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The Truth!


Recognizing the sacred and divine order of natural spiritual

consciousness. Regenerating the intended design of sound

masculine moral authority and human civilization.

   We confidently chose personal consideration and evaluation of God with us, Creator, Father. Trusting only consistent evidence in the examples of past traditional experiences. Deprogramming all conflicting interpretation resulting from baseless right brain persuasive manipulation. For regenerating the intended masculine design, of self-direction, Luke 17:20, 21, Sacred and Divine order, of natural spiritual consciousness is within you. The sound solution, truth, trust, compassion, unconditional love, and the intended civility, of civil order in civilization.

Let’s pull our heads out of the sand of convenient naivety and denial, concerning humanities direction and become responsible. Let’s be practical and realistic. Joseph Campbell author of “The Power of Myth” before passing on, said, “America needs a new myth”. This seems to be obvious. America is quickly headed into chaos. And this chaos “stemming from feminist theory” is rapidly spreading throughout the globe. Because of the resulting increased competition between men and women. The foundation of civilization, the civil order of family is increasingly replaced with chaos in civilization. Because Religion, Psychology, Law and Government, have made an exception for feminist theory. A new moral philosophy need be applied. A moral philosophy that applies to the result of what these schools of thought have made an exception for. A moral philosophy of gender equality, without competition. A philosophy that replaces the holy matrimony of feminine submission to masculine authority. A philosophy of rational isolation from and avoiding any participation with gender competition. A philosophy that provides a covenant of equal intention. The suggestion herein provides this new order for humanity’s actual direction.

Demons still pose people without their knowing it. Ideas, notions, and beliefs, that have no sound basis are a window to patterns of behavioral disorders. Beliefs that are inconsistent with a cultural philosophy can only result in psycho-emotional conflict. These disorders in moral philosophical beliefs only create the torment and misery that cause individuals to become lost in their sense of identity, insecure, lacking real self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. Resulting in the individual becoming addicted to drama in order to avoid dealing with self, dependent upon others for lack of personal responsibility, “co-dependency” dependent and addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, and sex to name a few of the primary more recognizable disorders. These disorders becoming their reality, normal to them. They generally become completely in denial of the resulting self-sabotaging and self-destructive patterns of these demons. Becoming hateful of the world around them. Accusing, blaming, finding fault, whining and complaining of those around them for the misery of their existence. Because of their lack of personal responsibility to learn from life’s lessons and growth in maturity. All due to the liability of ideas, notions, and beliefs that have confounded their intended ability to find consistency in moral value, civility, civil order, and civilization.

This feminist choice is nothing new of course. Outside of the suggestion of theoretic progress in the more recent self-labeling. (FEMINISM) Available to all women since the very beginning of understanding good and evil, pleasure and pain, reward and punishment, persuasion. Eve was the first feminist to doubt the divine intention of God with us, Creator, Father. Trusting the voice of complexity that offered immediate gratification without consideration for an outcome. Adam being the first victimized ego, persuaded against his own rational masculine sanity by the mistake of, Genesis 3:17, trusting the suggestion of his wife, over God. They became ashamed of their indulgence and immediate regrettable emotional reaction to demand, manipulate, and controlled recreational sex. But God provided him the civil order of moral authority over her sexual power for the divine intention of human civilization. Accepting no notion, suggestion, or argument of God’s intention. Without a sound rational example of evident basis. The Sacred and Divine intention of God with us, Creator, Father, “Masculine source of direction is within.” Is to abandon the torment and misery of emotional reaction, for a sound rational mind, and right-choice-ness in action. The next right choice in each moment, here and now.

Observe the medicine hoop

   Before going further here, let’s be clear about the origin of this section. Although the image of the circle with the cross is common throughout various human cultures and history. This particular image relates to the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota – “Native American Indian” Although horizontally flipped in order to reflect the view of self-evaluation for our purpose. The common name of this image is called the “Mitakuye OyasinMedicine Wheel” It refers to many things which would require a large chapter to cover even the more common references. But it primarily refers to the four Sacred “Cardinal” directions. As well as the recognition that “We are all related” and the individual human soul, as well as the broader soul of humanity. Again, the Mitakuye Oyasin, medicine wheel, here is turned around horizontally in reflection to sacred contrary views. “Hayoka”

The founder and author of this Sacred Warrior philosophy. Is not a Lakota Sioux Native American Indian by any illusion of blood lineage. But was traditionally adopted in 1997. Into the traditional, ceremonial way of life, that is true Lakota. By Little Spotted Eagle, who became the author’s Uncle and teacher of the Sacred traditional Lakota songs, traditions ceremonies and spiritual way of life. Little Spotted Eagle is regarded by the europian concept of blood lineage, as a full blood Sicangu “lower brule” Lakota Sioux, traditional ceremonial singer, and Sundance leader, from Parmelee South Dakota. On the “Rosebud” Sioux, Indian Reservation. As well, the author of this philosophy has learned from a Dakota uncle “White Bear” sense 1997. Who also demonstrates a good example of these traditional ways in the Ohio valley.


Sacred Warrior Society


Mitakuya Oyacin

The most common and greatest of Lakota prayers

Mitakuya Oyasin is best interpreted in English as,

“All my relation” or “We are all related”

A universal prayer of recognition, that all creation is of the family of the great mysterious creative source. Wakontanka “God”

   A universal principle among the first people of the north American continent “The Native American Indians” The blood lineage of any tribe of native Americans was never a traditional concept. Adoption of others was universally frequent with these people, on various levels. The concept that all humanity is of God. Left no reason for a bias of any other human beings. Other than the universally human social/political conflicts. Even tribal war hostages/slaves were commonly adopted. Compatibility and usefulness with the tribe were the simple factor.

The concept of blood lineage is the result of the invaders from the European continents. As an intended means of isolation and eventual oppression and genocide of traditional native American Indian culture. Yet the Lakota Oyate, secretly held on to and kept the traditional of the Grandfathers. We are all related. As Calf Pipe Woman, (Who brought the Sacred Pipe to the Lakota people) demonstrated. The black family, the red family, the yellow family and the white family. The only universal concept of human difference was the difference in gender. A universally Sacred difference, that is observed and respected. This was universal among the native American Indian people. Whether patriarchal or matriarchal. Traditional Lakota people “Patriarchal” continue to observe and respect these Sacred principles today. Knowing full well that if this Sacred understanding isn’t observed and respected. There can only be the increasing disorder, chaos, and mystery that is witnessed outside of this sacred circle of understanding.


Gilley Running (Little Spotted Eagle)


   While learning from these ceremonial men, it became apparent that the author was consistent with spiritual insights and medicine that is consistent with the Lakota traditions. The founder of this philosophy was given the Lakota name “Ohitika Wicasa” Brave’man.  Who’s view of the Lakota medicine wheel is one of these observations? How the human soul, as well as the broader soul of humanity, relates to this Mitakuye Oyasin, Medicine Wheel. Consistent with the observation of Black Elk. As well as its consistency with Abraham Maslow’s view of the finite stages, of the human hierarchy of needs. The Mitakuye Oyasin, Medicine Wheel provides a view of an infinite situation, of very similar qualities. Below we will first look at “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”.

   The blue “goal” {Self-actualization} Self-fulfillment and realization of one’s potential. This would equate to the medicine wheel’s “center, balanced soul” within the cognitive mind, affective (emotion), instinctive (pride) and the will (ego) As well as, {right brain and left brain} Cathodic, PROBABAL ENLIGHTENMENT “Which requires the following”

The yellow {Esteem needs} Fulfillment of approval by others; recognition of self-confidence. This would equate to the medicine hoops “will or ego introspection” {left brain, cognitive} “Which requires the following”

The red {Belonging and love needs} Fulfillment of acceptance by others; to belong. This would equate to the medicine hoops “Human Instinctive pride” {right brain, affective} “Which requires the following”

The Black {Safety needs} Fulfillment of security, safety. This would equate to the medicine hoops “Emotional, reactive ” {Right brain, affective} “Which requires the following”

The white {Biological needs} Fulfillment of basic needs; food, water, shelter, sleep sex, etc. This would equate to the medicine hoops “cognitive rational logical judgment” {left brain, cognitive} Which is basic simplicity.

The following examples of the medicine hoop representation of the human soul, are accentuated by the eagle feather. Showing the four aspects of the human soul as well as right brain / left brain philosophy. It should be noted here that this view of right / left brain is not intended to represent actual physiological science. But rather the science of common general global gender behavioral polarity.


The white, {left brain, cognitive} basic needs, cognitive problem solving, creative, inventive, intellectual order, rational judgment.


The yellow, {left brain, cognitive} will, self-identity, ego.

The red, {right brain, affective} instinctive pride, social identity, belonging.

The black, {right brain, affective} sensual, carnal, sensitivity, emotional reaction, mood, romanticism, relative mimicking.

   This representation of the human soul, being the human soul, in four parts. The mind “WHITE”, Emotion “BLACK”, Instinct “RED”, and the ego or will “YELLOW”. Masculine on left half, mind and ego/will. Feminine on the right half, emotion, and instinct. The objective of sound, stable, human maturity. Is for these four aspects of the soul to become balanced and centered. The natural mind that is right brain influenced is not necessarily feminine in action or gender. The vast majority of men for example, who are influenced by the right brain. May very well be masculine by all appearances and actions. Yet inconsistent in reasoning, manipulated, controlled, and victimized in submission to and dependent upon feminine control. Without even being aware that their minds are under the influences of right brain manipulation. This activity is compounded by the general “feminist normalized” social-cultural. In the submission to right brain influence. The mind that is manipulated, is not aware of its captivity. The general mentality of a social culture that is manipulated is not aware of its captivity.

  Right brain, affective,                                         Left brain, cognitive


Aimless Emotional Reaction & Socially Persuaded Pride:      Rational Problem Solving & Self-Identified Ego:

   These two halves of the soul are known by psychology to be right brain “affective” and left brain “cognitive” tendencies in behavior. The right brain being more generally normal in the Feminine gender. And left brain being more generally normal in the Masculine gender. Although left brain tendencies are possible in the feminine gender. The feminine gender is predominantly right brained. Also with the right brain influences upon the masculine gender. The Masculine gender is predominantly left brained. Therefore the most victimized male ego. Is quite easily deprogrammed of right brain environmental influences. Simply by the consistency of rational reasoning.

These two halves of behavioral tendency. Are common tendencies. Which are quite easy to determine and define? The Feminine gender only benefits from masculine left brain influence. But humanity as a whole, ultimately suffers by the western social influences of feminine right brain suggestion, upon the natural masculine mind. The author of this view strongly disagrees with much of the sensual, feminist, perspective of left and right brain behavior.

   Right brain, affective,


Aimless Emotional Reaction & Socially Persuaded Pride:

   Remember the problem? Toxic levels of Right Brain Affective Patterns. To be avoided. The notion of Natural Spiritual lack and Complexity. The inability to accept, or admit a human mistake, incorporating cunning complex tactical maneuvers in communication. In order to divert communication from rational fact-finding. Trust in the new idea over the evidence of experiences. Fragile, left, feminine, emotion reaction. Inconsistent, momentary, temporary, superficial material. Irregular, different, variety, new- better. Matriarchal Attention, in Demand of Control. Naturally, spiritually, dependent. Territorial, manipulative, controlling. Reacts without consideration for consequences. Reflective Likeness. Special. Pride. Cunning. Manipulative. Laziness. Reaction. Possessive. Disorder. Instability. Elaborate. Complexity. Romantic. Illusion. Irrational. Unreasonable. Indecisive. Irresponsible. Disrespectful. Unreliable. Victimized. Envious. Angry. Jalousie. Attention. Blaming. Accusing. Fault finding. Evasive. Illusive. Deceptive. Denial. Consuming, Gluttonous, Hoarding. Individual importance. Hysterical, dramatic, arrogance, denial, immediacy. Exaggerated communication. Inconsistent conflicting exaggerated information. Inconsistent reactive denial to facts. Determines self-value by environmental observation. Discontented want, and greed. Insecure, Self-doubt, possession, and control. Impatient anxiety, self-consciousness. Selfish expectations, self-indulgent. Torment and misery. Competitive sexual stimulation. Requires intimate security for sexual submission. Continuously, sexual dependency, by Psycho-emotional stimulated need. Dependent upon attention, gratifying, over self-respect.

 Left brain, cognitive


Rational Problem Solving & Self-Identified Ego:

   Left Brain Cognitive Patterns to be regenerated. The confidence in Natural Spiritual Progression and Order. The need to accept, and admit a human mistake, in order to find the rational correction. The sound simplicity of consistent rational fact-finding communication Trust in the evidence and example of experience over the new, more generally acceptable idea. Sound, right, masculine, rational, choice of action. Consistent, Eternal, timeless, Spiritual life. Symbolic, Ritualistic, Ceremonial, consistency. Patriarchal Authority, in command by example. Naturally, spiritually independent. Liberty and independence by responsibility. Considers all possible consequences before taking action. Actual Image. Equality. Ego. Wisdom. Leadership. Motivation. Action. Creative. Order. Stability. Simplistic. Simplicity. Analytical. Factual. Rational. Reasonable. Conclusive. Responsible. Respectful. Reliable. Valuable. Satisfied. Peacefully. Security. Discretion. Enquiring. Questioning. Fact finding. Conclusive. Obvious. Truthful. Honest. Self-Sufficiency, Self-Reliance, Self-Centered. Universal importance. Calm, reserved, humble, observation of the broader picture. Factual Communication. Consistent information. Consistent action to fact. Determines self-value by self-observation. Content with need. Self-confident, unconditional love. Calm, Patient, self-awareness. Selfless giving, without expectation. Calm Peacefully Pleasure. Visual sexual stimulation. Develops intimate security, through sexual authority. Temporarily, sexual dependency, by physically stimulated desire. Independent of attention gratification, by self-respect.

The masculine mind cannot be led, possessed, controlled, or manipulated, by suggestions or influences that stem from the feminist theory. Without confounding rational problem-solving direction. Resulting in increasing regrettable reactions of addiction, dependency, patterns of behavioral disorder, arrogance and violence. Marriage under such conditions?

Our universe is an orderly “give and take” universe. Seek and you shall find. What goes around comes around. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. What goes up must come down. Give and it shall be given to you. Clearly, this universal truth has been observed and expressed through the ages. Therefore, it is understood within the sole. That a price must be paid in order to obtain. Nothing in the superficial plane is free. There is a price. If a price is not paid, there is no value. In the same way that if something is obtained. Without an offering of payment. That which was obtained. Will not be valued. “Valueless” Even if it might be of enormous value. Now, it is the superficial principle to take a little, out of fear of lack. “Do unto others before they do it to you.” Then pay a great price. While by Divine principle. A little is given, with trust in Divine Universal Order. “God’s Grace” The reward is always much greater than what was given. Therefore it is only rational to give, according to the individual conscience. To that which is valuable to self. That more benefit should be obtained. Or else. What is valuable will become useless.

Clearly, this philosophy has to do with the regeneration and development of sound mind, stability of emotion, divine and rational order, of principle, boundary, and universal truth, trust, compassion, and unconditional love. Yet, because the state has deemed, the separation of church and state. Government and federally funded organizations must ignore even the most basic common sense solutions, prior to substantial evidence, which is irrelevant to the “intended masculine value” of this philosophy.

“Warrior brake the WITCH’S spell!!!” If you participate in the mainstream game. You loose! You can only become caught up in it, dependent upon it, and loose all self! The only way to stay ahead of the game. Is by not participating. The game is an illusion of competition. Cunning baffling and powerful. It is only a matter of personal choice, to participate or not. In communication with Right brain, psycho-emotional, mixed messages. Or incorporating complexity in order to conceal deception, twisting of your words, or diverting the direction from the intended point of view. In order to cause disorder in communication, and divert from rational consistency. You can safely expect pain in participation with such psycho-emotional games. Wouldn’t it be better? To maintain self-confidence and self-respect of rational order? Of seeking the direction, “intent and motive” of Sacred, and Divine self-correction in mistake. And unconditional love and compaction for the suffering of those who are mistaken. In the understanding that not one is perfect. But the example of encouragement is Sacred and Divine. Remaining compassionate for those who participate, and are caught up and held captive. By the Psycho-emotional games, of environmentally influenced indoctrination, manipulation, possession, and control. Of the natural mind that trusts the notion of liberation and independence from the Sacred and Divine Order, of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. It is better to be alone than miserable! Being a spiritual interpreter, holy man, medicine man, healer, teacher or priest. Isn’t a matter of intention or motivation. Which, is the activity of the victimized ego and pride of the wan-a-bee, charlatan. But rather the calm confident evidence in the soul’s example. Of trust in Sacred and Divine Order. Of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Quietly, calmly, respectfully, confidently, refuse to participate in the games of the irrational mind. Maintaining the calm peaceful consistent and stable order of rational masculine mind.

If you’re participating in the mainstream game. “Snap out of it man.!!!” And know what it is, to progress and mature in the sound rational masculine mind of the Sacred Warrior. What can be done about the duplicities WITCH? That has infiltrated humanity. Since the Foundation of the world. “DUPLICITIES” Inconsistency in character. The character that is not consistent integrity and has escalated and become dominant, and demanding. Surpassing the Masculine Sound Rational Judgment. Jeremiah 31:22 The intended Spiritual state of Man since D-Day 1944, These personalities tend to be highly intelligent, and cunning. Unfortunately there intelligence is wasted on maintaining the natural mind, in their carefully designed mask of ignorance, innocents, and victimization. Not realizing or caring, that their actions are causing the demise of their own happiness. With these personalities, we can look deeply into the motivation of their actions, and see that they know full well what they are doing. But they can not see that what they are doing. Is what is recreating, supporting, and magnifying their victimization. Which in turn causes an even deeper fear of attempting responsibility. Again, It is not the Sacred Warriors responsibility to accuse, place blame, or point out fault with the individual. But only to avoid participation with the counterproductive behavior. But rather be the example of avoiding participation with evil. Even if that means Rational Isolation, from all the world.

Among the most profound statements Jesus ever made. Was, “I have many things to tell you. But you can not bear it yet!” He was saying. If you don’t understand it yet. Your mind isn’t matured to that comprehension yet. That’s your concern. Approaching anything with more doubt and skepticism, than hope and faith. Is certain to end in failure. “By all means question what you don’t understand!” Also said the Lord God, Almighty. I shall work a work in your day. A work that you will in no way believe, though a man declares it unto you. There for I say unto you. Be not narrow-minded, or naive. But ye of sound mind as Jesus charged you. Open minded to rational consistency and fact.

The Independent SO SAD Controlling Victim women will become more and more desperate and self-sabotaging. Until they reach clarity and surrender control. Finding wisdom. The wiser women will be loved and given emotional security, happiness, and everything they need. As the intended design of man and woman. By this, we renew within self “Honor, and courage, in the sound rational masculine mind. The Sacred Warrior perspective. The consistent spirit of life “GOD” created the inconsistent material plain. And then entered the material plain, placing his seed of living consciousness in mother earth. Creating life on earth.

Ultimately the intent and design of human personal expression. Of individual choice of intent and motivation in the material plain. Giving the man the power of individual independent choice. To be of value on the material plain, by trust in the Creator, as intended. Or the victim of the material plain by trust in the superficial. God the Creator of all that is. Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. In this manner. The child must trust the authority of the Mother. Whose trust is under the authority of The Sacred Warrior. Whose trust is in his own rational mind? Over the irrational influences of his environment.

In order to comprehend the authority of Sacred and Divine Order of Natural, Spiritual Consciousness. God, above all. Who, must first be recognized within the man. Who is the authority over the woman, who is over the child, who is the authority over the next generation? Otherwise, the superficial becomes the god, resulting in human dependency, addiction and irrational patterns of behavioral disorder, instability, chaos and insanity. Maturing beyond the rational necessity, to Isolate and Avoided Participation. Upon achieving enlightenment and self-actualization. We reach the state of absolute realization and understanding that this experience is but a moment of examination. That the things once thought of as great and traumatic experiences. Are actually little more than the experience of being born into this experience. Achieving the understanding this experience is the illusion. That the only thing to concern self with is the next right choice. No hurry, no worry, no concern, only unconditional love for those who have fallen captive to the illusion. Who, are hurrying, worrying, caught up, and controlled by the concern of the notion of lack.

The Warrior who is Sacred is able to tactfully and companionably separate the person from the demonic possession. Showing an unconditional level of loving example for those who yet unaware of their patterns of behavioral disorder. They have won the war of environmentally influenced addictive dependencies, and patterns of behavioral disorder. They have chosen to trust the Rational System of Principle, Boundary, and Universal Truth. And have achieved Authority in Sacred and Divine Order, of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Within themselves, as with those who fallow after them. They have achieved the 4-R Abilities of Authority. Responsibility, Respectability, Reliability and Reasonability of the masculine spiritual independence of rational consistency, in respect of feminine natural dependency for emotional stability.

Being the example of calm, confident, peace, in rational order within their own family, and community. It is assured in the trembling heart of the wise and honorable woman. That surely the Sacred Warrior is a man of God. Whose, heart is comforted and blessed in the security of her submission to his authority. Knowing his human imperfections in the deepest confidence. She is comforted secure and confident in his trust and attention to Sacred and Divine Order. To the degree of rational isolation and avoiding participation with all others. For the sake of her submission to the Warrior who is Sacred. Whether he is accomplished in the material world, or penniless and homeless.

The value of the Sacred Warrior is far greater than pure gold. The true Doctor is born a giver, without the expectation of receiving. As the medicine man and Spiritual Leader. The making of a Medicine Man, and Spiritual Leader. In all actual reality, No one is made into or ordained into service on the Creators behalf. Accept the Creator himself. Who’s intended design, to the ultimate value to that person? As well as all concerned. Medicine men, and spiritual leaders, as it is with each individual. Are born with the qualities needed in their intended design. The spirits that work with him, in his own life experience, as well as those instructions from experienced medicine men and spiritual leaders. Help him come to terms with the demons that naturally test his character. But only when his maturity is recognized in his value, abilities, confidence and compaction in service, for all humanity. By those experienced medicine men and spiritual leaders. Is he then a recognized, and openly proclaimed. The medicine man or Spiritual Leader. Not so much by written word, as it is with a certificate of an ordained minister or the like. But by word of mouth. But recognizing of his compaction, ability to serve, and the evidence of spirit working with him. Then by the word of those experienced and trusted leaders. Who, have come to know and trust him. Then the recognized medicine man and the spiritual leader becomes responsible in service to all who seek his service, “Unconditionally.”

“I once had it, and I lost it!” Can you relate to that sentiment? Do you remember that Moment? When the rational masculine mind conformed to what is known to be irrational. Because of the notion of participation with the world he finds himself in. The need to fit in and belong. Because the world is confirmed and growing. He then loses his self-confidence, self-respect and sound mind, becoming irrational. As a mindless servant, being caught up in the increasing reaction to the influences of the world around him.

Avoiding all persuasive indoctrination, with confidence in the divine intention of personal understanding and intimate confidence in God with us. Proverbs 23:7 We quickly find, “What a man believes in his heart, that so he is.” Individual character reflects individual belief. Whether the immediate gratification of superficial self-seeking persuasive indoctrination. Or the civility of spiritually valuable soul maturity. We begin to understand that our troubles result from our beliefs. Self-motivated deprogramming even the most deep-seated counterproductive notions, ideas, theories, and beliefs, come naturally. There is nothing more rewarding to rational masculine self-identity. Then finding a sound basis, for disregarding even the most deep-seated beliefs, that have been inconsistent with the self-confidence of sound rational mind.

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