could easily call him self anything he so chooses. But the Sacred Warrior, Confident in self evaluation, need no self label. His actions will earn the title that others determine. Remembering that the dead will falsely accuse and undermine the intent of the living. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Responsibilities, Respectability’s, Reliability’s, and Reason-ability, reminding us to hold principles higher than personalities.

   Each circle of Sacred Warriors has but one primary purpose – to carry the SACRED MEDICINES to those who still suffer, By first correcting within self, What instability we see in our environment. Creating clarity of Conscience and uniting in Positive principles, and Ration Truth. Remembering, Where two or more gather in the genuine intent on truth, There shall be truth among them.

   Sacred Warrior Circle will remain separate from any outside entity. Remaining clear to our own respect. Sacred Warrior Circle will not be diverted from our Responsibilities. Sacred Warrior Circle, will never be as any Dictatorship. But there may be councils directly responsible to those they serve. Sacred Warrior Circle will remain forever nonprofessional, and always voluntary. Recognising history’s example of the concern for money removing the intended design of order. Sacred Warrior Circle, shall remain fully self supporting, declining outside contributions, financial or otherwise. Let the conscience of the individual, leave the offering in the designated place of responsibility, for the benefit of the new comer alone. “Think!” Any system that is in any way Profitable. Will tend to lean on, focus on, and become dependent upon money, over compassion and concern. Any truly healthy Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual system, will and must remain free of the superficial gain of money and profit, So that it may remain in compassion, and concern. Leave superficial things to the superficial world, and the things of the spirit to the spiritual world. For the love of money truly is the root of evil. This is True natural Love, and healing. Remembering that the Profit is worth his reward. Each circle leader is devoted to the will of God. By dedicated service to his students. Out of genuine concern for man and human civilisation as a whole. Let us offer tithing by continuing to offer to lost males what we learn in the example of those Sacred Warrior who demonstrates sound direction. By faith in the leader. In knowing that he first desires the increase of his service and care of they that, “by evidence” trust in the works of God through him. For he knows, That in his service to God is his family protected and cared fore. As is the promise and agreement maid by God for the benefit man. That by ten present offered, is the greater supernatural benefit of the ninety present remaining. So in this be wise not to accept any thing from out side the Society members. But absolute abstinence from outside affiliations or enterprises. Lest their is the confession of Christ conciseness, intent, and trust in the word. Which is Divine principle, and universal Truth.

   Sacred Warrior Circle will remain neutral concerning all diverse, personal, political, social, psychological, or religious issues. Recognising that if we are not in a place of love seeking unity in civilisation, then we are in fear and hate, leading in confusion and chaos.  We patiently allow evidence to provide sound judgment. Without contempt prior to investigation. Nor do we incorporate such influences, except for sound, consistent, spiritual evidence for moral order. Hence Sacred Warrior Circle avoids participation with public controversy. But is intent on providing example. Each CIRCLE should be autonomous except in matters affecting other CIRCLES or the greater CIRCLE as a hole.

   There should be no participation or conflict with any state agency that would incorporate itself with this solution. No judicial system should order or appoint any man to this solution. No participation with government funded organization or privet business should be respected, that pervert the intent of this insight toward sound mind and stability of emotion. As this downfall is witnessed with other recovery systems. Spiritual principles only remain correct, by avoiding participation with the superficial.

   The Sacred Warrior Society, of Brave Men and Brothers Keepers, is intent upon honoring the states determination, of separation of Church and State. Understanding that the word “Church” is coming together with genuine intent on truth in civil order. Also by the freedom of Religion” implies “Divine Intention.” Which implies Sacred, and Divine, principle, boundary, and universal truth, toward those progressively positive, and beneficial results of responsibility, respectability, reliability, and reason-ability.

   “Woman” Honor your Dependency upon Masculine Security. The God given right, and gift of Feminine Independence. Has placed the responsibility of maintaining your Need for masculine security upon you. Men are no longer responsible for woman or to woman. By reason of social acceptance of and participation with feminist theory. Due to the fact that we equally have the power of our own choices. As well as more women’s Irrational Independence. Choosing to run at the slightest dissatisfaction. Men are understandably, becoming less likely to put much effort into the security of healthy dependent relationships. Tho men may want, they certainly don’t need the stability of emotional security in a relationship in order to achieve sound  mind self identity, self respect, self confidence and self control. Without feminine persuasion, men are naturally emotionally stable and sound. Yet the provision for intended design of sexual gratification and instinct is necessary.  Women will say they don’t need but may want masculine. Yet here is wisdom. Consider the example carefully, of those women who make such claims. Men are maintaining sanity by finding contentment in meeting the needs of intended design, naturally, in the women who are Choosing to be Irrational Independent SO SAD Victims. Who think to exercise sensual power to posses. Men feel that if a women chooses to attempt to control with sex. Why not face the facts, Refuse being possessed, take what they need and leave the rest. More and more toxic feminist women are putting men in this position. Independence has gone to far. Women are becoming more and more desperately self destructive victims of there own Independence. Most men really don’t mind. As long as they get there Needs met. Women are loosing. Because they have liberated them selves from basic spiritual principles in the process. When they should have hung on to them even more. Hormonal imbalances are no excuse, if you are consistently praying, and maintaining healthy companionship’s. Family and Friends manipulating, suggesting, persuading and influencing, your choices is no excuse. If the depth of her loving dependency upon you. Suddenly changes to the depth of irrational vindictive accusation and irrational independence from you. Recognize the Witch’s demonic possession over her. Without flinching in the reaction, that the Witch is trying to cause in you. Simply avoid participation, allowing time for rational to return and correction provided. Being improbable to expect rational self correction from her, it is better to expect to move on with life. With sound self identity, self respect, self confidence and self control.

   Before crossing that line, to where, to much has happened, confidences broken, beyond recovery. Allow the Irrationally Independent Patterns of Behavioral Disorder to run its course in her. With out taking any of it personally. Avoiding participation, by your masculine right of Rational Isolation, and non participation. Refuse to Participate as long as the possession of demonic activity continues! But Continue to Love Her, The Person, Unconditionally. Without taking the Irrational Disorder personally. Respecting her enough to allow her responsibility to achieve and maintain your own “equal” self respect, and self confidence. By directing your mind, energy, and time in a rational direction, separate from her. By this rational choice, the calm, quiet, self confidence, of self respect. Will maintain all evidence of trust in the example of rational masculine authority. She will eventually come to her senses. Once she gets the Psycho-emotional Witch, out of her system. Don’t be to proud to allow her the opportunity to reconcile. If and when she chooses. By re-establishing the fundamental trust needed in companionship. Which can only occur by confidential privacy, and the complete and mutual understanding of human imperfection. By means of complete and mutual confession and correction of those past personal mistakes. Expectation of her humble submission to your authority. Is an Irrational expectation. Her pride will not allow it. Simply get on with your life. Back to your intended value of rational order. Her Irrational state, is not your fault. Regardless of accusation, blame, or finding fault. But the result of demonic possession. Without flinching in reaction to that Witches clever cunning, and sudden manipulative maneuvers. Calmly, quietly, confidently, walk through the illusion. Regardless of vindictive accusations and blame. Above all, maintaining your Composure in Self Respect, and Self Confidence.

   Marriage? Don’t be naive in this legal contract! Think!!! The need for signatures under law. Not only demonstrates lack of trust. But grants control over the participants. What sound confident mind would voluntarily submit to any other control but in self control?

   The only relevant question is “How close?” The level that she chooses to participate in the privacy and equality of feminine liberation and independence. Is the same level that she also chooses to decline masculine intimacy in obligation of responsibility to her or for her. Marriage is nothing but a glorified lawful Civil union contract, sanctioned by the religious institutionalism of false Christ. The so called church motivated by the love of money made accept ion for the theory of feminism, undermining the provided order of holy matrimony. Thus any participation with feminist theory cancels out the relevance of holy matrimony.  Tobias 7:16 The truth of marriage is quite simply a sacred agreement of honor in feminine power submitting to masculine authority submitting to truth. Without the interference of any law. In all truth such participation in so called lawful marriage is clear evidence and demonstration of dishonor and doubt. How can one rationally isolate from and avoid participation with the realization of the toxic feminist, SO SAD Witch’s clever and cunning intent to manipulate, control, poses and demand change. The Sacred Warrior remains free of such a naive lawful agreement, in order to remain true to his word and avoid participation with those behaviors intent on confounding sound rational mind. For the Sacred Warrior there is no naive participation. No irrational trust in improbable monogamous life obligations. But the intent on honorable compassion, discretion and confidentiality between himself and any companion. To confide, confidence, confidential, confidentiality, “Trust”. The Sacred Warrior is in full authority over him self, self direction and self control. Without the intent or participation of sexual pleasure / pain, reward / punishment manipulation of toxic feminism. No Sacred Warrior is interested in common property with ant woman, but personal ownership of individual property. A Sacred Warrior needs the peace of liberty from excessive superficial preoccupation.

   So what exactly is a Sacred Warrior? The example of a Sacred Warrior’s life and character is demonstrated by the confidence in his true intended design of manhood. Which honor and dignity is greatly needed to be regenerated.

   A Sacred Warrior is quick to recognise and correct his own mistake, in order to remain of value rather then liability.

   A Sacred Warrior cannot be bought. Knowing that the love of the shallow superficial, is the loss of the spiritual depth in self identity, order peace and real pleasure intended in this experience.

   A Sacred Warrior will put character above wealth.

   A Sacred Warrior word is his bond. Knowing that trustworthy communication is personal liberation and independence from personal torment and misery.

   A Sacred Warrior possesses opinion, will and sound self identified ego.

   A Sacred Warrior is larger then his vocation.

   A Sacred Warrior does not hesitate to take chances.

   A Sacred Warrior will not loose his individuality in a crowd.

   A Sacred Warrior will be as honest in small things as in great things.

   A Sacred Warrior will make no compromise with wrong.

   A Sacred Warrior will not do it “because everyone else does it” Knowing that the desire for popularity is the insecurity of pride. Pride goes before a fall.

   A Sacred Warrior is loyal to friends in adversity as well as in prosperity. That true friend are earned by the evidence of experienced trust and respect.

   A Sacred Warrior does not believe that shrewdness, cunning and hard heartedness are the best qualities for earning genuine valuable success.

   A Sacred Warrior is not ashamed or afraid to stand for the truth, despite any level of criticism.

   A Sacred Warrior can say “no” with emphasis, although all the rest of the world says “yes”

   A Sacred Warrior ambitions are not confined to his own selfish desires.

   A Sacred Warrior knows that he is responsible to human civilisation, in order to be responsible to him self.

   A Sacred Warrior knows his intended design and value is “problem solving”

   A Sacred Warrior demonstrates the example of confidence in sound mind and emotional stability and is the evidence of what the intended design of what sound, stable, feminine needs.

   Give as you have received. There is no reason to make an issue of this work. Those who react, by taking general statements personally, only demonstrate there guilt. There is no reason to believe that this work needs to be hidden. Rational fact and truth can not be out maneuvered. But discretion is the better part of valor. Remembering that this work is offered for them who seek solution, and those who are maturing, and prepared to consider these observations. Not for those who remain unprepared, immature, insecure, fearful and hateful. Only the most tormented and miserable mind, would use this to torment or cause misery. Yet unconditional love is often tough love, by standing firm on the facts. The Sacred Warrior maintains the choice of calm peaceful pleasure in life. Men, create a circle of brother’s keepers, in the name of truth. In this you can not fail.

   In Closing, Let us remember to keep our respect for the sanctity of confidentiality in the Sacred Warrior Circle. For we are united in trust and in truth. We understand that gossip or ill intended criticism is in conflict with God’s principles and harmful. If you feel that Sacred Warrior Circle is not for you, We ask, you respect our way of life as we respect your way. As well, we invite you back with an open mind and open heart, For we know that more will be revealed. Sacred Warrior Circle isn’t for everyone. But it is for anyone. We respect every person in their own way. Through the principles of Sacred Warrior Circle accepts nothing without proof by evidence. Take with you what you can use, and leave the rest. Our whole purpose is to offer a observation of problem, solution and result. In principles that each may form an individual foundation of understanding. You who see benefit, we suggest you reach out for friendship. Find an individual among us who will guide you in the beginning of your journey and assist you along the way. Continue active participation in the CIRCLE. By this you will see results. The humble effort of participation at any level, strengthens the 4-R Abilities in each member. As well as it creates the awareness of oneness with the Circle. We prefer to meet in places of little or no environmental influence when possible. Such as the homes of members, or places of non conflicting environment. That we might insure the sanctity of our confidentiality as well as the intimacy of each CIRCLE.

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With consideration that contempt prior to investigation is irrational! And that the act of ad Hominem forfeits any reasonable debate.

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