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The Life!


Recognizing the intended design of the Sacred Warrior’s confidence

in Creator, Masculine Father, God with us. By the value of continual

prayer, meditation, and self-evaluation.

   We sought through prayer, personal evaluation, and meditation. To mature by intimate trust and confidence in God with us, Creator Father, as intended for personal understanding, praying for clarity of self identity and the wisdom to deprogram our false perceptions, while humbly asking Him for guidance in healthy self correction. By this, we may filter out what is false. Becoming clearer to the truth that remains. No longer fearful of woman punishing us, for her respect of God with us. God being the central source, within. It is only rational to conclude. That rational isolation from, and avoiding participation with, social persuasion. That trigger regrettable emotional reaction. Is the first step in prayer and meditation. We begin to avoid participation in manipulative behaviors, addictions and obsessive dependencies. By the understanding. That this participation was directly resulting from the abuse of toxic feminist power.

AVOIDING PARTICIPATION with the problem. Can only open the soul to restoration by the solution. Participation with patterns of behavioral disorder. Tend to influence the natural mind to react with the disorder. Especially if the behavior is already nurtured or socially familiar and comfortable to the soul. Yet having previously overcome similar patterns. Avoiding participation with an individual simply implies the self-awareness of the Sacred Warrior.

To understand the boundaries, and limitations needed. In order to maintain calm confident rational order in the natural mind. Avoiding participation, does not imply any notion of inequality, or that one is better than an other. Though it does demonstrate the example of natural, spiritual, maturity. By maintaining the emotional stability, and rational consistency of self control. Avoiding participation with those who are counterproductive to personal stability and order. Is the only mature, sound, and rational, choice. When faced with immature, irrational, and unstable, patterns of behavioral disorder. Avoiding participation also implies no verbal participation. Gossip, accusation, or blame concerning any individual. Is not only the act of participation with the individually. It is in it’s self, a pattern of behavioral disorder. Therefore if an individual is to be avoided of participation. That act of avoiding participation. Also incorporates the act of tactful, compassionate, confident calm and quiet. Concerning the act of avoiding participation. A “general” statement of principles and boundaries are all that’s needed. Negative communication concerning the need to avoid participation will only serve to cause increased instability, and disorder.

Avoiding participation with patterns of behavioral disorder. Is not necessarily avoiding an individual all together. In fact, more often than not. The individual may be matured, of greater value, than the minimal disorder that possesses them. Only the instability, or disorder need be avoided of participation. Avoiding participation with immature individuals, or those immature aspects of individuals, is only sound rational common sense. Often we believe we must participate with people because others participate with these individual. The natural human need to belong, and fit in socially. Will tend to draw attention to the natural mind. In order to remain comfortable in our environment. Going with the flow of this tendency will cause one to become caught up in misery. But the calm, and quiet self confidence of self respect. Will allow the wise, and matured to remain patient, observant, and self aware.

The contrary medicine hoop. The white outer circle with the cross connections accompanied by a dark background. Sioux Thunder voice. The center, being the center of attention, or the center of controversy. Drawling attention from the four directions. Of those who are sympathetic to the attention and controversy at the center. Incorporating all who participate. Caught up and held captive in the attention, controversy, drama and misery. But the wise and matured, Sacred Warrior, maintaining the stable order of observation from the outer circle of calm, quiet, confident, respect. Such Thunder Medicine Warriors will provoke reaction by demonstrating outrageous actions. In order to read those reactions in others. In which public accountability will also cause social self-evaluation.  Avoiding participation is only setting a rational example for others to determine the respect the Sacred Warrior requires. Teaching others how you expect to be treated. Being an example of your boundaries. Every one learns by experience. We don’t need to make the statement, “Here is the line, don’t cross it.” Only refuse to participate any further when the line is crosses. They will learn by experience to respect that line rather quickly. As well as develop respect for your stability, and confidence, in your boundaries. The only way to remain ahead of the toxic feminist competitive game, is to avoid participation.

RATIONAL ISOLATION, vs. Irrational Isolation. Avoiding participation with an individual or individuals of any social structure. Who are caught up in the problem. May call for the necessity of Rational Isolation. When your environment isn’t respecting your boundaries. Causing a psycho-emotional conflict within. Depression may be reason for Rational Isolation. If environmentally influenced suggestion are causing emotional instability, or psychological disorder. Environmentally influenced, Psycho-emotional misery. Is Rational reason for Isolation. Inconsistencies in information “double standards” will cause the most traumatic conflicts with the natural minds need for rational consistency. Deeply instilled beliefs, that are conflicting with environmental influenced suggestion. Is Rational reason for Isolation. The man who is seeking Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. May find it necessary, and Rational to Isolate him self from conflicting suggestive influences. In order to deprogram those deeply instilled beliefs. That are conflicting with the rational consistency of Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Rational order and emotional stability can only be established. By the personal confidence in one’s own God-given natural mind. In rational isolation from environmental instability and disorder. Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness is only realized with in self. Manipulation, dependency, captivity, addiction, irrational instability, patterns of behavioral disorder, insanity and misery, come from environmental influences.

Observe the medicine hoop of order and stability. (synchronicity) The circle with the cross connections, being the human soul, in four parts. The mind, Emotion, Instinct, and will. Without environmental influences. The soul naturally maintains it’s own psychological order and emotional stability. All are equally proportionate. Only the trust in environmental suggestion, will cause any portion of that soul to fluctuate. Causing the total of the soul to become unstable and in disorder. Trust in any environmentally suggested beliefs. That conflict with Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. The soul’s intended design. Will naturally trigger instability and disorder within the soul. Rational Isolation from all conflicting environmental suggestion and influences. Is the fundamental choice and action of the Sacred Warrior’s path in self deprogramming. Of the patterns of behavioral disorder, instability, and misery. The depressed individual who isolates in an irrational manor. Such as closing them self up in a room with blinds pulled and phone off the hook. Is basically attempting the same results subconsciously. Actually, psycho-emotionally, attempting to re-enter the womb in safety and security. This depth of depression will escalate into the lack of desire to function on the conscious level. Bathing, grooming, eating, or even moving about, becomes a great task. All energy and time is focused on consciously, and subconsciously sorting out the conflicting information within the soul. If there is no solution available to the value of that soul. That soul will continue the downward spiral and die. Irrational, Insane. The solution is the value of that soul. The choice of being value over victim. Value in this life, over victim of this life. The Sacred Warrior, being a Valuable example of the evidence of Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Over the Irrational natural mind of he who is victimized by environmental influenced patterns of behavioral disorder.

The level that she chooses. Seduction is woman’s choice, conception is woman’s choice, abortion is woman’s choice and separation is woman’s choice. The Sacred Warrior recognizes these facts and realizes his answer to the only relevant question. “How close?” Determined by the level of trust that is earned. In order to approve or decline participation with any woman, based on her demonstration. Therefore the level that she chooses to participate in the “privacy” and equality of feminine liberation and independence. Is the same level that she also chooses to decline masculine obligation of responsibility to her or for her.

There is no real actual obligation of responsibility to any woman for any reason. There is no real actual obligation of responsibility for any woman for any reason. By reason of the real and actual privacy and equality of feminine liberation and independence. There is only the consideration of that degree of her loyalty and confidentiality to companionship. Denial of this fact is the window of opportunity for misery and psycho-emotional tormented misery. The Sacred Warrior is self confident in kind understanding of her choices. Knowing that he is not responsible for her choices. But for his own choice to maintain consistent in what is right. “Right-choice-ness” Whether what is right is acceptable to her or not. We must rationally take into consideration. That the Jewish-Christian concept of feminine submission to the authority of her husband in today’s society. Is a recipe for her being ostracized and isolated from the general mainstream popular majority. This is not to say that she would be better off in such a circumstance. Rational Isolation is after all a primary principle of the Sacred Warrior Society. Yet to expect this submission in the feminine would be improbable, even irrational. Under the circumstance of socially accepted and encouraged feminism. Therefore we must take into consideration the level that she chooses to participate in the notion of equality. Because equals of opposite gender can not become dependent upon obligation, without conflict, by competition over companion. What does one equal have to offer equal? What does equal expect to receive from equal that isn’t provided with any trusted loving friend?  Except for the gratification of mutual sexual dependency. Which can only remain stable, provided the principles of equal intention are observer equally by the two. (see covenant of equal intention) The example and evidence of the more liberated and independent woman. Will insist on her equality, of liberation, independence and privacy. Let this be the level in which you insist on your own personal liberty and independent privacy. Concerning the principles, boundaries, and universal truth of the Sacred and Divine Order in Natural Spiritual Consciousness. That is given in the Sacred Warrior Society of Brave Men and Brothers Keepers. Other wise, naive and irrational expectations of trust will betray your sanity.

Trust and respect are qualities that can only be earned. So the level that she chooses to participate in the privacy and equality of feminine liberation and independence. Is the same level that she also chooses to decline the security of masculine obligation of responsibility to her or for her. A word to the wise. In spiritual view, There remains the opposites of the Sacred and Divine Creative living spirit of independent value. Which is in direct contrast to, and the opposite of the evil, and demonic destructive activity. Of captivity and victimization. Within the Sacred and Divine there are no opposites of reproductive gender. But perfect equality. Among the mundane, carnal, superficial experiences. Where both Divine and carnal remain. There is no true equality with gender, except in opposites. Therefore it is vital to understand. That the notion of two gender equals have nothing of value to offer each other. Only the chaos and disorder of push and pull, pleasure and pain, torment and reward. Competition over companionship. (Guessing games and blame games) Companionship can only maintain pleasant stability in the Sacred and Divine Order of Natural, Spiritual, Consciousness. By the submission and dependency of one to the example of authority in the other. Between opposites of gender will always emerge an authority. Either by possessive demand, or by demonstrating example of command. Either by the powers of baffling, manipulative cunning, or by the authority of Sacred and Divine Order in truth and justice.

The Sacred Warrior’s attention is focuses on calm, peace, and pleasure in this experience. Fully aware that there are those who choose otherwise. No mater how much he would have calm peace and pleasure for any individual whom he may be concerned for. He knows full well that every individual chooses for them self. The Sacred Warrior knows, that he has only to concern him self with Sacred and Divine Order. And by that alone, will attract every thing that he needs. As well as discourage those individuals who desire chaos, torment, and misery, and despise the calm, peaceful, pleasure, of those who trust Sacred and Divine.

Practice the next right choice, in concern for all. “Right – choice – ness” By the availability of Sacred and Divine Order. Simply stated, Avoid participation with, and rationally Isolate from. The great raging river of Humans addictive dependency to immediate gratification without consideration for outcome, resulting in increasing patterns of behavioral disorder. By individual choice is one able to step out of the swift current and flow. Only he who insists upon being in the right moral position. Is able to remove him self from the main stream majority. Which is the participation of human victimization, by subtle escalating trust in liberation and independence. From Sacred and Divine Order. Only the individual receives payment, for his own choice. But the intended design which is, and has been available. Is clouded out of view. By the activity of demonic, psycho-emotional possession. Influencing suggestion, manipulation, captivity and control. Of the natural human reasoning mind.

Maturing in the highest quality of masculine direction, integrity, honor, and dignity. By increasingly recognizing that mistake is simply, a choice based on trust of incorrect information. Empowered by the divine intention of right-choice-ness, we mature in self identity, self respect, self confidence, and the liberation of self control from feminist captivity. While providing the civility, and consideration needed for companionship security. With the Responsibility, Respectability, Reliability, and Reason ability, that makes this possible. The dignity of man is lost in defending the false honor of the equal woman.

Once we have realized self-actualization, enlightened to self truth and the illusions of carnal and social deceptions. We have evolve into a Higher plain of Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, self-actualisation, and Enlightenment. Life has become simple, Burdens lifted. We see with a profound clarity, how self truth has liberated us. We now know those transparent toxic suggestive persuasions and simply avoid participation in the peaceful tranquility of rational isolation. We know the intended design of sound rational masculine judgment and order.

We deeply understand the Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. The masculine sound direction has become elementary, knowing the value of sound direction in masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence and self-control. We are grateful for the experiences of the past, regardless of our history of regrettable reactions. We experience a peace that surpasses understanding.

The consciousness of the principles of God inspired truth within become overwhelming. We naturally guide others by the wisdom of demonstrating our experience. That sense of uselessness or self-pity has been replaced by usefulness, self confidence and self respect. Selfishness and self-seeking has been replaced by unconditional love and the desire to share without reward. We are will awakened to a new outlook and meaning of life and self. Old attitudes, old beliefs, old ideas, and influences have vanish. We are changed in such a profound way that others who are sensitive will want what we have. Fear of people as well as material insecurity has become a thing of the past and viewed as a foolish illusion.

Intuition by self truth guides us along the way, and the mischief of deceit has become transparent. We clearly see the non-coincidence of divine order. We realize that God is with us, doing for us and protecting us. By awakening to spirit within, as a result of SACRED MEDICINE. (Universal truth) We experience clarity, Which gives us the ability to see through the illusions of social suggestion and manipulative persuasion. In this we see to forgive all others. By the understanding that they too have been influenced by and have been a product of social suggestive persuasion. With this we carry SACRED MEDICINE to others who will consider apply and benefit, and practice these principles daily without effort. We become evidence of happiness joy and freedom, by application of self truth we teach by example. We become The 4-R Abilities, Responsibility, Respectability, Reliability, and Reason-ability. To self and our environment.

These are age old results by spiritual principles. Still working for us today. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But always to the degree that we are willing to work for them.

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