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The Truth!


Recognizing those regrettable reactions of our past mistakes,

by self-evaluation. Of personal liability or value to self,

to God and to humanity.

    We made an evaluation of our past actions, in search of self-identity. In order to deprogram the personal liability of regrettable reactive mistakes of baseless socially influenced toxic feminist suggestion. Admitting to ourselves, to another human being, and to God, those resulting mistakes of trusting baseless beliefs. For we know now that any incorrect actions of our past were not of our own making. But the regrettable reaction to socially accepted feminist suggestive influence.

   Humanity is absolutely dependent upon civilization. Civilization is the result of unified civil order within a culture. A unified civil order is the result of the need for civility in acquiring consistent availability in food shelter and sex. Which, is provided by various moral philosophies. All traditional moral philosophies are based on divine inspiration throughout humanity. With universal truths through all human civilization. Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness in universal truth. That all humanity shares. Sound Masculine-left brain, “cognitive” commands those on his right hand. While on the other hand, extreme Toxic Feminist-right brain, “affective” tends to demand.

Outer Darkness in contrast to Enlightenment. Literally being left in the dark. By the doubt in the actuality of enlightenment. Being the dead fish, going with the flow of the current of the mainstream activities of the dead. (dead? = soul in the captivity of social persuasion, without independent thought or reasoning) The world is not within the rational system of principle, boundary, and universal truth. It is contrary, and upside down, In comparison. Men submitting to woman’s possessive, control. By the sexual manipulation, of reward and punishment/pleasure and pain brainwashing mind control. Because men place rational value in feminine irrational exaggerated and deceptive suggestion. And because, if she gives him what he wants, she will have him where she wants him. Or else she will confound his mind with suspicion (keep him wondering, keep him guessing) threatening his need for consistent availability of her sensual gratification.

Focusing the attention on the accusation, blame, and fault of circumstances that happened to us. Has only served to divert attention from the source of the problem. Our reaction to the circumstances that happened to us, is where the problem lies. Mistakes are made, due to the choices that were determined by previous experiences. If those previous environmental influences are irrational. Mistakes are made by the reaction to irrational influences. Stemming from feminist theory. Resulting in right brain suggestive influences upon immediate gratification, without consideration for the outcome. Such irrational influences that are influenced early on. Tend to create patterns of behavioral disorder. Focusing the attention on blame and fault of the circumstances that caused the pattern of behavioral disorder. Only serve to cause the victimized ego. The poor me, blame game, syndrome. It is the activity of continuing reaction that must be rendered inactive. By focusing the attention upon, and listing personal mistakes. Rather than outward blame and accusation. Knowing now that any incorrect actions of our past were not of our own making. But the reaction to irrational influences of our environment. This evaluation is achieved by a list of four columns on as many sheets of paper as is needed. The first column lists those mistakes and resentments that are affecting your behavioral disorders and emotional instabilities. The second column lists those principles and boundaries that you can learn and set in place. The third column lists those virtues, “right-choice-ness” that you did correctly in that situation. And the fourth column lists those you have harmed out of that circumstance.

Better deal, Instinctive focus on the stronger male, of the species! Immature, uninvolved, women are naturally and instinctively looking for the better deal. Never satisfied. More is never enough. Never satisfied with any kind of security in a man. Such women aren’t looking for security in a man. As much as security in circumstances.

By understanding the WITCH, we can see how the notion of feminine independence, without gender separation, is utterly irrational. Her sexual chemistry needs the consistent rational psychological security of masculine attention. In order to maintain emotional stability. Whether maintained by submission to masculine authority. Which, can not be achieved with any stability, by random partners. Or by separately equal companionship. Which offers sufficient emotional security. Or by the rapidly escalating feminine activity of manipulative, possessive control over the victimized male ego. His sexual chemistry needs the temporary physical gratification of feminine attention. Which can be achieved with stability, by random partners. Even with a clear conscience. By the elimination of masculine obligation to her or for her. Which, is the result of the notion, and activity of her independence of masculine rational authority. The Choice to submit to her need for a man. Is now completely her responsibility, concern, and choice. The man is free of the chains of responsibility to her. Or for her. Now the notion of equality between genders. Can only maintain stability, and order, by separation of the genders. With respect to the obvious intended design of humanity? For the wise woman who Chooses to surrender her independence.

When sharing these mistakes with another individual. We are careful to consider only such an individual who’s character is trustworthy in such confidentiality. Clarifying the agreement, that this information is to be kept in the strictest of confidence. In the case that such confidence about your past mistakes should be intentionally broken by that individual. You would be correct with that person, personal conscience, and to God, and all concerned. By the simple statement that “this person is not an honest or trustworthy individual.

By this process, we begin to understand that the power of substance addictions is not so much in the substance its self. Which, is the symptom of addiction occurring by excessive abuse. Resulting in roughly 10% of the addictive power. But that the psychological and emotional disorders resulting from baseless social beliefs. Exercises more like 90 % of the addictive power over the individuals who suffer. Self-deprogramming those baseless beliefs, and ego victimizing labels, that inhibit maturity in self-identity. Will alleviate the increasing obsession with immediate gratification without consideration for the outcome. “Addiction to self-medication for lowering inhibitions! or the insecure obsession to exercise manipulative control over another human soul. “Co-dependent, control based behaviors!”

Above all, “What can be learned from these mistakes?” In search of a self-identity. In order to deprogram reaction to baseless social suggestive influence. Admitting to ourselves, to another human being, and to God, the past mistakes, resulting from trusting baseless suggestion. For we know now that any incorrect actions of our past were not of our own making. But regrettable reaction to trust in socially accepted persuasive suggestions and baseless influences. The willingness to correct past mistake is the most trustworthy characteristic of maturity. Which regenerates the most spiritually valuable perspective in character, demonstrating trustworthy friendship. Once we recognize that mistaken choices are the result of “the need to belong”. We realize that past mistakes were not our fault. But only stem from the need to socially fit in, belong, and to achieve a sense of value with our peers. In fact, the need to belong makes it nearly impossible to resist participation with social normalization of self-sabotaging beliefs. Yet this knowledge gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate the examples of our associations, and re-establish healthier more mature examples of our associations. As well as providing us the sense of responsibility in examining, acknowledging, and learning from, those past mistakes. The natural, spiritual, intention of life experience is to learn from a mistake and maturity. Which, can only result in the highest levels of self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control.

All that is left in this principle, is to spend sufficient time alone. In the honest and genuine intent of declaring to God, your regret and sorrow for these past mistaken regrettable reactions.

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