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The Truth!


Recognizing that all mistakes are the result of trust in deceptive

persuasion. While demonstrating (rational isolation) from, and

(avoiding participation) with, the deceptive persuasion that

causes mistaken regrettable reaction. Resulting in the confidence

to correct mistakes immediately.

   We begin to practice the highest quality of masculine honor and dignity. By the willingness by immediate correction of each mistake. Recognizing that we were subject to the human mistake of reacting to trusted participation in false information. With the divine intention toward right-choice-ness. We demonstrate civil order in responsibility, respectability, reliability, and reasonability, to self and others. By self-deprogramming manipulative suggestion, and avoiding participation to the degree of rational isolation. In order to regenerate sound masculine mind, masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control.

   In the third medicine, we begin to practice self-deprogramming of toxic feminist influenced right brain suggestion by measuring our beliefs with the reality of those things that can be demonstrated as having a basis in factual productive civilization. By comparing our influenced notions of Gods divine intention. With the basis of foundational sources of civilized order. We no longer believe in false baseless ideas of Gods instruction. Which, are intended to serve immediate gratification without consideration for the outcome. And settle only for those beliefs which are based in fact.

   By this point in our regeneration. We begin to understand that the War. Is between the effortless evil activity of psychologically cunning complex deception. Intent upon immediate gratification, without consideration for the outcome. Which is merrily natural feminine territorial need gone mad in feminist theory. Against the evident fact based simplicity, of consistent pleasure through the intended effort of spiritual maturity. Which, is the divine intention of civilization through sound considerate masculine authority. Our practical confidence is in the understanding, that the source and first word, will have the last word. Our souls begin to mature in the understanding of the two primary life choices we are provided. In each moment, in each circumstance, we have the more difficult yet dignified choice of utilizing our experiences, and challenges. In order to mature from them as intended. Or else we have the easier, anti-social choice, of avoiding the responsibility of personal mistake. By playing the victim role of accusation, blame, and fault. We begin to recognize that our own personal choices create the circumstantial challenges throughout our lives.

Understanding that we only get run over, because of our own personal choice to play in the street. By this, we begin to see that the cause of our humiliation is due to our own irresponsible choices. Which provides the wisdom to discontinue this self-sabotaging cycle. While enlightening us to the character of those who do not recognize the cause of their own self-defeating frustration, resentment, anger, hate, and fears. By this self-actualization, we find our way to demonstrate the evident example of truth, trust, compassion and unconditional love for those still suffering. By full understanding and empathy in personal experience. We understand on the deepest level, that we are all in this experience together. Facing challenges and struggles as intended for our maturity. Seeing that all individuals are hurting from their own personal issues for intended growth. We then learn to separate the person from the behaviors that torment them. Discovering unconditional love. Especially in the principle of freedom in significant companionship security, void of lawful obligation. Where mutual confidence and support is essential for intended individual and mutual maturity. Knowing unconditional love for all, through the power of right-choice-ness. The ability to recognize a personal human mistake, and admit a personal human mistake. By the recognition that all mistake is the result of trust in faulty information. The intention to correct a personal human mistake, without accusation, blame, or seeking fault in others. As well as the ability to learn and mature by trial and error. Those who develop this human characteristic. Are not only able to learn and mature by personal trial and error. But also able to learn and mature by the trials and errors of others. Therefore wisdom is attainable by connection to the knowledge of the ancestors. “Religion” Not the divisive religious interpretations on man.

The only way that man is responsible to or for a woman under the social condition of feminist theory. Is by being responsible to and for womanhood altogether, by first being responsible to his own manhood. In no other way is any man responsible for any individual woman or for any individual woman. By participation in the general social theory, she is liberated, independent and equal. Rejecting the obligation to a life alliance with man, for the responsibility of personal liberation. Rejecting the confidence and security of dependency upon life alliance with man, for the responsibility of personal independence. Rejecting special consideration with the man, for the responsibility of personal equality. Rejecting the deeply bonding confidentiality of mutual intimacy with the man, for the responsibility of personal privacy. By her choice of participation in the general social theory, she is equal to man, and on her own. Therefore, no man is responsible to or for her. Except in being responsible within himself.

No trustworthy confidence can be placed in those who are not willing to admit a mistake with the intent on correction. Individuals who betray confidence “trust” and demonstrate no remorse, are potentially dangerous. Rather than participating, by accusing, blaming, or faulting such individual. It is only responsible, to avoiding further participation. If your example is desirable to such an individual. This places them in the position of questioning your actions. Providing you with the opportunity to clarify the problem. At which point the individual has the choice of leaving you alone, or admitting a mistake with the intent to correct. It’s not what the world does to us that destroys the soul, but out own regrettable reactions.

“Man” Break the Feminine Dependency. By this, we renew within self “Honor, and courage, in the sound rational masculine mind” When she runs. Don’t listen to a thing she says. Just get away to yourself. Your Self-Respect and Self-Confidence is of the utmost importance. Whether she wants to understand it or not. Maintain your sense of Self. Regardless. When she chooses to run. She may attempt to attack your ego. Your sense of Self respect. Accusing, Blaming, Attacking. Heartless and cruel pot shots at your character. Often using Fi-males and Wi-men to threaten and intimidate. Out of her own pain, and guilt. Don’t be tempted to take this behavior personally. The toxic feminist’s mind isn’t concerned with saving face, or respect. But her concern is attention at any cost. She may know full well that your Respect is important. Using your need for self-respect against you. Don’t be tempted to play into her attacks on your person. She knows that her leaving you. Has weakened you emotionally in the first place. The retreat will seem week. But it is your best and only defense. James 3:15 With the game of sensual Warfare. Jeremiah 31:22 She is far superior. Retreat, and regroup. Don’t give into your instinctive urges to rationally save her from her Irrational self. She’s fine. She doesn’t want to be saved. She doesn’t want Rational. She doesn’t want respect. She wants attention. She’s going to get it. The best thing you can do is Retreat. “Rational isolation”

The only way to remain ahead of the game is by Avoiding Participation. Turn and walk in the other direction. Especially when she cries out to you for help. She may very well reach for your compassion for her. Don’t even give it a thought. You’re not responsible to or for her. All she wants is your attention. Regardless of what it will do to your sense of Pride. She’s not concerned. Attention is her only concern. If she is deeply SO SAD. If she is a master VICTIM. She may go so far as to turn your world against you. By the victim role, for a time she will convince the naive and easily persuaded against you. Don’t worry! You will get it all back, with respect, and then some. In due time. Just get busy ells where. Make new friends as quickly as possible. Place yourself and your business completely as far removed from her as you are able. Keep going. She may follow you continuing to destroy what you are attempting to build, for a good distance. But once she sees that you are serious about getting away. She will get tired and stop. Get on with it, regardless. It’s more here loss than yours. Don’t allow yourself or anyone else to cause you to feel guilty for getting on with it. It’s not your fault. Regardless of her SO SAD Victimized Accusations, and Blame. She knows your emotional state is wounded. Just don’t believe the blaming accusations on your character. Keep your Self Respect, and Confidence. Don’t concern yourself with those she may influence. However, you need to. Only be honest, and keep a Clear Conscience in your new direction, and GET ON WITH IT! There are SIX NEW WOMEN out there waiting for you. Take your time, and Enjoy Shopping.

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