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    Competitive Gender Polarity  

The Way!


Recognizing the confounding personal and social, cause and effect

of toxic feminist persuasion on the masculine mind.

   We recognized that our minds were confounded by irrational toxic feminist manipulation. The resulting emotional instability left us participating in control based behaviors, self-medicating addictions, and dependencies, and even regrettable violent reaction, as our only means of relief.” Suggestions from feminist theory have fragmented and confounded the divine intention of sound rational masculine judgment, throughout western culture. Increasingly destroying civility and civil order within western civilization and imposing this destructive pattern throughout the world. The increase of right brain baseless relativism has infiltrated government, law, psychology, and religion. Creating a society which increasingly tends toward the emotional and irrational regrettable reaction of immediate sensual superficial gratification, without consideration for an outcome. Self-seeking is contrary, and counterproductive to the necessary civil order of civilization. The dependency upon, and addiction to “immediate gratification” without consideration for the outcome. Has become a means of self-medication with substances or activities. In order to numb the emotional instability caused by trust in toxic feminist influenced right brain suggestion. Which are not only false, but counterproductive to the intended design of sound rational masculine mind, and without any bases in fact. In other words. Placing trust in false notions and ideas. Which may be deep-seated beliefs stemming from childhood. Is the cause of emotional instability. Which result in increasing dependencies and addictions upon substances and activities. In order to achieve immediate gratifying relief from the emotional instability and resulting psychological disorders. These dependencies, addictions, and resulting control based behaviors. Only result in magnifying the primary emotional instabilities. Which then result in greater dependencies upon and addictions to those substances and activities. Creating greater dependency upon control based behavioral disorder. Which renders one’s life increasingly unmanageable. With the consistent recognition of undesirable outcome from the illusion of control. In the first medicine, we recognize how trust in false notions which have no basis in fact, have caused our lives to become unmanageable. Our egos and souls had been victimized by social and personal toxic feminist suggestions that are counterproductive to the design and intent of masculine development. We had lost our sense of masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. Which, had confounded our intended sound rational masculine minds.


The inability of admitting a personal human mistake is not trustworthy. If a mistake is not first admitted, it can not possibly be corrected. Pride (concern for what others think) over ego (concern for sound self-identity) can not be trusted.

Soul Poisoning, ADDICTION Caused by main stream social suggestive influences will seduce, take hold and poses. Any male who doesn’t truly honor and respect the traditions of the Sacred Grandfather “Religion” to relay universal truth. Will become a victimized ego, by the concern for what others think, rather than sound self-identity. For that reason, the Sacred Warrior Society of Brave men and Brothers Keepers is designed to inform, educate, correct, and enlighten the human state of dependency and addiction. By salving the problem rather than continuing to blame the symptom. The problem being. A distinct and heightened sense of sensitivity to the disorders of Superficial Environment Suggestions and Influences. Brought on by social and cultural encompassing Imbalance in the natural mind. Over the Spiritually Rational aspect of the human mind. “Soul Poisoning, By Environmental Suggestion”. Causing a psychological- emotional conflict within us. “Psycho-emotional disorder. Instability brought on by the inability to cope with the “Subtile” complex deceptive competition, “mind games”, in our environment. This sensitivity to our environment causes a conflict within us. The conflict causes one to focus on environmental sources of tranquility, self-gratification by self-medication. “Forming dependencies “in many forms.” to avoid the problem of victimized ego. Which in turn magnifies and increases the inner conflict and instability. The most common symptoms of the inner conflict, instabilities, and patterns of behaviors disorder. Manifest as Companionship competition for power and authority, Addictions, Dependencies, Obsessions, and Compulsions. Which are consistently repeated patterns of behavior? That begin as distractions in order to cope with inner conflict. But evolve into seemingly unbreakable self-destructive personality disorders.

Psycho-emotional disorders stem from the Genesis and Mother of all self-destructive personality disorders. Genesis 3:17 and Revelation 17:4, 5, 6, Which is actually “The notion of security by Irrational Independence” (Conflicting right brain persuasion) Sexually Oriented, Subtile Addictive Disorder. “SO SAD” Defined in the problem portion of this text. Subtile, Genesis 3:1 “probable error of increased complexity” Mind Games, that cause the push, pull, of struggling between right and left brain. reward / punishment, pleasure / pain, love / fear, good and evil manipulation for control. Generally between genders. Compounded by dependencies upon further distractions. Such as Alcohol, Drugs, Food and addiction (immediate gratification without consideration for outcome) to drama in order to conceal personal moral inconsistency. Even harmful superficial Religious behavioral indoctrination. Which pass judgment and create division, “WE’RE RIGHT, YOUR WRONG!” Fear based competition for controlling authority: With great contempt prior to investigation.” (irrational) Seeking fault, Rather than fact, Unconditional Love, Open-mindedness, “UNIVERSAL TRUTHS”: Even extreme Dependencies upon Work, “Over achieving the Superficial,” Complex Psychologically oriented, Recovery group and Therapy “SPECULATION, and GUESS WORK” With little evidence of lasting affect. Causing behaviors that lead away from simple Rational, Spiritual, Solution. Into complex Emotional, Irrational, Superficial, Psychobabble. That sounds rational. But leads away from rational. Again, “deceptions concealed in complexity”. These are all self-sabotaging, self defeating, self destructive, dependencies. Even so. These are not the problems, as is generally suspected. But symptoms of the deeper core of the problem. Although the symptoms do magnify and compound the problem. The problem lies with the conflicting Soul Poison. “Irrational Environmental Right Brain Toxic Feminist Suggestive Influences. Conflicting with the Natural Masculine Mind.” Leading away from Sacred and Divine Order, and The stability of intended Rational Masculine Mind. These negative Suggestions confound the Natural Mind from Rational Order. Causing an inability to cope with life. “Life on life’s’ terms” and the human intended design of civilized peaceful pleasure. Rather then the illusion of Controlling People, places and things. To keep from dealing with our own unrest. The independent woman and victimized male ego has foolishly grown to trust, place value in, and focused on, become overly dependent upon life’s’ excitements, fun, and drama distractions. Rather than the forgotten true source to calm, peace, and pleasurable tranquility. Trust in the Divine Rational Authority, and Universal Trust and Truth. “GOD!”

Now, by the Solution, we are provided, the opportunity to consider and apply an evolved state, and may choose to benefit by becoming examples of the solution! Rather than continuing in the problem, The Irrationally Independent SO SAD, Victimized, State of Mind. Blaming, Accusing and Complaining individuals. Rather than choosing to be Responsible through spiritual maturity. We may become evidence of happiness joy and freedom from self-destructive behaviors. By Rational, Responsible, Understanding, and application of self-truth. If there are harmful Behaviors, or Dependencies upon specific environmental sources of gratification, “Addictions”. We suggest, THE CHOICE of Abstinence from the Habit, Behavior, and Dependence. Patience, AVOIDING PARTICIPATION with, and RATIONAL ISOLATION from. Those who continue in the Choice of misery. Not necessarily the person. But the behavior. As well as the journey along this road. Negative behaviors within our selves cause us to sabotage what we need and want. These negative behaviors are not our fault. But they are socially suggested and influenced upon us. These negative behaviors are also triggered by negative social suggestions influences. Rational Isolation from the sores and triggers of what is causing our troubles. Is the only way we can first see what is hurting us. Within our selves. Then choose to end any further participation with what is causing our pain.

“Irrational trust in Irrational Independence” Freedom without the fundamental order of principle gone into chaos. Causing clearly irrational behaviors. Self-sabotaging, habitually deceptive and all sorts of miserable behaviors. Generally out of a desperately insecure need for attention. At any cost. Despite the basic human need for trust and respect. By the destruction of basic elementary and fundamental principles for communication, human contact, and sanity. The betrayal and destruction of trust. All that is left is suspicion, self-gratification, fear, insecurity, suspicion, paranoia, and depression. The escalation of instability, disorder, deception, illusion, delusion and insanity.

The betrayal of trust in the deeper dependency of sexual and emotional companionship. Causes the most irrational, dangerous, even deadly behaviors. Human manipulation, psycho-emotional, sexual control. “Mistaken for love” Is the oldest most powerful motivational, as well as destructive force ever. Our hormonal chemicals have caused the rise and destruction of all things under God. It is now known that these same activities within the brain. Which are located in the more primitive pleasure seeking area of the brain? Are affected by the hormonal chemistry of human Possession “ROMANTIC LOVE.” The same affected areas of the brain, as that of any other addiction. Which affect every other part of the brain. This activity causes the sense of euphoria, and those rose colored glasses. Even irrational emotional reaction. Rather than rational, reasonable, consistent, sound, rational, reasonable, common sense choice. All this can and does direct your entire perspective and actions in life. The primary problem with the toxic feminist SO SAD Witch, Is her blatant refusal to admit a mistake. She is so consumed with “pride” (concern for what others think) she is incapable of being responsible. No individual can be trusted who is not willing to correct a mistake. The mistake must first be admitted before it can be corrected. Yet she’s not interested in responsibility, but only selfish attention and fun, at the expense of others.

Obsession with visual seduction! Bate, hook, catch and fry. What causes masculine sexual obsession? Woman’s knowledge that men are visual beings. Sexually oriented visual stimulation, “Visual seduction” Genesis 3:6, Is the beginning of man’s unnatural sexual stimulation. Or “weakening of the flesh” Triggering the imagination. From, tight fitting jeans, to painted faces, to suggestive movement. This is the beginning of a subtle obsession. The bate. Regardless of chemistry, flirtation, or what else leads to sex. The object is to find, within the man, what will hook him. What will hook him will ultimately be his natural masculine tendency to protect and defend his own. Her submission to his needs will become his weakness. This is where he is hooked. Once she realizes that the hook is set. When she feels that she has the upper hand. When she has given him what he wants and has him where she wants him. “OBLIGATED” Emotionally and psychologically. This is the catch. Men are generally, normally, probably, more visually stimulated. Which is clearly used to woman’s advantage. Compounded by being increasingly ridiculed and emasculated, for there natural, sacred, intended and designed behavior. Accused of being dogs who think only of sex. When in fact, they are in all actuality being sexually abused. By continuous sexually suggestive visualization and advertising. Causing them to be vulnerable to deeper obsession. Men are being more and more emotionally and psychologically abuse by this toxic behavior. Yet such men need only realize, that, due to feminism. No man is responsible to her or for her. There is no rational competition for her or over her. She is equal to man, liberated and independent. Those women who are indulging in this form of sexual stimulation of men. Are attracting those men who are unaware of this power over them. It’s their normal reality. Which is causing those serious addictive sexual dependencies and disorders that only aggravate the insecurity in those women who advertise sex. To the point that neither are getting what they need or want. Ending up in torment and misery. The sexual reward or punishment cycle begins. If the man is evolved, mature enough to see what is happening. He will refuse to participate any further. This will cause the already insecure woman to attack his ego. With false accusations, blame, and fault. Now, the idea that she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Is another trap. She knows exactly what she’s doing. If you believe this. I can tell you in all truth. That she is far more cunning than you realize. Also, If you believe this. I can tell you in all truth. You are about to get fried. If a man continues to allow him self to be deceived by this cunning. It must be realized that that man is seriously addicted. That no one’s concern for his complaining will do him any good. Only the Sacred Warriors example of rational isolation and refusing to participate with him. Will allow him space to evaluate him self and find concern for him self. In fact, there is no useful reason to act on any concern for him or her. She knows exactly what she’s doing! He knows exactly what he’s getting him self into as well. They want to play with fire. This deserves no concern.

Childish behavioral patterns. How the lack of rational authoritative guidance is causing our children misery and torment. Drug addiction, alcoholism, children killing children, child suicide and depression. No sense of direction or value. Why? Because of the relationship between parent and child. Must be a rational consistent authority over subordinate. Not this foolish notion of friends. This friendship notion of parent-child relationship. Stems from, and is most apparent with right brain activity. More often in the most common circumstance. The Mother raising the male children. This is an abomination to the need of the masculine mind. Leading the male mind into feminine right brain activity. Causing the male mind to trust the feminine way over the masculine. Only patterns of behavioral disorder can fallow. The feminine mind dos not comprehend the needs of the masculine mind. That Masculine mind can not mature. But regress into right brain activity. Always in varying levels, leading to manipulation and control over the mother. Because the feminine will seek friendship with the mail child. Rather than authority over the child. Beginning early with inconsistent attempts to get the child to take responsibility for him self. She will “ask” the child several times to pick up his toys and put them away. Before she gives in and puts the toys away for him. Creating a dependency upon her. Which she wants. This is not love. This is control. By puberty he is completely in control of the mother. By her need for dependency. No man that will not play by his rules will be aloud to come near his mother. This disorder is the epitome of decay within our society. The child is in the leadership role. Placing the man in submission to the will of the woman’s mail child. Only the most victimized ego would submit to such a circumstance. What man of sound mind, self-confidence, or self respect, would submit him self to such a circumstance? NONE! Only the most irrational and unstable male would submit to such a scenario. The Sacred Warrior knows that being alone is far better than the misery of such a circumstance. This woman will repeatedly take the side of the child over the man. Even knowing that the man is right. Willing to remain without a man. For the sake of her dependency upon her mail child. All of her emotional needs for male security is selfishly accomplished in her male child. Despite the damage it causes in the child. Despite the damage it causes in the two souls that are drawn together in natural spiritual love. The Sacred Warrior is firm in his self confidence and self respect. As soon as it becomes apparent that a woman is irrationally choosing to submit to the manipulation of a child. The Sacred Warrior will begin consistent rational command of authority. Leaving the choice up to the woman to fallow him or the child. If she chooses the child. He will know that nothing more can be done. He will choose to remain alone as far as this circumstance is concerned. Leaving them in there misery. If she chooses to fallow the man. She will have made that choice, because of the consistency of his rational mind. Not for any other reason. The Sacred Warrior will bring sound rational order to that circumstance. Whether the child approves or not. The child’s approval is not an issue. No child approves of stable consistent responsibility. Sacred Warrior, let no male child be raised by woman alone!

“Why?” Independent BLAMING VICTIM state of Addictions and Dependencies. Again by the lack of responsible choices. There is no blame. Only responsibility. Why cant the independent VICTIM be responsible? Out of fear of judgment! “Ultimately the fear of human imperfection being discovered.” (pride) The independent VICTIM personality has been influenced, “programmed” to fear the consequences of Choices for them selves. They believe that their choices will cause them pain. There environmental conditioning has caused them self-doubt in their own choices. The fear of possible consequences. By making responsible choices seems greater than the possibility of healthy results. It becomes easier for them to fall deeper into the irresponsible victor role. Snow balling into a greater and greater behavior of blaming others for there own emotional pain. By there lack of responsibility. An endless downward spiraling cycle of blaming emotional pain. This is where the mistake is. Concerning the attention placed upon a substance. Such as alcohol, or drugs. Such thinking allows the person to recover half measures of self-confidence. Allowing the person to blame the substance for any personal imperfections. Lowering inhibitions and creating enough courage to survive. Which actually removes the attention from the source of the problem. Where the solution remains. So long as the substance remains the primary focus. There will be no complete recovery. Only a temporary reprieve. But when the symptom is removed along with focusing on the solution. Self-confidence and self-respect are restored. Total recovery, maturity, and healing are the results.

“SO SAD, PASSIVE, AGGRESSIVE, VICTIM SYMPATHY CONTROL” To her natural designed need for dependency upon man’s rational authority. Clearly, Sacred and Divine Order of principle, boundary, and Universal Truth is Needed. In order to maintain Natural Spiritual Consciousness. Which, is found deep within the human Conscience. Remember, It is not the truth that causes division. But dissatisfaction, and rebellion against the truth that causes division. Therefore, compare everything with self-truth. With the openness of mind. As with faith. Truth and fact can not be outmaneuvered.


Woman’s Inability To Choose Honor

   The WITCH’S Cunning, and Baffling, Power of demonic possession. Intoxicated with sexual power resulting in manipulative control. Which is applied through the arrogant pride of naive women! Affecting the main stream majority. Liberty and Independence with out principle, boundary and universal truth. Can only go into chaos. Such Independence will become self-righteous, self-seeking, selfish, self-deceptive, self-sabotaging, self-defeating, then finally, self-destructive. Irrational, Insanity! Affecting all who participate. The notion that men are not necessary for general feminine stability. The Independence of the Feminine Emotional Superficial state of mind. With out the responsibility to Basic Rational Spiritual Principles, Boundaries and Universal Truth. Is the cause of the Independent, SO SAD Patterns of behavioral disorder? That stems from the feminine gender. The primary responsibility, being the universal truth of the feminine design. Of NEED for the Masculine Rational “TRUTH” Spiritual value. The Feminine denial of rational dependency and NEED. Creates the Irrational reaction of possessive control. Out of fear and insecurity. Once this condition is triggered. “The independent SO SAD woman actually gets an extreme attention high out of manipulated and controlled attention. “toxic, intoxicated” Whether negative or positive. Loosing all sense of conscience, or rational action. Ultimately becoming extremely vindictive, with the most cunning manipulative psychological tricks to achieve control, for attention. Seeking gratification in heartless, cruel and vindictive control. With psychological, emotional, and sexual manipulation and control. Becoming more and more stubborn, unreasonable, accusing, blaming and finding fault, out of there own gilt. Becoming suspicious and paranoid. This creates the VICTIM role and the blame game. That is truly the most Cunning, Baffling and Powerful, force to recon with. Attacking the self-confidence and self-respect of those who place any value in such tracery.

The WITCH is SO SAD! Because she chooses attention over self-respect. The general psychological label that causes and encompasses all Psycho-emotional Patterns of the Behavioral disorder. “SO SAD”, Sexually Oriented, Subtile Addictive Disorder. The Mother and Geneses of addictive dependencies and patterns of behavioral disorder. PASSIVE – AGGRESSIVE, VICTIM SYMPATHY, CONTROL. (Subtle,- “Complex Deception” Mind Games) Achieving aggressive control, by passive manipulation of natural human sympathy toward the victim. Simply by placing value in the suggestion. Allows the demonic possessive activity of accusation, placing blame, and finding fault. To affect the natural mind. The WITCH victimizing the male ego into submission. Ultimately into her possession and control. Cumming, deceptive, and vindictive, manipulation of the natural mind. The only victim is he who submits to victimization. Out of the lack of self-confidence or self-respect. Avoid participation in complaining long enough to participate in the solution. No one in their rational mind is going to extend much concern for you. If you are not extending much concern for your self. The sound rational concern will be extended in there concern for them selves. Simply refuse to participate in the traffic and you won’t get run over. These Patterns of the behavioral disorder are a product of addictive dependency. In all actuality and reality, Independence, gone mad.

Protect the SO SAD VICTIM WITCH????? Now, unfortunately, out of the unnatural, unhealthy, human mind that is ” Independently SO SAD” There is the common tendency to protect and pamper this personality. This tendency is Influenced and supported by social conditioning. Many times in a relationship brake up. The more rational person is avoided, turned on, attacked, accused, even emotionally and psychologically kicked when they are down. Because of the blaming cries of the victim role. Also, there are those men who heartlessly exploit and seduce the irrationally independent and SO SAD woman. Who is in a relationship situation. Deeply betraying the trust of the man. With out respect consideration or concern for the man or the woman. Who could trust or respect such a man? Avoid participation with those who exploit such individuals. Until they mature. Participation only shows approval of such behavioral disorders. Also, there are men who are caught up in the SO SAD, Victimized, manipulation. It can happen to the most Rational man, who choose to consider the suggestive exaggerations of SO SAD Victimized woman. The Sacred Warrior will suggest to the woman. “Not to participate with what is causing harm.” Leaving it at that. Without lending value to the possibility of suggestive exaggeration. Or becoming caught up in Psycho-emotional reaction. Either by protecting and pampering, or even participating with these personalities, Intensifies the problem. Causing any possibility for recovery to deteriorate. Encouraging the illness, rather than healing. All we can do is make these things known to them. Avoided participation. Then allow them to choose for them selves. By this, we renew self-respect and self-confidence.

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