Defending & Encouraging, Masculine Self Identity, Self Respect, Self Confidence, & Self Control

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In times of universal deceit. Truth becomes a revolutionary act.

America is leading the world into –

Increased Social Right Brain Influences.

Leading societies away from simple rational logic, into complex emotional reaction.

The following is the extensive explanation of how and why!

There are those who can not perceive rational logic, or that truth is {One simple universally understood agreement} But the rational, logical mind can not ignore or deny logic or truth.

It is the nature of man to love and cherish woman. Misogyny is only the result of Misandry.

As long as you continue believing in illusions, you’ll continue getting hurt and continue blaming others for what you continue to get yourself into.

 Educating modern males to the Sacred ancient and secret principles of seeing through, understanding and mastering the subtle complex deceptions of the modern toxic feminist mind.

Having no patience nor regard for the blinded underdeveloped male, who caters to the upper hand of feminism. This profound evil, Abomination against God. Is the prophetic cause of human self destruct. By mindlessly following without question, the desire for immediate gratification without consideration for outcome. On every level.


Without universal agreement upon intended word meaning. There can be no sound communication, debate or understanding.
Openly question the subtle complex act of confounding intended word meaning.
Choice is your power, to be value or liability.

What is truly a sad shameful fact is. Few modern males have the knowledge of manhood or backbone to act on the Solution. But that honorable WOMEN ARE FIGHTING on men’s behalf. Consider the words of the following truly honorable ladies.

And you’ve really got to see these Videos by women!

Men’s Rights Videos

Feminism and the Disposable Male

I don’t need a man, but…

Man can not fault woman for thinking and acting like woman.

But the male who does not know manhood, who follows the thinking and actions of woman. Is no man. But a social liability without dignity, or honor. A harmful disgrace to the human race. The blind leading the blind. The cause of human disorders resulting from feminist power intoxication. The oldest game.

 To the mind intent on sound judgment.

The Sacred Warrior is not concerned with woman’s roar. But defends truth against man’s mindless insecure obedience to that roar. Let no liberated woman blame man for the results of what she has asked for.

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Yet no man can compromise his mind. But always question indecisive mind. Being justified in suspicion of duplicitous behavior.

It should be clear. That the following philosophy is provided to educate men to stand firm in the intent of genuine gender equality. To avoid the toxic feminist double standards, mixed messages and manipulative suggestions that confound the individual man as well as civilization as a whole. Feminism is the foundation of rejection of the provided and valid sacred order. That has provided and sustained human civilization. Leading man kind into rapidly increasing disorder.

   Those who don’t understand self respect wont respect others and cant be trusted.

Spiritual maturity results in sound mind. In search of sound mind and those who would regenerate sound mind.

Sound Mind is dependant upon Self Confidence.

Self Confidence is dependant upon Dignity, Honor and Self Respect.

All require the right-choice-ness of Avoiding Deceptive Social Persuasion.

Participation with counterproductive behavior, demonstrates approval of counterproductive behaviour, encouraging counterproductive behaviour.

Clue!! Pay attention to those who refuse to admit mistake. Such can not possibly correct or mature. Untrustworthy arrogant, controlling, even dangerous individually and socially. “Right brain” Generally, Commonly, Normally, Probably, Toxic Feminist’s and those underdeveloped males who are unknowingly manipulated by complex irrational feminine persuasion.

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. Birds of a feather flock together. The only way to remain ahead of the game, is by avoiding participation. Its better to remain alone than miserable. Allowing the miserable to continue whining, complaining and blaming the world around them.

Toxic feminist influence has all but confounded humanity. By confounding genuine spirituality with counterfeit notions that undermine all sound rational consistent traditional order. Despite the blatant inconsistency with the very foundations of sacred traditions. Males now increasingly follow these baseless counterfeit teachings that stem from sensual right brain treachery. For the sake of immediate gratification without consideration for outcome. Emotionalism and relativism is being called spiritual. Romantic control and manipulation is being called love. Ego “self identity” is commonly condemned and the treachery of pride “social persuasion” is overlooked. Any knowledge of these and other such self destructive behaviors. Is condemned as being to harsh, arrogant, over bearing, even anti-social.

I’ve grown increasingly ashamed of America for many justified reasons. Here is an example of the shameful American double standards and sexism. It has become clearly probable that America will have a female Commander and Chief of the US Military. Yet it is well known that federal law is requiring all “men” 18 to 26 to register for military selective service. All my life I’ve been willing to fight for my country. But who can fight on behalf of shame?

If this view isn’t understandable or acceptable to you. There’s no need for your concern of it. The reason for this texts is to attract and unify in clarity. For those who naturally consider, comprehend, apply and benefit.

Since 1948, each generation has taken humanity deeper and deeper into chaos. Its to late for them to even see why, but there are those of us who are able to see, detach and prepare. This is an invitation to consider, apply and benefit in the designed human intention, of the sound rational mind, of the

Sacred Warrior


The Warriors and Honorable women of The Sacred Warrior Society are now forming world wide. Yet as of July 4, 2012 it is unanimously determined. That our Society has become Anonymous. Protecting the anonymity of the Warriors who defend and encourage genuine manhood and womanhood. Due to the increased cunning hatred and emasculation of just sound men and honorable women. As well as suspected and obvious risks. As well as the lack of reasoning and just minds in today’s toxic feminist influenced males.
Think about this statement; There is no greater peace and happiness then the confidence in knowing I am correct.
  Starting an anonymous group?  email the founder; founder@SacredWarrior.org

The one truly at peace in their belief will resist the temptation to debate. But rather be prepared to clarify that belief to those who question. The soul who’s intention is good, doesn’t want to be in error, but wants to be corrected.

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420 Benefited

Feel free to speak your mind by commenting below, “no additions to blog role please”.

With consideration that contempt prior to investigation is irrational! And that the act of ad Hominem forfeits any reasonable debate.

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hau kola good words

7bearswalking @ July 31, 2009 7:50 pm


Wow!!! These articles are spot on!!! Whoever the man is that wrote all this, he is wise beyond his years and understands the TRUTH for G-d’s sakes…It’s so nice to see a voice in the wildnerness for REAL MEN…

let me say that again…


keep it up, author of this website …i am also impressed with your writing and mastery of the English language 🙂

keep it up brother!!!

keep it hard,

fringed_lunatic613 @ September 5, 2009 3:18 pm


In order to adhere to the tenets provided on this site, there is no reason to abdicate the role of “manhood”. I believe all that is needed for ME, is that I adhere to and follow the traditional spiritual beliefs of my tribe, the Lakota. I have studied and followed them for many years. They teach us to be tolerant and to hold all creation sacred. That is most applicable to ourselves, for if we consider ourselves sacred, then we will do likewise to all other creations on this earth. I believe we as men must adhere to the natural laws God established, and one of those laws is that men have specific roles to fulfill. That does not mean that we must be arrogant or demanding. If we hold ourselves up with honesty, pride and justice, others will recognize those attributes and will follow them. However, in order to know what those attributes are, we all must earnestly and honestly study and practice them, accepting the fact that we can’t know all before we walk on; that life is an ongoing learning process that does not end. If you think you know everything that must be known to fulfill your destiny, then you are not yet a man. Consider firs that Grandfather gave to woman the power to create life. Man does NOT have that power, and must bow to it. That means women are to be considered sacred beings, never to be struck, ridiculed, or disrespected in any way, even if they behave badly. We must demonstrate by our understanding and patience that we are willing to be wise and prudent leaders. Once we all realize that women are sacred, then we being to do away with anger, jealousy, resentment, hatred and all the other emotions that prevent women from respecting us and looking up to us will go away. We must understand that this is a basic belief. Once we do, women will feel free to look upon as leaders and protectors. Once that becomes the norm, only then will we begin to take our correct and rightful place in the natural scheme of things. The children will follow the example of the men as well. It will take a long time, but as the Chinese philosophers have said for many centuries, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Take that step today, and begin your journey to knowledge.

Mahpiya @ November 19, 2010 7:47 pm


There is so much wrong here.

This is not about good. It is about using spirituality to control others. You are misusing Spititual teachings and symbols to debase women in the same manner of the Christians of the middle ages, and the Muslim today.

Your hypocrisy is glaring.

Littlebear @ November 22, 2010 3:46 pm


Han Mr. O’Conner

I spoke to you a couple of years ago. You were in the yahoo Native American chat rooms at the time. Sense then I have had plenty of time to study your words over and over again. Thanks to you I have gained a greater understanding of the mans way of thinking and a much better look at my own past mistakes. Clearly you haven’t forgotten where we all have come from. What is truly spiritual and what is a feel good modern substitute. I want to commend you for your obvious courage to stand up against the subtle trickeries of our times and encourage you to please continue to educate those who will be open to personal responsibility. Don’t let the ramblings of fear and guilt stop you. You know for who you stand for and with. May Creator bless us with more real men such as you. Mitakuya Oyasin, Heidie

Heidie @ November 28, 2010 2:27 am


Sent to founder@sacredwarrior.org
Dear Sir,

I wholeheartedly agree with your mission statement in regards to men
needing to regain their sense of self identity, self respect and resuming
their roles in society. However, I think there is too much focus upon the
feminist movement as being to blame for this, and not the real cancer that
has invaded and slowly been eating away at our society for centuries now.

It is glaringly obvious that our society is sick. This is beyond any
doubt. We only have to look around us, see how people act, how people treat
each other, how governments treat their people and more. This is a sickness
that goes to the very core of everything in our way of life. We have turned
away from nature, away from that which brought life to this world, how we
place ourselves in the rhythm of this worlds turning as it spins around the

The truth in a faith, or belief is proven in what it gives birth to.
Consider what our societies’ laws and customs are currently based upon, and
what the results have been both in the past, and what they have grown into
in the present. Then stop a moment and look forward if we continue upon the
path we are treading.

We are out of balance with ourselves. It is very true that men need to be
men, this is a fact that should not be denied. Women should also be women,
and true to themselves and their needs as well. Always however, humans have
sadly tried to place blame upon everyone else but themselves for what has
happened. It’s all about blame, not responsibility. There are truths before
us that most are blind to, truths that are horrifying to behold and
conceive once they are understood for the truth of what they are both in
reality, and symbolically.

Yes, I speak in riddles of a sort, but that is my way. It is for the one
who reads or listens to my words to solve and hence understand what I say.
I cannot and do not dare say that I know the absolute truth. No man or
woman does, for the Absolute in truth lies beyond what we can comprehend.
There are truths which will emerge into the light in the future that will
devastate our society and destroy everything upon which it is founded.
Humans of course will fight against this as they have been mislead for a
thousand years now. Does that number sound familiar? It should.

Blame not the cause that brought forth the very things that have been
bringing chaos to our societies for centuries now in one form or another.
Many abominations are in our history that can be read easily in history
books, or the bible that so many place their faith in. Actually, my first
understanding of genocide came from reading the bible from cover to cover
as a teenager. Many parts of this book are taken out of context. Many
aspects of it are ignored at will because they are unpleasant and only what
is convenient is quoted.

This is true of other religions too, who also have their holy books. They
claim to abide by the laws of their book, yet their actions go against the
very words that are contained by those books. This is true for the Koran.
Almost none of those who claim to follow it actually practise what the laws
really are. How do I know? I’ve read it, just as I have read so very many
books in religion, history, archeological accounts and studies in

Patterns tell the truth. Know the truth by its’ pattern. Know the truth by
what it creates, know the truth by what its’ followers actually DO. We live
in a world ruled by fear. Fear of everything, fear of being ourselves, fear
of death, fear of failure, fear of non-acceptance, fear of not fitting in.
Everywhere you turn there is fear.

Warriors fight to destroy fear. Warriors fight to make a life for their
families, they fight so that their families may be safe. Women give their
husbands a place of comfort, rest, respect and listen to his thoughts. A
respected man will always turn to his wife. I know this because this is how
I treat my husband. We are equals, however, we are both true to our natures
as men and women. A woman is what stands behind a man to support him, to
lift his spirits when he doubts, to give him courage with trust and
encouragement. A man treated in this way is a wonderful man. In doing this,
my husband would do anything in his power to gain me anything I wanted.
However, because he would do that, I almost never ask. As a person, I am
strong in myself, I have -power- of my own, yet nothing makes me feel more
cherished than having a man who would guard me from any harm. I am
treasured because I fulfill his needs as best as I am able. I do not need
his place, I have my own place. I am a woman and proud of it. I am a wife
and proud of it. I have a man, and I am proud of him.

Men really do need to be allowed to be men, for only then will they be
able to turn around and see what is really happening in this world. As
things are, they see and believe in illusions for their power has been
taken from them. This is a great wrong that must be made right, and made
right very soon. While a man is emasculated, he does not open his eyes,
look up and see what is really here. What is really happening.

The old ways have been forgotten. For myself, I come from a very very old
bloodline, one that has been traced back for a few thousand years now. I
was taught those old ways, and by them I abide. However, these ways are not
as the ways of the world today, and for it I am rejected, derided, hated
and often feared. Women and men had equality in the society of my long ago
ancestors. However, not in the way it is seen today. Women WERE women, and
men WERE men. Leadership of tribes and kingdoms was decided by blood and
capability regardless of gender. Some women have been very good leaders in
the past, and their legends live to this day.

Everything a person says or does will leave its’ echoes in eternity. I
have chosen what I will leave behind me when I move on to a place I have
been more than once when I left this body behind lifeless and still. I was
forced to return very much against my will. It was only the final time that
I understood why it was I must remain, but that is not an issue here. The
issue is that there is nothing to fear when our flesh passes away. But our
words, and our deeds will leave their marks behind us. They may seem little
to us at the time until one regards it in a simple way. Throw a little
pebble into a pond. A very little pebble. Watch the ripples spread and
finally they pass over the entire ponds’ surface. We are like those tiny
pebbles. The question is, before one chooses to do, or not to do something
is to stop and consider where those ripples will go, what they will pass
over, how they will affect others as the motion of our choices travels
through reality. How many stop to think this way?

Your movement is commendable, and as an individual I know the joy that can
be found in a partnership between a man and a woman. Because we are true to
ourselves and to each other, we can turn our eyes outwards and see what is
happening around us. We’ve stood side by side looking outwards alone and
watched all of those we encounter fall by the wayside, lost, confused and

I will tell you a story of what a man can do in just a normal way if he is
given the right to be a man. It is a simple story, but a powerful one, and
one I think well worth sharing.

I had tried to be a woman in a couple of relationships with men. Men I
refused to marry because I considered marriage to be sacred and part of me
felt it was not right to marry these men. My reward for my trust and
nurturing of my second relationships’ daughter was to be beaten so severely
I was lucky to escape with my life. I chose instead to live alone for many
years. Then I got the internet. I felt safe talking to people that way.
They could not see me, they could not hurt me as I had been for the
entirety of my life. I was never like other people. I could not understand
other people. They did things that did not seem right or logical to me.

Then one day, I made friends with a man. We talked about many things for
almost two years and became very close. For the first time, I had found
someone that understood me and how I was different, how my mind was
different. The thing was, I was in Australia, and he was in the USA.
Eventually, this man decided he just had to meet me. He had saved and
planned for some time without telling me for a plane ticket to come to
Australia. He did so and stayed for the three months his visa allowed him.
Then came the day he had to return home. It was heartbreaking watching him
leave. He did not even turn to say goodbye and I thought I would never hear
from him again because of it. He told me later that he couldn’t turn to
look at me otherwise he could not have left as the law said he should.

For almost a year, this man spent his time troubled and heartbroken. Hard
to find work, but he took what he could get when he got it. It seemed like
everything was going against him, but he did not stop fighting. He was
indeed a true warrior. He fought in his own way until the day came when
almost a year after he had left me behind in Australia, there was enough to
bring me to the USA. In May, 2002, we married. In the entire time, we have
had only three conflicts. None of them severe enough to endanger our

What does it take to make a man do his utmost to move heaven and earth for
one woman?

To be treated and respected. A very simple thing.

This is a simple story I hope is shared with many. Men and women are
different. Each should be true to their natures. It does not make one
greater or lesser than the other, just different. And respect goes both
ways. Women who empower their husbands die every day somewhere because
giving up their power makes some men think they can beat their wives until
one day, that woman is dead. This too should not be forgotten. I almost
died myself because of it. A woman who treats her man with respect,
supports him and stands behind him should also be treasured, for a woman
being true to herself can empower her husband to strive harder, fight
harder and do what is needed. And he is always happy and looks forward to
returning to his home.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT submissive. Things go very badly for those
who try to dominate me now. I have been empowered by a man who treats me as
a woman and made stronger as a result. I am not helpless either.

Really, it is such a simple thing that can be said in one word.


Each of us can choose whether or not we respect one another. Each of us
can choose how we act, or react to a situation. No matter what a person
claims or pretends, there is no “I didn’t mean to say that, or call you
that” . . . It WAS meant at the time. Then comes the blaming of some other
person for making you feel some way, or making you do something. Nobody has
the power to make you feel in any way, or make you act in any way unless
you GIVE them that power. Key word. Give. It’s like talking to someone who
has a different opinion or belief to you. Every single being on this planet
is unique. So how they see things, understand things, believe things, all
is unique. There is much that can be learned from this uniqueness, and
respect should always be given to anothers’ beliefs and opinion. A
different opinion should never upset you, because it is NOT in your head,
it is in the head of another, so it is their affair, not yours. Nobody has
the right to tell another person how to think or what to believe. To do
this is to take away a persons’ free will, and showing them a complete lack
of respect. Debating an issue can be very entertaining for both sides, and
enlightening as well. Why should we see the world with one single, narrow
vision when we can see it with the vision of many. . . ?

Personally, I follow no religion. I have no need of it. I also have some
issues with certain ritualistic aspects in regards to religious pratices. I
need no buildings or books to know the Absolute exists. I take
responsibility for my own actions and accept the consequences thereof. I
see the Absolute in the trees and hear it as the wind whispers through
their leaves, I see it when I stand on the back balcony and look out at the
trees and talk to the yellow jacket wasps that have a nest there. I see the
Absolute when I call the name of my horse and she comes running to me with
her head and tail held high and proud, each step she takes showing her joy.
I live in a world of constant wonder and miracles and it saddens me that
others do not see it as I do.

In a world and universe full of endless wonders, only mankind could invent

I think I have typed enough, I tend to confuse people with my love for
words. I hope to see many more men become warriors, warriors who know how
to protect their women. There is one thing that is true in this world. . .
In simple words; “What goes around, comes around.” The energies you give
out into the world will return to you. So if you are making mistakes, your
life will not happy. To change your life, first, change yourself. Courage
is what it takes to make the first step and say; “No More.”

The last thing I will leave you with is this.

Every single greatest change in the history of mankind has begun with just
one person with an idea. So yes, one person can make a difference.

Cath Stephens.

*Justice May be blind . . . But I’m NOT.*
*Actions speak louder than words.
Remember, that one thoughtless action can destroy the value of a thousand
And . . . a lack of action can destroy the value of a million words…
So consider ye carefully the consequences of thine actions…
Or of thine inaction.*
*I kneel before no man or god and give Service only for CAUSE.*

Cath Stephens

Sacred Warrior @ September 26, 2012 5:54 pm


Read and digested with interest.
It is interesting how ‘Ultimate Truth’ can be expressed in many ways but when examined fully it is very simple as is perfect balance…although hard to achieve.
Well expressed, clear and powerful.
Thank you.

Storm @ January 14, 2013 4:02 pm


I recently had the good fortune of meeting you and getting to know you. I have just finished reading your clearly written and thought-provoking article. It is well-written and contains sound, practical advice for everyone. In fact, I have already benefited from your incite. You pointed out several things that I will remember and practice for years to come. I look forward to reading your next informative work! I also want to tell you how much I appreciated you in my life and how you live by example speaks great volumes. You’ve helped me realize that our problems as a nation are obvious, and we can solve them in constructive ways. It’s an honor and privilege knowing you. Thank you.

SmokeyAura @ December 19, 2014 1:54 pm

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