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The Life!




Demonstrating the evident example of value in the principles,

boundaries and universal truths. Of sacred and divine order in

natural spiritual consciousness. In our intended design of sound

masculine direction of self identity, self respect, self confidence and

self control. Becoming Sacred Warriors, Brave Men and

Brothers Keepers.

   We desire and agreed upon companionship security. Under the practical understanding and commitment to agreement of companionship discretion, and confidence. We continue to mature, with Sacred and Divine Intention in every aspect of our lives. As we live by the principles of Responsibility, Respectability, Reliability, and Reason-ability. To self and our society. We grow in the solution. We give what is given, in order to progress in the sound mind, masculine self identity, self respect, self confidence, and self control. The complete Circle of life, every ending brings about a new beginning. Knowing that the 4 R-Abilities are achieved first in self, before applied to others.

   Resulting Evidence! A morally productive structure of patriarchal order. These principles not only work by correcting the source of the problem rather than labeling and focusing on a symptom. But are basic, simple, guidelines to what life is meant to be. Full of Joy, Happiness, and Freedom, which occur within; The evidence of those who seek God’s inspiration, “Inner Truth” is no theory, It must be lived to be experienced. Others like us will choose to follow, by the evidence of our growth. Therefore we seek no recognition for our example. The resulting masculine self identity, self respect, elf confidence and self control is quite sufficient. In demonstration example we provoke thought and examination, despite the cries of fear. We are not concerned with majority acceptance or popularity but justice for all concerned. All truth is found within. Be still and observe. In self truth all things become clear. When asked, we offer. Being careful to offer only what they are able to digest. That’s enough. In time, if they are willing and genuinely seeking truth, they will come for more. By this, each Circle will grow into family and community. Trust in confidential communication for security in fair trade, is the foundation of patriarchal order in civilisation. Singleness in vision and purpose, by the unifying conception of universal truth.

   The Sacred Warrior does not take criticism personally, but considers any suggestion of a problem to be solved. The Sacred Warrior does not intend to mislead or deceive, half truths or withhold any necessary facts from his companion. Choosing intimacy over privacy. His intent is to solve problems rather then hide in denial. The Sacred Warrior tactfully avoids participation with questionable, suspicious or unreliable individuals and refuses to be placed in questionable or suspicious situations that would betray the trust of his companion. Does not interfere in the confidential personal lives of others or does not betray confidential trust. Even when his confiding is betrayed. The Sacred Warrior is prompt about recognizing personal mistake, correcting personal mistake and making amends. And refuses to participate in false accusations, but patiently allows time to reveal the facts. Does not seek to accuse, place blame, or find fault in others. But rather avoids those who are not responsible and respectable. The honor of truth, trust, compassion and unconditional is the Sacred and Divine intention of the Sacred Warrior.

   The Sacred Warrior does not wrestle against flesh and blood. But against complex tactical psychological maneuvers. That are set against the intended value of sound mind, and stability of emotion. Sound mind is the result of self confidence and self respect through honorable intention for all concerned. Brave Men, do not fear the lack of immediate gratification, by the trust, and faith, in divine intention.

   The Sacred Warrior Society, of Brave Men and Brothers Keepers, is intent upon honoring the states determination, of separation of Church and State. Understanding that the word “Church” “by the freedom of Religion” implies “coming together with Divine Intention.” Which implies Sacred, and Divine, principle, boundary, and universal truth, toward those progressively positive, productive and beneficial results of responsibility, respectability, reliability, and reason-ability. Therefore, I am pleased to state by sacred divine authority no state agency should incorporate itself with this solution. That no judicial system should order or appoint any man to this solution. That no government funded organization should pervert the intent of this insight toward sound mind and stability of emotion as witnessed with other recovery systems. But to understand in the fullness of understanding, that spiritual matters are in no way superficial.

   The Sacred Warrior Society of Brave Men and Brothers Keepers, remains a brotherhood of voluntary participation, with out obligation. Initiating membership, simply requires, consideration, application, and benefit. The only requirement from the public at large, would be the willingness of those individuals placed in positions of social trust, and authority to direct those men suffering with these problems in the direction of this example of solution. Suggestion without manipulation will suffice.

   The Sacred Warrior Society of Brothers Keepers, is a brotherhood of rational masculine order. Confidence and confidential trust, to confide in your brother. Is the very foundation of civility, civilized order, civilization”, Humanity”!! {necessary} In the balance and equal rights of men. The counterbalance to feminine power. To maintain the liberation and independence of men. With the simplicity of masculine common sense. By rational principle and boundary.

   Brothers Keepers, support masculine trust, and bond. Confide, Confidence, Confidential, Confidentiality. {TRUSTWORTHY}  HONOR. Avoiding participation with the Probable error and deception, within the complexities of the feminist theory. To regenerate and maintain the common sense simplicity of sound mind and stability of emotion.

   The intent is common sense, simple rational deduction, of sound mind. Acquired by self identity, self respect, self confidence and self control. The Warrior choosing to avoid the participation of (obligation) with the (liberation) of feminism. What sound mind would knowingly play along with blatant mind bending double standards?

   I am my Brothers Keeper: Trust is the cause and affect of human civilization, therefore trust is the cause and affect of humanity. Confidence, to confide in, confidentiality, trust. It is the Sacred Warriors responsibility to inform his brother of the “facts” concerning complex toxic feminist deception. For the sake of his dignity, self confidence and rational mind. When a Warriors trust in a woman is being betrayed behind his back. It is every Sacred Warrior’s responsibility as a sacred warrior, brave man and brothers keeper. To inform his brother of the “facts” concerning that betrayal of confidential trust. Carefully thought out facts along. Because every brother being a sacred warrior, brave man and brothers keeper, is more concerned with sound rational trustworthy facts. Rather then being in denial of the facts in romantic illusions. This is intended and necessary sound rational masculine mind. Insuring confident pleasant trusting companionship, Against the competitive treachery of dependency without confidence. This sets the example of those naive and dangerous males, who are persuaded by the feminist victim role. Such males, surely, are more interested in women’s pleasures then sound mind.

   Knowing full well that gossip, criticism, accusation, or blame, does nothing to correct the character of an other individual. We maintain responsibility for our own intention, self confidence and self respect. The willingness to correct our past mistakes, comes from the understanding that our past mistakes, were stemming from emotional reaction to irrational circumstance and suggestion. Rather than sound rational choice and action. Therefore, the willingness to correct, comes from the understanding that our choices in the past. Were affected by emotional reaction to informational error. While now, we prepare by sound action. To take responsibility for the mistake of past emotional reaction. Allowing within self, the healing growth of self confidence and self respect. By the ability of sound rational choice. Over emotional reaction to the circumstance and suggestion, of social influences. Removing within self, the affect of self defensive reaction. To the opinions and suggestions of environmental influences. Remember here, that healing is the objective. We recognize that the sacred and divine intention of demonstrating unconditional love, and the genuine desire for friendship, even with those who resent. Can only bring about healing. We understand that moderation in association with immaturity is essential to self control.

   The only relevant question is “How close?” When it comes to our associations in life. The only relevant question is “How closely can I confide in this individual?” Which is answered in the individuals demonstration of integrity. Consistency in the individuals word and actions. Trust and respect are earned over time. Not simply a demand. Caution in the pace, and degree, of allowing individuals in our life is essential to the psychological order, emotional stability and well being of self identity. The more a person is aloud to become a participant in our personal life. The more power, that person is provided over our life. Careful examination of that persons character is essential for maintaining healthy self identity, and self control. Only the most mature and trustworthy individuals, who are willing to admit and correct personal mistake. Are those who are able to provide the security of healthy, mature, intimate friendship, and the most confidential companionship. Because maturity is a personal choice, all other acquaintances are compassionately provided the demonstration of consistency, in healthy mature example.

   Obligations, between the individuals is no longer relevant in the intent of marriage. Except the equal intent of honor in principles, boundaries, and universal truths in confidence between companions. Holy matrimony is a life commitment of feminine power submitted to masculine authority. For a life long alliance of intimate trust for the sake of security within a world of superficial treachery. The realistic probability of this sacred institution of holy matrimony no longer exists in the practical world. Due to the notion, acceptance, normalisation and participation in feminist theory.

   The Honorable woman will submit her sexual power to the Sacred Warrior’s spiritual authority. Who’s children will develop into maturity, order, calm, peace, and pleasure. Not by any law, but by her own choice. Despite all irrational suggestions and influences, of those who are discontented, and challenge the intended design of Sacred and Divine Order in Natural Spiritual Conciseness. There is only one truth. That is God with us, the Father. God is truth, spiritual, consistent, sound, rational, stable, consciousness in civil order. By conceiving of universal truth. Where there is only the amusement of that which challenges truth. With superficial, inconsistent, irrational, unstable, disorder. No fault only fact. Either Sacred and Divine Order. Or else counterproductive chaotic disorder. Therefore, why participate with any who complain? They complain by reaction of there own choice to participate in disorder, and remain claiming victim. If there choice were in Sacred and Divine order. There would be nothing to complain of. They would be value rather than victim. No fault only fact. It is not the Sacred Warriors responsibility to accuse, place blame, or point out fault in any individual. But only to avoid participation with the behaviors of conflict. In Christ, there is no gender. Therefore gender is irrelevant and after the 6000 years, the sacred institution of marriage has passed. And God rested on the seventh day of all his works. And Sacred Warriors are sound rational masculine sons of “God with us” Knowing that the kingdom Heaven is found within. Which is Patriarchal order void of complex feminist disorder. Who chooses not to help man but compete.

   Sound companionship security under the Covenant of equal intention. Is the only sound moral order in confidential companionship. Under the condition of socially accepted participation with gender equality. God being the central source, within. It is understood that sound rational mind is the result of self confidence through the dignity and honor of recognising and accepting the result of feminism. It is only rational to conclude. That the first step is to recognize the problem. Beginning to avoid participation in the problem and to participate in the solution. By genuine prayer, self evaluation and self deprogramming and meditation. We abandon the pride that goes before the fall, of regrettable reaction. Ego means self, concern for how we view self. Sound ego is masculine self identity, self respect, self confidence, and self control. Which is not concerned with or manipulated by others. Pride is concern with how others view self. Therefore pride opens the possibility for manipulative control with those males who do not find value in sound mind. So pride goes before the fall of regrettable reaction. The humble desire of seeking sound correction, is the divine intention of right-choice-ness. Where that maturity results in sound masculine self identity, self respect, self confidence, and self control. Disciplined emotions in the intent to avoid regrettable reaction.

   Only strong, confident, and mature women, respect, and appreciate, the character, and intent, of the Sacred Warrior. Without intimidation or insecurity. But willingness to pledge agreement upon foundational understanding of equal intention. For the mutual confidence necessary in healthy companionship security. Which is the intended character in the nature of feminine, that the Sacred Warrior intends to attract. What woman would reject the unconditional love of a Sacred Warrior’s understanding of compassionate consideration for feminine need. The Sacred Warrior only allows a strong confident mature woman into his life under the security of the covenant of equal intention.

   Rejecting agreement upon the intention of mutually considerate and beneficial foundational understanding, for the confidential discretion of companionship security, without lawful obligation. Is the rejection of mature companionship security. Which covenant of equal intention, is better yet pledged in the ceremonial witness of friends and family.

   The Sacred Warrior Circle, is the core of the Sacred Warrior’s strength in brotherhood. It is the foundation of deprogramming, For any particular dependency. We feel it best to approach each dependency individually. One at a time. Beginning with the more harmful. But more to the point The Sacred Warrior Circle is a spiritual recovery practice. In recognition of the necessity for men to deprogram right brain suggestive persuasion of mediate sensual gratification without consideration for outcome. Putting the goats on the Sacred Warrior’s left hand where RIGHT BRAIN may observe without participation and the sheep on his right hand where the LEFT BRAIN Sacred Warrior is the only participant. Where The avenue of recovering our intended design. It’s a way of life. We focus on the solution of avoiding the problem. If there are harmful dependencies upon specific environmental sources of gratification, “Addictions”. We suggest, Abstinence from the dependence and patience, and a journey along this road.

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With consideration that contempt prior to investigation is irrational! And that the act of ad Hominem forfeits any reasonable debate.

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