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    Competitive Gender Polarity  

The Way!


Recognizing the confounding personal and social, cause and effect

of toxic feminist persuasion on the masculine mind.

   We recognized that our minds were confounded by irrational toxic feminist manipulation. The resulting emotional instability left us participating in control based behaviors, self-medicating addictions, and dependencies, and even regrettable violent reaction, as our only means of relief.” Suggestions from feminist theory have fragmented and confounded the divine intention of sound rational masculine judgment, throughout western culture. Increasingly destroying civility and civil order within western civilization and imposing this destructive pattern throughout the world. The increase of right brain baseless relativism has infiltrated government, law, psychology, and religion. Creating a society which increasingly tends toward the emotional and irrational regrettable reaction of immediate sensual superficial gratification, without consideration for an outcome. Self-seeking is contrary, and counterproductive to the necessary civil order of civilization. The dependency upon, and addiction to “immediate gratification” without consideration for the outcome. Has become a means of self-medication with substances or activities. In order to numb the emotional instability caused by trust in toxic feminist influenced right brain suggestion. Which are not only false, but counterproductive to the intended design of sound rational masculine mind, and without any basis in fact. In other words. Placing trust in false notions and ideas. Which may be deep-seated beliefs stemming from childhood. Is the cause of emotional instability. Which result in increasing dependencies and addictions upon substances and activities. In order to achieve immediate gratifying relief from the emotional instability and resulting psychological disorders. These dependencies, addictions, and resulting control based behaviors. Only result in magnifying the primary emotional instabilities. Which then result in greater dependencies upon and addictions to those substances and activities. Creating greater dependency upon control based behavioral disorder. Which renders one’s life increasingly unmanageable. With the consistent recognition of undesirable outcome from the illusion of control. In the first medicine, we recognize how trust in false notions which have no basis in fact, have caused our lives to become unmanageable. Our egos and souls had been victimized by social and personal toxic feminist suggestions that are counterproductive to the design and intent of masculine development. We had lost our sense of masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. Which had confounded our intended sound rational masculine minds?


“How long will you gad about. You mischievous daughter? For the Creator has created a new thing in the earth, a woman shall compass a man.” Jeremiah, 31:22, { POWER INTOXICATED} These women without the rational system of Sacred and Divine Order, are led by their base natural superficial instinct. To survive at any cost. Without real consideration for any but self. Immediate gratification without any real consideration for the outcome. Irrational, emotional, demanding, and stubborn. Excessively right brained. Only the desirable state of Womanhood, being of singleness of sound mind. Submit themselves to a rational masculine, who is submitted to and matured in Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Otherwise, the liberated and independent women suffer insecurity, fear, vindictive hatred along with the priceless act and role of victimization. Persuading, influencing and convincing the men who want to trust them. Accelerating this behavior in her children. Not knowing why. All the while thinking they are cunning, not knowing that their cunning and treachery is causing their own personal and social torment and misery. Those men caught up in this world, can not see that they are caught. They are oblivious to the reason for their decline in sound thought. In this superficial so-called civilized world. Literally in darkness. Their Rational minds confounded with their desire for the woman. Without knowledge of Rational System of Principle, Boundary, or Universal Truth. But you men, “Sacred Warriors,” who have considered, applied and benefited of Sacred and Divine Order of Natural Spiritual Consciousness, and enlightenment. You have the life of calm peaceful pleasure, of your own sound mind. Enlightened, free and independent of the feminine persuasion. As those mindless puppets. Fi-males and Wi-men, immature and underdeveloped males. This world is Powerfully Manipulated by women, not of flesh and blood. But a Witch and Whore. (human feminine instinct has gone awry) Revelation 17:4, 5, 6, Who offers her pleasure for a price. A great price. While the world of Sacred and Divine Order, is in the intended design of women’s submitted trust in masculine authority, who’s submitted trust is the Creator. By enlightenment to Rational Universal Truth. Providing moral civility, civilized order and the human dependency upon Civilization. Free of that manipulation of mindless puppets‘, torment and misery.

The lingering Illusion of marriage, Personal and social acceptance and participation in feminist theory has destroyed the foundational intent of holy matrimony. By changing the divine intention of civil order in gender polarity. Sacred and Divine masculine authority over natural feminine sexual power. Has become lawful obligation to feminine power. Masculine submission to feminine power intoxication. Her suggestion of lifelong companionship intent. By demonstrating effort in behavior, that is attractive and productive. While the true intent is demonstrated in the act of sabotaging after honeymoon period has passed. Resorting to questionable and suspicious behavior in order to sabotage. Because she is unable to manipulate, control, or change, him according the unreasonable expectations of the feminist notion. Sabotaging is intended to accuse, place the blame and find fault, rather than accept responsibility for her own personal choices. Her suggesting, the desire for intimacy, which means “nothing hidden”! Only to eventually demand excessive privacy. What confidence would be kept privet, from the intimate trust of true companionship? Her suggesting, “You and I against the world” increasingly resulting in, “Her and the world against him” Because of the feminist intent to conspire in the confidence of co-dependent friends and family. Concerning issues that can only be resolved within the companionship. Mature adults know who they are and what they want. They are aware of their own needs/wants, principles and bounders. Without need to confide in others concerning understandings within the companionship “confidentiality”. The only reason to confide in others concerning the confidence of the companionship, is the intent to compete with a intended companion. Utilizing the natural human tendency to sympathize with the victim role. In order to inflict a wound and outnumber a competitor. Rather than confide in the companion. The desire for approval of others in companionship choices. No outside approval is necessary with equal, adults. Avoiding co-dependent manipulation of family or friendship interference, and practicing rational isolation, allows confidence and security to mature. Excessive participation in questionable circumstance, suggestion and behavior. Replacing the need for security, with the desire for control by question, provoking suspicion. Blame games! The tendency of false pride, to accuse, blaming, and fault. Rather than responsibly correcting personal mistake. If it’s being suggested that it’s been all there fault. You can safely bet, that at some point, it will be all your fault. Guessing games! A common tactic of relationship manipulation is, Keep-m-wondering! Keep-m-guessing! Half truths, and exaggerated facts, resulting from insecurity in one individual, can only betray trust and security in the other. Impostor, or duplicitous personalities, lacking spiritual self-identity. Who change their character with various circumstance and individuals. Lateral character changes are clear signals of individuals avoiding spiritual growth, for the immediate gratification of power trip drama intoxication. Resulting in question, provoking suspicion in order to confound the mind. Additional persuasive suggestion and actions of willing participants, and even unwittingly, in the most trustworthy of friends, and allies. Provoking violent reaction in defense of sanity, and the need of self-medication for relative tranquility.

She will place herself in a questionable or suspicious situation or allow one’s self to be placed in a questionable or suspicious situation by others. Only creates suspicion of personal integrity and undermines the integrity of the companionship. Destroying all confidence and trust. Demanding privacy where intimacy is required, can only result in justifiable suspicion.

Misleading suggestion, vague half-truths, or secrets, which would betray the integrity of trust within this companionship. Are clearly not the intention to earn necessary trust or respect.

Reaction to expressing a personal problem pertaining to the companionship. Causes the lack of incentive that is required for the willingness to solve a problem.

Inviting others to interfere in the necessary confidentiality of a companionship is betraying that confidence. Confiding in others concerning the confidentiality of a companionship is only a means of seeking an alliance against what should be intimate trust within the companionship. Only the” equal” individuals within the confidentiality of the companionship are able to solve any problems within that companionship. Any outside interference can only add increased complication.

Busy bodies, Gossip circles, Misery loves Company. The growing destructive force against healthy happy companionship’s in negative environmental suggestions, and influences. Only an enemy rumors lies and half-truths behind your back. Such people who insist on gossip and criticism. Are those who are tormented and miserable in their own lives. Misery loves company, so let’s bring everyone down to our level. The Sacred Warrior is wise in educating his companion to the facts of those possessed individuals who gossip, criticize, and seek the company of others who indulge in such activities.

Two Faced, back stabbing, Enemies, There are those who speak negatively behind your back. Extremely convincing VICTIM type personalities. It’s not hard to figure out who they are convincing. By the attitude of those who are naive enough to be persuaded by you. Quick to maintain contempt prior to any investigation. Even regardless of the known good character of the Sacred Warrior. Of such, AVOID PARTICIPATION! Any participation with them will only feed the conflict. Two faced enemies are the worst kind to participate with. They can either hate you to your face. While telling everyone else that they love you, and it’s all you. Or else they can love you to your face, and tell everyone else that they hate you, and you won’t leave them alone. Either way, they are your enemy. AVOID THEM! By this, we renew within self “Honor, and courage, in the sound rational masculine mind”.

Approval of family or friends? Absolutely unnecessary and a potential for allowing others to interfere in the necessary intimate confidentiality of a companionship. For what reason would any mature equal adult need to seek the approval of family or friends in choosing a companion? Absolutely not.

Don’t want you, won’t let you go in peace? Can quickly get out of any rational control. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Even dangerous, if allowed to continue. Such behaviors are frequent right brain behaviors. She actually doesn’t know what’s important. Her mind is conflicting between right and left. Conflicting between emotional reaction, and rational choice. Conflicting between feelings and reasoning. She may even say to you “I don’t know what’s happening to me to make me like this. When this occurs. The only choice of action is to avoided participation. If it advances? Rational isolation! Until she calms down. Which will not happen overnight. Regardless of appearances. Face the fact that she is more than likely finished with you. But her soul is addicted to you. Continuing this pattern can get dangerous. The best thing you can do is get on with it. Regardless of anything she may say. Simply tell her, you need time to sort things out. That any further communication at the moment only clouds the issues. If you believe that there is still a possibility. That possibility will still be there in six or eight weeks. If she insists upon push-pull, love-hate. Stop participating tactfully altogether. Be rational man ISOLATE. If she continues calling. Notify the authorities of her action. If the situation calls for such actions. Because you can bet that she knows how to play the law into her hands. She is possessed by a Witch who is cunning baffling and powerful. Regardless, remain calm and confident. Make all the of police reports of her actions toward you. Of course, they will tell you that there is nothing they can do. But the record may help you later if she intends on getting even. If she begins to intentionally disturb your social life. Calling or interfering. Then notify the law again of her actions. Continue to do so as long as it continues. Make records, times and dates. If she doesn’t leave you alone. Don’t hesitate to file charges. That’s only rational, masculine and consistent with order. Trying to take matters into your own hands is what she wants. It’s her cunning way of provoking you into breaking the law. Many men over the past seventy years have dealt with this kind of escalating psycho-emotional behavior. She knows that the law will protect the victim. She is cunning with the appearance of victimization, and with vindictive trickery, and provoking the reaction of the victimized ego. The Sacred Warrior will calmly, confidently, take the next right choice of action. Knowing that she isn’t rational. And knowing that any attempt at rational communication with irrational is irrational in itself.

Domestic Violence. Why? Because she can! Cunning, vindictive, and treacheries activity comes about by the WITCH. Because psycho-emotional abuse leaves no visual evidence. Before the war is declared, the opponent knows where the boundaries are. Crossing those boundary’s is a conscious choice. She is knowingly able to cause the irrational natural mind to react to being “PROVOKED” Domestic violence is far more common today than ever before. Even more than the day, women demanded liberation. Today the battered women’s shelters are busy. But no place for the psycho-emotionally battered men. Or no real acknowledgment of the emotional and psychological abuse. Of men who want to love women who seem to take a great joy of confounding men’s minds and ruining their lives. Yet it is openly and commonly viewed as a joke. Among those women bent on control. Only those who play in the street get run over. Even when the traffic is clearly dangerous. These women know full well that these men are emotionally unstable victimized egos. It is the Witches intention that they are weekend to such a state. Provoking these men is a vital process in this activity. Ensuring that the self-confidence and self-respect are broken. Sacred Warrior’s are enlightened to this demonic activity. Such women that practice such trickery in order to cry out as the victim. Intensifies the victimization of the male ego. Let there be no Sacred Warrior participating with such a woman. This is the depth of cunning, baffling and powerful demonic possession. If she were truly honorable, she would at the very least. Remove herself from participation with any possibility of violence. Rather than provoke it. Again, It is not the Sacred Warriors responsibility to accuse, place blame or point out fault. But only to avoid participation with the initiator of conflict. Without a word.

Being Possessive by Passive Aggression, persuasive manipulation. “When communication is led into an irrational reaction. Any further attempts at communication are irrational.” Such as Manipulative signals of anger, displeasure, or disapproval, while remaining unwilling to resolve the problem. Stubborn unwillingness to resolve a problem in order to achieve or maintain an upper hand. The tendency to manipulate the communication in order to divert the direction away from the intended point of that communication. The only rational action that can be taken. Is avoiding further participation and rational isolation. Until the person becomes willing to resolve the problem, with rational consistent communication.

Strong independent women, who are not able to find sensual submissive males. Only end up miserable, lonely, angry, heartless, numb, and hateful, droid like slaves to the feminist agenda. To prove unnatural usefulness in pointless superficial self-gain, and self-sufficiency. Sacrificing her feminine soul for the sake of her feminist encouraged pride. Participation with such women can only result in the miserable lack of self-identity, respect, confidence, or control. The women who declare men to be stupid sex driven idiots. Are only those feminists. Who’s agenda, is to attack and break the confidence of natural masculine ego. Men are being sexually stimulated throughout our culture. Primarily through visual stimulation, which is well known to be a more masculine avenue of triggering stimulation. As well, the intended design of masculine wisdom knows better than to concern himself with the deception of sensual cunning psychological complexities. The wisdom of truth is found in the simplicity of basic common sense.

The Children are lost. In this day. Increasing numbers of children are being raised by women alone. Without the Masculine example of sound rational consistent authoritative influence. This is causing an alarming degree of right brain influence. These children are being raised without order or authority, and developing into extremely harmful patterns of behavioral disorder. These patterns have become the mainstream majority of our cultures social psyche. On various levels and actions. Believing the feminine influenced suggestions, that masculine is imperfect. That theory is wrong, that men should be more feminine. Our world is in serious trouble, by this influence. Sacred Warriors, stand firm in the need to correct this problem. The damage is blatant and obvious. Sacred Warriors take responsibility for your young men. Regardless of the foolishness of right brain demands. Speak the truth to your young men. Trust their natural masculine minds to see the consistency in the facts. Let there be no hesitation in teaching your young men, the sacred rights of manhood. The understandings of the rational system of principle, boundary, and universal truth. Show them how only disorder, torment, and misery is experienced. In the absence of Sacred and Divine Order. Offer them the calm peaceful pleasure of life. That is their intended design in Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Remain consistent and rational in the honor, and responsibility of manhood. Do not give them up to captivity, of manipulation, and mind control. But give your young men the power of choice that is rightful there’s. Educate them fully before they come of age. Give them the honor in the ritual of their manhood. This is your responsibility as Sacred Warriors. That no further generations be seduced by the Witch! Who is, intoxicated with feminist power and authority. As those children who are leading the way in the torment and misery. Of aimless, meaningless, and hopeless despair. Such children are finding a reason to, and leading the way in ending the gift of life. Finding no value in life. Teach them, Sacred Warrior! Regardless of who they are. Give them common facts to reason out for themselves. Concerning the masculine consistency, without accusation, or blame. Speak to them as young men who are able to discern the facts, for themselves. Trust that they are men. Masculine, Rational, and seeking consistency, and fact. Speak to them openly, without reservation. You men, who desire the status and recognition of Sacred Warrior. Take on this responsibility with self-confidence and self-respect. Standing firm in the rational consistency of fact in manhood. Can you not see that they are crying out for guidance? Give them guidance!

The only relevant question is “How close?” How closely can any individual be trusted? Is based on every individual’s understanding that trust and respect can only be earned by demonstrating self-respecting trustworthy consistency, in rational integrity.

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