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The Life!


Recognizing the intended design of the Sacred Warrior’s confidence

in Creator, Masculine Father, God with us. By the value of continual

prayer, meditation, and self-evaluation.

   We sought through prayer, personal evaluation, and meditation. To mature by intimate trust and confidence in God with us, Creator Father, as intended for personal understanding, praying for clarity of self-identity and the wisdom to deprogram our false perceptions, while humbly asking Him for guidance in healthy self-correction. By this, we may filter out what is false. Becoming clearer to the truth that remains. No longer fearful of the woman punishing us, for her respect of God with us. God being the central source, within. It is only rational to conclude. That rational isolation from, and avoiding participation with, social persuasion. That trigger regrettable emotional reaction. Is the first step in prayer and meditation. We begin to avoid participation in manipulative behaviors, addictions, and obsessive dependencies. By the understanding. That this participation was directly resulting from the abuse of toxic feminist power.

If Man and Woman are equal. Then let the Sacred Warrior insists upon true equality. Completely without the illusion of submission to trust in rational authority. By the roar of her voice. She is no longer special, by her demand for equality. She is no longer to be rationally depended upon, by her demand for independence. She is liberated from obligation and she will choose privacy over intimacy. Where companionship requires intimate confidence, there is competitive competition. All that’s left of the fundamental intent of Marriage is Illusion. How can there be a signature of an agreement by human law? If there is Sacred and Divine Trust within the companionship. Or how can there be trust if there is a need for a lawful contract?. Matthew 22:30 In the resurrection “in Christ” There is no Marriage. Nor are there any given in Marriage. But rather, they will be gender irrelevant. We are now resurrecting from the depth of our soul’s captivity of responsibility to her or for her. “Control” Because a day is the same as a thousand years, and a thousand years is the same as a day with God. We are entering the seventh day. In Sacred and Divine rest of this human conflict. From all his works. Evolved man is created. Christ conscious. Free of mind manipulation, and the (deception hid in complexity). “Subtil” By the false notion of equality removing the necessary order. It is done.

No longer responsible for or to the woman. She is now supposed, equal. Free to come and go with the slightest dissatisfaction, and discontentment. The idea of expecting a life long relationship has now become a self-sabotaging, self-defeating, and immoral improbability. But a healthy relationship is achieved by self-emotional and psychological health. As well as the refusal to participate in anything less in the other person. The monogamous romantic relationship is increasingly rarer but was much better for its time. But the primary beneficiary “woman” chooses to decline the very foundation. That is far more psychologically, emotionally, and physically stable, and healthy. But if this is not the case, or there is harmful and oppressive neglect or pressure for distraction. It is only rational, and mature, with the, evolved persons clarify the need for confidential attention and security outside the primary companionship. To consistently maintain Responsibility, Respectability, Reliability and Reasonability. With Truth and Trust in his or her companion.  With equality and mutual consent. Remember, Cheating implies breaking rules in a game. {Competition} Betraying necessary trust. Which requires two participants. The only way to remain ahead of the game is to avoid participation. To accept a game “competition” without a clear outline of rules is absurd. The former order of feminine carnal power submission to masculine authority. Is increasingly undermined by feminist participation. Leaving no principles or boundaries, rules of the game. Here is where The sacred Warrior maintains the sound mind in honor and dignity, by providing a covenant of equal intention.

Jealously is only the emotional reaction of insecurity of lacking control. The fear of the escape of possession. Which, is only an illusion in the first place. After all, isn’t it better to know the facts? Rather than denial, or suspicion, or fear? Isn’t it better to appreciate each other enough, to give your partner the opportunity to agree or disagree on something that could affect your companionship? Isn’t sharing each other’s joys. As much a part of Love, as sharing each other’s dissatisfactions? Isn’t TRUST the most important Quality in companionship? ( confidence ) Is the essence of companionship. The Irrationally Independent, Victimized, Controlling, personality. Will foolishly allow “learned behavior” to deceive and create suspicion. Jeopardize the companionship by betraying the necessary confidence. With this in mind, polygamy is not only rational, reasonable and human, if marriage were still relevant. For there are seven honorable women prepared to submit to the authority of each Sacred Warrior. If only one of the six is accepted by the man. There are five left without the balance of the Masculine Rational Spiritual state of mind. Who will become the irrationally independent SO SAD, Victims? She has proclaimed her liberation, independence, and equality, to man. Let her also determine her own cores of action. Concerning these things.

Clarity comes from within. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you! Here is The Happy Hunting Grounds. The Rational system of principle, boundary, and universal truth, of Sacred and Divine Order, in natural spiritual consciousness. Greater is the spirit within the center. Then those suggestive influences of your environment. Ego is “self-identity, self-direction” But Prides concern for what others think will go before the fall. Because the concern for what others think provides manipulation by what others think. Pride leads to darkness confusion and lost. Even the good intentional gossip and rumoring. Never accomplishes sound results. Be still and know that God is in control. By this only will you see the circumstance remedy itself. Also, look not here nor there for the Kingdom of God. “Rational system of principle, boundary, and universal truth, of Sacred and Divine Order.” For the Kingdom of God is within you. “Refuse to Participate, ISOLATE” Only you are able to correct any and all difficulties in your life. Only the couple who has come to a disagreement. Can resolve the disagreement. A third party will only complicate the simplicity of facts. By Choice. The task of correcting any difficulty within the self. Will seem to appear greater than the difficulty. But rather than focusing on the mounting of total contents of the solution. Simply realize that the solution its self is the Choice to move in the direction of the solution. Rather than continuing in the problem. There is no reason to blame or complain, to self or anyone else.

The Independent SO SAD VICTIM SYMPATHY CONTROL personality is influenced and supported be environmental suggestive conditioning. “learned behaviors” First of all. It is human nature to want to rescue the VICTIM. Supporting and magnifying the activity. A common scenario is. The victims emotional over dramatization of her side of the picture. “Negative suggestion.” Which is taken in by the rescue, “victimized masculine ego” as being factual. Who’s reaction to the information? Is a return of “Negative Suggestion.” Rather than the “Positive Suggestions” of trust and faith, by the mind of stability and order. In supporting and building the victims confidence in making their own choices. The usual response is, “Call the authority’s,” or “get someone else involved.” or “You deserve better.” Negatively making choices for them. The scenario snowballs. We can count on the fact that those who participant in harmful roomers. Are vicious, deceitful, and tormented people.

Masculine, self-centered, self-identified, ego. Has been the Sacred and Divine Objective here. By reason of apparent result, of trust in submission to women’s liberation, independence, and equality. By self-confidence, the Sacred Warrior remains centered in the order of his soul. By reason of apparent result, of trust in submission to rational principle, boundary, and universal truth. Of Sacred and Divine Order, in Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Simple, Natural Spiritual Order, is restored to the soul by vigilant regard for the center. Which, is the spirit, source of life. The light at the end of the tunnel of the soul. The Sacred Warrior need only reason with evidence in order to restore self-confidence and authority, by example. That the natural desirable state of womanhood. Would desire to take hold of him, and please him.

Every young man should be educated to the dignity, and divine authority of masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. As well as the respect of natural feminine sexual power, and the blessing of feminine support. Before coming of age in ceremonial recognition. Achieving self-actualization, Rational Consistency, and Spiritual Enlightenment brings to awareness. The understanding, that we may concern ourselves with our environment, on the least level possible. NORMAL, Popular opinions, current social direction, the majority, and mainstream idea, attitude, belief flow or to the governing systems of men. That are in fact, contrary to divine order, justice, freedom, and the consistent peace of sound rational mind. We may concern ourselves with our environment, on the least level possible. Without compromise to the divine order of principle, boundary, and universal truth. Compassionately and tactfully abstain from participation with the consumed, emotionally reactive, and irrational. That we may concern ourselves with the self-confidence, of consistency in rational mind. Achieving self-actualization, Rational Consistency, and Spiritual Enlightenment. Understanding that the intended design of significant companionship is the assured state of “You and me against the world, so that the world may not come between us.” “Confidence” An alliance of mutual security in self-identity over social persuasion. As accepting each others equality, without harmful neglect or pressure in mutual trust and respect in personal equal responsibility.

Always holding out hope for mature responsible correction. With the willingness always to forgive. Let there be no hierarchy of political authority. But Authority is determined by the evidence demonstrated in humble trustworthy character. Understanding that true divine authority is determined by the evidence of trusted command. Without the suspicion of demand. That the least in understanding may have direct access to the highest in understanding, And that the highest in understanding may have direct access to the least in understanding. That Authority may remain the example of service without compensation, status or piety. Those who would imply, suggest, or demonstrate any notion of hierarchy in authority, are among the least in understanding. Let no position of Patriarchal Authority be occupied or held by any woman, or any man of sensual or right brained matriarchal inclination, or superficial inclination, or men of monitory wealth. For such are of the intention of earthy and carnal and superficial materialistic progress. But rather, let the positions of Patriarchal Authority be maintained by, men, of masculine and patriarchal inclination, or Sacred, Divine, and spiritual inclination, or men of wealth in character and left brained right-choice-ness for all concerned. For such are of the intention of Godly consistency and eternal patriarchal maturity.

This is the Rites of passage into masculine maturity: The simplistic reasoning of masculine self-deprogramming of an irrational suggestive disorder. By the choice in Sacred and Divine trust. This is the founders experienced observation of clarifying the problem, identifying the solution and offering examples of the results of those men who are of like mind. Caught up in patterns of behavioral disorder. By manipulative right brained social influences. We must first come to the understanding. That we have no real control of our lives. But for the Sacred and Divine choice of trust in rational intent and designed purpose. Of Value over Victim. The son of man! Patriarchal Authority. Or Trust in Masculine consistent rational reasoning. The naturally desirable state of womanhood, the average woman and the general vast majority of women. Who are caught up in the notion of liberation and independence? Obviously and evidently loose all that is needed and desired by the fundamental nature of womanhood. By the demand for women’s liberation and independence. Yet it is the naturally desirable state of womanhood. That benefit from The Sacred Warrior Society of Brave men and Brothers Keepers. The naturally desirable state of womanhood, the average woman and the general vast majority of women. Find it quite naturally, desirable, pleasurable, safe and secure. To submit to the masculine rational and consistent value and authority of the Sacred Warrior. Over the obviously inconsistent, instability and irrational disorder, of environmentally influenced victimized men. Who remains little more than a manipulated puppet and a captive plaything? By the arrogant, seductive, Psycho-emotional manipulation, of PASSIVE – AGGRESSIVE, VICTIM SYMPATHY CONTROL. Of the WITCH that PROVOKES, and is SO SAD. Whose, vindictive treachery is revealed to the Sacred Warrior. While the naturally desirable state of womanhood offers the same need and desire to please. As the liberated and independent women offer. Except for the added misery of dependency, addiction, and patterns of behavioral disorder. That is inevitable with independent equality of opposite gender. Where equal can only remain separate.

The intended design of our opposite genders in companionship. Is by subordinate trust in Sacred and Divine authority. The Sacred Warrior is looking up in trust of Sacred and Divine. Not obligated to concern for her. By her roaring demand for freedom and quality. Whether she is naturally desiring the Sacred Warrior or demanding independence in the earth. That choice is now her concern and responsibility. The Sacred Warrior is no longer held captive, by the illusion of obligation to her or for her. By the natural circumstances that have occurred from the encompassing mainstream feminine influences of woman’s liberation. Thank The Creator for your freedom. More and more men are wising up. Unfortunately, because the trust in tradition has been replaced by new ideas. Our young men aren’t being taught the important of masculine values. By the rights of coming of age. They are having to disrupt the better part of their lives. With experiencing these lessons on their own. Rather than applying this time and energy to more productive value. But in general, the wiser reasoning of the masculine mind is catching the inconsistencies of feminine influences in our culture. Leaving to the growing illusion of irrational Independence, control, and attention. With the irrational independent SO SAD, Victim condition in a woman. Who, are clearly hurting themselves with their insanity?

Woman have won the battle for liberation, independence and equality, but lost the war for peace and pleasure in life. Because it is the woman who needs emotional security with a man. Far more than men. Besides the confidence needed in true trustworthy companionship, that sound men achieve with other sound men. Men need only sex. That’s not difficult to achieve. Because men are wising up. They are becoming less and less likely to put much effort in the growing number of independent women. Who, are clearly showing signs of controlling behaviors. Which begin as mixed messages. If participation continues to feed the behavior. This will catch the heart and mind, and go into blatant deception, manipulation, and control mind games. Ending up in misery and hatred. Men are wising up to this. Before continuing to participate. Refusing more and more, to put much effort into these women. Maintaining what they need, and refusing to be controlled. Leaving these women wondering why they are being abused. Not knowing that they are abusing themselves. By their illusion of independence, manipulation, and control. Only the wiser women will see that their own illusion of control and manipulation. Is what is destroying them. Only the wiser women will see that the only way to achieve their need for emotional security, and happiness in a healthy companionship. Can only be achieved by their surrender to their own self-truth. Letting go of the illusions of psychological deception, emotional manipulation, and sexual control. Reward and punishment game. Only the wiser women will see that their need for emotional security and happiness can be achieved by surrender to their need for dependence upon the Masculine Rational Spiritual state of man. Those who continue to attempt to control will continue to suffer. Those who surrender to their designed need for emotional security. Will win and find happiness.

Lawful Marriage? The Sacred Warrior, is above the disorder, of such a foolish notion of this legal contract! Calm and confident, in clear conscience, and rational moral value. Knowing full well that such a lawfully binding agreement. Has a very little effect on ensuring the security of companionship. That such foolish notion of romantic illusion. Only serve to entrap and cause misery by control of the lawful authority. The fundamental institution of marriage no longer exists in reality of women’s liberation and independence. She has always the voice of the majority, demanding her liberation and independence. Therefore, there is only the social Spiritual blessing of Companionship. In her submitting trust in his rational authority. In the Sacred Warrior’s understanding, that the very level that she chooses to participate in the privacy and equality of feminine liberation and independence. Is the same level that she also chooses to decline masculine obligation of responsibility to her or for her. Because of the Sacred Warrior, has always the voice of Sacred and Divine Order, of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Commanding his liberation and independence, of sound rational mind. In self-confidence and self-respect.

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