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    Competitive Gender Polarity  

The Way!


Recognizing the confounding personal and social, cause and effect

of toxic feminist persuasion on the masculine mind.

   We recognized that our minds were confounded by irrational toxic feminist manipulation. The resulting emotional instability left us participating in control based behaviors, self-medicating addictions, and dependencies, and even regrettable violent reaction, as our only means of relief.” Suggestions from feminist theory have fragmented and confounded the divine intention of sound rational masculine judgment, throughout western culture. Increasingly destroying civility and civil order within western civilization and imposing this destructive pattern throughout the world. The increase of right brain baseless relativism has infiltrated government, law, psychology, and religion. Creating a society which increasingly tends toward the emotional and irrational regrettable reaction of immediate sensual superficial gratification, without consideration for an outcome. Self-seeking is contrary, and counterproductive to the necessary civil order of civilization. The dependency upon, and addiction to “immediate gratification” without consideration for the outcome. Has become a means of self-medication with substances or activities. In order to numb the emotional instability caused by trust in toxic feminist influenced right brain suggestion. Which are not only false, but counterproductive to the intended design of sound rational masculine mind, and without any basis in fact. In other words. Placing trust in false notions and ideas. Which may be deep-seated beliefs stemming from childhood. Is the cause of emotional instability. Which result in increasing dependencies and addictions upon substances and activities. In order to achieve immediate gratifying relief from the emotional instability and resulting psychological disorders. These dependencies, addictions, and resulting control based behaviors. Only result in magnifying the primary emotional instabilities. Which then result in greater dependencies upon and addictions to those substances and activities. Creating greater dependency upon control based behavioral disorder. Which renders one’s life increasingly unmanageable. With the consistent recognition of undesirable outcome from the illusion of control. In the first medicine, we recognize how trust in false notions which have no basis in fact, have caused our lives to become unmanageable. Our egos and souls had been victimized by social and personal toxic feminist suggestions that are counterproductive to the design and intent of masculine development. We had lost our sense of masculine self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. Which had confounded our intended sound rational masculine minds?


Gender communication breakdown. Men don’t listen to women for a very good natural spiritual reason. The general feminine tendency in communication is more toward complex emotionalism, romanticism, exaggerated and irrational. Rather than the more masculine factual simplistic rational logic. Example: The general frequency of feminine hysterics. In comparison to the general frequency of masculine hysterics. Duplicitous and inconsistent lack of judgment. It’s been clearly demonstrated women in general, change their vote on an emotionally affected whim. “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind” Why? The rationale doesn’t change without clear logical judgment. But “right brain” changes according to what “feels” better in any given moment. {Irrational} The more emotional feminine communication will tend toward. Inconsistent, unstable, irrational reactive, complex elaboration, and exaggeration, escalating into hysterics. Without consideration for consequences. When the Masculine “left brain” is only interested in the simple, rational facts. In consideration of consequences for all concerned. The natural Masculine mind that places value in feminine communication without extreme caution. Will take all information as factual. Believing he is rationally acting on factual information. Because the notion of exaggerating the facts is irrational to him. He often finds himself becoming an extenuation of her emotional reaction. Which then cripples his self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control. Opening him further to feminine influence. Victimized ego, submitting, conforming and going with the flow of right brain. God said to the man, “Because you have heeded the voice of your wife. Genesis 3:17, For a very sound logical reason. We can’t blame her for her natural tendencies. When men irrationally place serious value in feminine communication without caution.

Woman have generally always had the choice of independence. The only thing that women’s liberation has actually accomplished. Is the circumstance of sexual attention and promiscuity to become acceptable? Even culturally and socially correct, for women. Destroying the very value of womanhood. And ultimately placing irrational sexual manipulation, and control in the hands of feminine insecurity. Over the victimized ego, and tormented natural mind of men. Whose trust is placed in her superficial demands? Such a cultural influence creates a sub-matriarchal society. In all appearances, the illusion of a patriarchal culture. With woman’s subtle but powerful irrational hand, at the control center, of men’s manipulated victimized ego.

The women’s liberation movement was first called the women’s suffrage movement. Calling attention to the suffering of women. Under the cruel treatment of their husbands. As well as the general treatment of women as nesting, sexual subordinate, throughout American society. Clearly typical of the right brain, excessively dramatic, exaggerations of the facts. Women’s sufferings were isolated occurrences, that took president within feminine emotionally exaggerated gossip circles. Because such occurrences were in fact extremely rare in comparison to the level of domestic violence today. Not to mention the accelerated frequency of feminine psychological and emotional disorders. That are increasing because of the lack of feminine consideration of natural masculine rational authoritative direction. Which is many times worse, due to the loss of feminine identity and value. By reason of the notion of woman’s liberation. Yet the feminist demand for this theory remains defiant, despite the increasing demise of her own well-being. Simply because her PRIDE “concern for what others think” will not allow her to ignore the mainstream social suggestion. This isn’t to discredit the actual degradation and cruelty of those women thought history. Or even today. But to state the factual over all evidence. That the emergence of the liberated and independent women of this day, are simply not satisfied with the Sacred and Divine Order of Natural feminine submission to trust in simplistic masculine authoritative rational direction. Toxic feminists weren’t satisfied with God’s intended design. Only a short generation after the final voice cried out, “I am woman hear me roar!” All that is left of the fundamental reasoning of marriage is a lingering illusion. While the fundamental relationship between man and woman is destroyed in our western society and culture. Increasingly affecting every corner of the world. We can not assume that the rational consistency of masculine mind would have brought order to the problems that women pointed out. If this hadn’t have happened. All we can do is point out the problem, solution, and result that remain here and now. The principles, boundaries and universal truth of the Sacred Warrior. The fact that the prophecy of God’s work has come of age. Is a wake-up call to man. Jeremiah 31: 22, “How long will you gad about, you mischievous daughter? God has created a new thing in the earth. A woman shall encompass a man.” “A woman shall encompass a man?” As it is with the victimized ego of the tormented male. God himself has placed the desire for liberation and independence in her heart. Therefore with this present circumstance, men are set free of the changes of obligation to her or for her. By her own individual choice, she is at any moment liberated, independent, and to be treated equal to man and greatly supported by social persuasion. Void of the naturally desirable subordinate state of womanhood. {But you can bet she will submit without question to her employer.} Because there is nothing desirable or special for man, concerning equality in the opposite gender. Except for the cultural acceptance of her sexual promiscuity. As with the only remaining fact of her worth as a sexual object. Being liberated from, and independent of, all natural, and desirable, intended value. Again, Remember! “The very level that she chooses to participate in the privacy and equality of feminine liberation and independence. Is the same level that she also chooses to decline masculine obligation of responsibility to her or for her.” Simple, trust, belief, and application of those principles that applied before feminine liberation. Now, only victimize the male ego in torment, misery, and shame. Remember this Warrior, You owe her only what trust and respect, she is willing to earn.

By the present excepted notion of feminine liberation, independence, and equality. The principles of Patriarchal Judaea-Christian order of gender and matrimony are increasingly abandoned. The view of women being the weaker sex. With the marital agreement of woman’s submission to the authority of her husband, in the commitment of obligation to life partnership. No longer apply to the present day companionship between sexually intimate partners. Considering the obvious increasing conflict. Between the notion of independence, and natural human dependency. The notion of dependency between two equals can only result in competitive guessing games and blame games for power and authority and end in stalemate, creating conflict. The notion of dependency upon independence is absurd and irrational. Therefore, equally committed obligation, to this, equal and rational system of principles, boundaries, and universal truths. Is provided and offered. In order to maintain consistent Sacred and Divine Order, of Natural Spiritual Consciousness. For the consistency of sound rational mind. As well as calm, peaceful, respectful, and pleasurable stability in Companionship. Allowing for unconditional love, by the absence of imposed law, indoctrination, manipulation, possession, provoking or control.

Feminine tendency to gang up on the male. Is more of a right brain tendency, then a gender pattern. Right brain Fi-males and Wig-men tend to support such toxic feminist behaves. The socially acceptable activity of general criticism of the naturally intended design of manhood. Women have grown to be arrogant in their dissatisfaction with the natural state of manhood. “Men should be more emotionally sensitive and listen to women more!” Absolutely not!!!!! This only opens the natural masculine mind to what amounts to masculine sabotage. Men are naturally best at feeling without reacting. And listening to feminine suggestion with a very cautious ear. Let alone paying attention to feminine exaggerated complaining and chronic dissatisfaction. The Sacred Warrior is extremely self-confident in his manhood. Only concerning himself with respectable women who appreciate the true masculine intended design of manhood.

Only in the human race, the female has chosen the weaker gender, by the use of sex to gain security in men and becoming insecure in self. Becoming dependent upon the support of the social PRIDE for support of her security. Irrational persuasion is the reason behind all human disorder.

The victimized male ego is no Sacred Warrior: There can be no confidence in such immature right brained affective males. Those underdeveloped males who are easily persuaded by toxic feminist persuasion, can not be trusted or confided in. These males are more likely to chose to remain in denial of the facts and trust romantically exaggerated illusions. Causing the need to become dependent upon and addicted to substances and activities. In order to numb his confounded mind. Often becoming arrogant and resorting to violent reaction. Continually complaining about the circumstances they find themselves in. Rather than taking the responsibility for their irrational choices. Only rational isolation from these immature males and avoiding participation will put them in the position to evaluate themselves. There is no male that is incapable of regenerating his cognitive left brain into sound rational masculine problem-solving. Every man is capable of becoming a Sacred Warrior, Brave Man and his Brother’s Keeper.

The cause of victimized male ego is due to the escalating social, and cultural, environmental right brain influences. Irrational persuasion is the reason behind all human disorder. That emerge from a greater trust in a woman than in man. By the feminine demand to be heard. Again, God said to the man, “Because you have heeded the voice of your wife.” Genesis 3: 17, Therefore, let every man who chooses the self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-control, psycho-emotional liberation, stability and order of sound rational mind. Follow the example and evidence of the Sacred Warrior. Who confides only in the trust of Sacred and Divine Order, of Natural, Spiritual Consciousness. For the intended design of consistent, calm, self-confident, self-respect, in a peaceful, pleasurable life experience. Avoiding participation, and rationally isolated from the WITCH. Which is no person or gender? But a demonic possession, “pattern of behavioral disorder” that is active in the person. Without the person’s knowledge. Described in these pages, as resulting from baseless beliefs.

Not a Brother’s Keeper? Not a Brave Man, or Sacred Warrior! This is the most devastating problem among underdeveloped immature and counterproductive males. Who provide toxic feminist with the very sexual power and pseudo-moral authority that is destroying sound masculine direction in self-identity, self-respect, self-confidence and self-control and human civilization as a whole. While toxic feminist conspires together to inform each other of any man’s activities.

Underdeveloped males who are not, at all, brave men, nor are they their brother’s keeper. Who can not be trusted and can only be avoided. The victimized male ego “proud male” will be more concerned with feminine acceptance then the acceptance of men. Not willing to watch his brothers back in sound masculine brotherhood. Concerning a woman’s betrayal of his brother’s confidence. Not realizing that his brother’s sanity is based on his dignity. Which is being betrayed by a woman. He will refuse to interfere and more often than not, he himself will participate in betraying his brother. By participating in the woman’s treachery. Rather than watching his brothers back by informing his brother of a woman’s treachery. Or at the very least, refusing to communicate or participate with such a woman. In order to cause his brother to question the reason for avoiding participation and providing an opportunity to offer the necessary facts. But such males will more likely seek her immediate gratification without consideration for the outcome for his brother or mankind as a whole.

The Sacred Warrior is a Brave man. Confident that his brother will need the facts in order to maintain his dignity and a sound mind. Being a Brother’s Keeper the Sacred Warrior will inform his brother of the “facts” concerning the woman’s treachery. Knowing the difference between gossip, rumor or meddling in the affairs of his brother and informing his brother of only the facts. Informing a brother of the facts, concerning deceptive public activities outside of personal privet confidence. Isn’t meddling on personal privet confidentiality. It informing your brother of public activity outside of his confidence.

All men whose trust is placed beneath rather than above. Share the same patterns of behavioral disorder and misery. By the influences of cunning arrogant victimization of their ego. Remember, we are speaking in general terms here. Knowing full well, that there are always exceptions to the general rule. We aren’t referring to all women or all men. But the general “probable” tendencies of gender behavioral patterns in relation to each other. In fact, every thing in this experience is a generalization. Are all Africans athletically inclined? Are all Europeans superficial? Are all Asians short? All Indians live in Tee Pees? These are behavioral generalizations “stereotypes” that may not fit the individual. But due to the individual’s cultural persuasion, may certainly be considered “probable” to suspect. It is only wise to look at the general “probable” unifying tendencies of gender, throughout all humanity. In order to determine whether principles and boundaries are in order.

If there must be the notion of blame or fault. Of either the masculine or feminine genders. That blame and fault do not fall upon the feminine gender. For acting according to her natural designed intent. But the blame and fault must fall upon the masculine. For trusting the word of the feminine right brain. Therefore Sacred Warrior, offer her truth, trust, and unconditional love. Without regard for the common notion of obligation to her or for her. In short. It is Adam’s lack of responsibility for following Eve’s lead.

Participation with Fi’males and Wi’men? Irrational!!: Such immature and underdeveloped males lacking self-identity. Naturally demonstrate insecurity, fear, submission to feminine persuasion, anger, arrogance and many forms of hatred of established and evident philosophies of civilized order. Such underdeveloped immature males are naive and easily persuaded into superficial sensual deception. Reacting to a woman’s victim role before seeking the facts. Those who are easily persuaded without question can not be trusted and become increasingly dangerous to themselves and others.

Birds of a feather flock together. A person’s character is greatly observed by the character of those they associate closely with. People who are lacking sound self-identity, tend to need to associate with the crowd that best fits their own character. A careful evaluation of an individual’s association will reveal that individuals deeper truth and character.

An obvious clue to the environmentally right brained influenced victimized male ego. Is there a tendency to confide in women. Because there victimized ego, “PRIDE” will not allow them to confess conflicting emotional instability to the other man. Men who trust the confidence of women, over the confidence of men. Are surely miserable and broken victims. With little self-identity, self-confidence or self-respect. The Sacred Warrior is wise to trust only the confidence of his Brother. Who is the Keeper of his confidence? Only his Brother is able to understand the conflicting emotional instability of his Brother. The Sacred Warrior will allow no fear of humility to discourage his trust in his Brother.

Other obvious clues to the environmentally right brained influenced Victimized male ego. Are those man who’s personality changes in the presents certain individuals. This activity clearly indicates the need for the victimized ego, “PRIDE” to put on an act. In the presence of cretin individuals. Caused by his lack of direction in masculine self-confidence and self-respect. Which causes him to overcompensate with an act. Attempting to portray himself as being something he isn’t. Egocentric men tend to be arrogant, pushy, intimidating and macho. Of course, this act is difficult to maintain in conflicting circumstances. Therefore he becomes obsessed with control. He will tend to accuse and blame those who aren’t agreeable with his agenda. Finding fault in anyone who seems to pose a threat to his character. Tending toward complaining, gossiping, generally needing to be the center of attention. Jealousy and possessiveness. Loud, and obnoxious. Yet some individuals are quiet and reserved. But simply refusing to hear reasoning if it is contrary to his motives. Some men become womanizing even women heating while remaining isolated from masculine influence. In favor of his confidence in women. In general, with a little observation. It becomes clear to see that the man is caught up in emotional reaction. Rather than the intended design of rational calm, peaceful, self-confidence, and self-respect, in his pleasure with life. Most of the patterns of behavioral disorder in the victimized ego, “PROUD MALES”. Are similar to Feminine, Right Brain Affective Patterns. (More concerned with what others think then sound self-identity) Because he is caught up in and possessed by right brain influences. These men are possessed. Without knowledge of their captivity. Without being genuine and consistent to others. As is the consistency of the Sacred Warrior. Whose self-confidence requires no acting or mask? Isolate from these examples, avoiding participation with these patterns of behavioral disorder. In order to regenerate sound rational masculine mind.

This human state, based in sensual gratification. Is the cause of humanity’s God consciousness above all creation. Creating the need and spiritual means beyond instinct. To polarize the genders into separate roles of civil value. Rational masculine authority over irrational feminine power in the sacred agreement of companionship.

This Sacred Civil Order of gender companionship is rapid, increasingly, destroyed by the intoxicating effect of feminist theory. In fact, Holy Matrimony has become little more than a fading illusion, that some still choose to believe in. Despite the probable, normal, general, outcome of deep psycho/emotional trauma. By continuing to expect gender order concept, in a gender equal reality. There Is nothing special about equal, Equal has nothing to offer equally. Independent can not be depended upon. Liberated can not be obligated. Fear and psychological competition “mind games” for control, has replaced loyal loving companionship. Privacy’s suspicion has replaced intimacy (where nothing is hidden). Anarchy is replacing the peaceful civil order, destroying civilization. Warrior!! Avoid participation, in Rational Isolation.

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