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The Truth!


Recognizing the intended design of masculine value, by the

willingness to correct those personal liabilities of our past mistaken

regrettable reactions. We became willing to correct our past

mistakes, by first listing those we had harmed. Taking proper actions

by making direct and proper corrections when possible, in such a

way that would create no further harm.

   The greatest amends is made by choosing to avoid further participation with, and rational isolation from, reaction to the negative influences of Social persuasion. While maintaining the example of compassion and understanding.

The very best amends. The very best way to admit personal mistaken regrettable reaction and correction. Is to recognize and avoid further participation in the baseless persuasive influences that cause a regrettable mistaken reaction. It is only rational to avoid participation with individuals who participate in the problem. “RATIONAL ISOLATION” Any participation with those who act on the problem. Only demonstrates approval of that behavior. Demonstrating approval encourages the behavior. Thus Guilt by association. It is better for all concerned to avoid participation. The Removing any likelihood of being enticed into the behavior. Demonstrating for others the intent on the solution. As well as demonstrating to the individual the need to evaluate self.

There may be past mistakes we cannot fully correct. The question should be, “Would we if we could?” In this is the conscience cleared. Some we may never see, Could we send them an honest letter? We do not delay, without good reason. We should be sensible, tactful, considerate and humble without being servile or scraping. We are God’s people, we stand on our feet, We do not crawl before anyone.

Blame no individual, While observing common general patterns of behavioral disorder. The irrational activity of the natural mind. Is a reaction of the right brain, psycho-emotional instability. Which is responsible for patterns of behavioral disorder. Which causes the lack of self-confidence and self-respect in the individual who accuses and blames. The Sacred Warrior is keenly aware of the general cause. Sharing only the common general observation of patterns of behavioral disorder. Without any disorder of accusation, blame, or labeling, of the individual. Simply avoid participation with disorder and instability, without pointing the finger of blame, fault, or accusation. Again, It is not the Sacred Warriors responsibility to accuse, place blame, or point out fault. But only to avoid participation with the initiator of conflict. Without a word. Whether Christ is right in his view of women being the lesser sex. Or if women are right in her roar for equality. The Sacred Warrior avoids participation with the conflicts of her mixed messages. As well, the Sacred Warrior avoids participation with the initiator of conflict. For it is equal evil to point at evil without a just solution. As it is to participate in evil. The Sacred warrior neither points nor does he participate in evil. Let there be no Sacred Warrior point out an evil without the clear solution. But rather be the example of avoiding participation with evil. Even if that means Rational Isolation, from all the world.

“Gender?” – There is no fault, there are only the facts. No gender can be blamed or accused of being true to natural design. This is about recognizing the facts concerning the duality of gender. About being responsible to one’s own gender. Without one pointing the finger of blame to the other. More precisely, this is about the masculine responsibility of accepting and understanding the feminine. With masculine boundaries of avoiding participation with feminine influences that are contrary and harmful to masculine sound rational consistency. This is about disregarding the common feminine suggestions, that men should be more like the feminine. That man is incorrect. This is about the understanding that man’s disorders occur. By placing value and trust in feminine suggestion, without question. Clearly the greater the feminine influence on the masculine, the greater the disorder with the masculine. Which then allows greater feminine influence and greater masculine disorder. When men place trust in the suggestions of women. Jeremiah 31:22 Masculine self-confidence and self-respect, is lost to egotism, pride and shame. Where all value is in the superficial. Losing all sight of intended design in Sacred and Divine Order. Then man becomes useless to the woman, having no value. Except for reproductive pleasure. She will prosper in the superficial. For this is her natural design. She will become selfish and treacherous toward men. When men place trust in the Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Masculine self-confidence and self-respect are restored. Where all value is in sound rational consistency, of truth trust and unconditional love. This is the example of the Sacred Warrior. Where the deeper nature of womanhood can not resist. But to happily, and honorably submit her sexual power to the authority of masculine rational order. Resulting in the centered and balanced civility of civil order and civilization. The man is complete with out woman. Yet he sees no reason to deny her value. The woman is incomplete without the man. Yet the toxic feminist seeks a reason to deny his value. Let her roar out loud, as often as she will. “I need no man!” Evidence of fact will always emerge. But the man knows with out saying. That he needs no woman. Yet he sees no reason to deny her value. Evidence of fact will always emerge.

The notion of woman’s liberation, independence, and equality. Has all but destroyed the fabric of ancient cultures, traditions around the world in a flash. The fabric of the human race is fast becoming irrational and chaotic. Without tradition and culture to hold on to. Family, community, and nations are fast approaching total chaos. Because man has placed his trust, and value in the feminine voice. That is challenging the Sacred and Divine Order, of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Let the Matriarchs, and the men who submit, win all the superficial world and devour it. As it is before your very eyes, here and now. But let the Sacred Warrior and women who submit, Remain rational and isolate. Avoiding participation with the irrational and self-destructive. If humanity were to continue the present course into self-destruct with out Sacred and Divine intervention. So be it! Trust Sacred and Divine intention. Or if there be Sacred and Divine intervention to correct the problem. That Sacred and Divine intervention will occur through those who’s trust is placed in Sacred and Divine Order, of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Who Self Confidence, and Self Respect, can only be of the highest merit. Despite all odds, for the love of creation. Standing firm in the intended design. Sacred Warrior, trusting and submitting to the authority of intended design. Of the masculine rational consistency of Sacred and Divine Order of intended human civilization. Honorable women trusting and submitting to the authority of intended design of masculine rational authority of the Sacred Warrior. Children trusting and submitting to the authority of intended design of Sacred and Divine Order, in masculine, feminine, Natural, Spiritual, development and maturity. There is no fault only facts. If there is a gender lacking in responsibility. Let every man know that it is his own responsibility to remain masculine, rational, and consistent. That the masculine mind, can not remain sound. If dependent upon the suggestions of the toxic feminist. The worship and submission to a woman. Is the insanity and destruction of human civilization. For in this, she will worship and obey the child. Leading humanity Into disorder, chaos, and destruction. But he who worships, and remains consistent with the Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. The Order of Consciousness of God’s intended design. He, “The Sacred Warrior” will obtain authority. By the example of self Confidence and self-respect. As well as evidence of sound rational consistency, truth, trust, compassion, and unconditional love.

Equals of opposite genders can not maintain the trust that is necessary and essential for the benefit of stable and pleasurable companionship. Irrational disorder, chaos, and misery can only occur in that attempt. The only stable and consistent benefit of mature mutual consent. Of sexual gratification between equals. Can only be maintained by the understanding of each separately, independent of the opposite equal. Without the notion of trust in the obligation of companionship. Relationships occur when people relate to each other on an increasingly intimate level. Intimate, meaning “nothing hidden” Which may occur with shallow levels of trust. Even enemies may have a shallow level of relationship. But Companionship only occurs at the deepest levels of trust. Which incorporates the example of masculine authority, of unconditional love, for feminine carnal power. Understand that this isn’t about blame accusation or fault. But about finding fact. The fact that there is no fault, only fact. This is not about man’s superiority over women. But the only way man can truly love and respect her. By the responsibility to his own self-respect and self-confidence. By the power and authority of Sacred and Divine Order in Natural Spiritual Consciousness. As well as the victimization of the male ego that places feminine over masculine. No women can be blamed for acting on her natural feminine instincts instinctive desire. But the man who places trust in natural feminine instincts. Has no reason to complain of his own lack of responsibility to sound rational masculine consistency. The ego that is victimized, can only choose to accept his own responsible. Or continue to suffer torment and misery. The Sacred Warrior’s trust and attention are focused upon the Sacred and Divine. Where the feminine finds her need for honor, safety, and security, in his example. There is no shortage of instinctive feminine honor. The women who honor the Sacred Warrior who honors Sacred and Divine. But have no pity for the man who is without self-respect or confidence. Who’s, knees are weakened under her authority. His soul is tormented, and miserable, without knowledge of calm, peace and pleasure. Always compensating for the lack of confidence, or respect, or even his own identity or reason.

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