Defending & Encouraging, Masculine Self Identity, Self Respect, Self Confidence, & Self Control

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In times of universal deceit. Truth becomes a revolutionary act.

America is leading the world into –

Increased Social Right Brain Influences.

Leading societies away from simple rational logic, into complex emotional reaction.

The following is the extensive explanation of how and why!

There are those who can not perceive rational logic, or that truth is {One simple universally understood agreement} But the rational, logical mind can not ignore or deny logic or truth.

It is the nature of man to love and cherish woman. Misogyny is only the result of Misandry.

As long as you continue believing in illusions, you’ll continue getting hurt and continue blaming others for what you continue to get yourself into.

 Educating modern males to the Sacred ancient and secret principles of seeing through, understanding and mastering the subtle complex deceptions of the modern toxic feminist mind.

Having no patience nor regard for the blinded underdeveloped male, who caters to the upper hand of feminism. This profound evil, Abomination against God. Is the prophetic cause of human self destruct. By mindlessly following without question, the desire for immediate gratification without consideration for outcome. On every level.


Without universal agreement upon intended word meaning. There can be no sound communication, debate or understanding.
Openly question the subtle complex act of confounding intended word meaning.
Choice is your power, to be value or liability.

What is truly a sad shameful fact is. Few modern males have the knowledge of manhood or backbone to act on the Solution. But that honorable WOMEN ARE FIGHTING on men’s behalf. Consider the words of the following truly honorable ladies.

And you’ve really got to see these Videos by women!

Men’s Rights Videos

Feminism and the Disposable Male

I don’t need a man, but…

Man can not fault woman for thinking and acting like woman.

But the male who does not know manhood, who follows the thinking and actions of woman. Is no man. But a social liability without dignity, or honor. A harmful disgrace to the human race. The blind leading the blind. The cause of human disorders resulting from feminist power intoxication. The oldest game.

 To the mind intent on sound judgment.

The Sacred Warrior is not concerned with woman’s roar. But defends truth against man’s mindless insecure obedience to that roar. Let no liberated woman blame man for the results of what she has asked for.

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Yet no man can compromise his mind. But always question indecisive mind. Being justified in suspicion of duplicitous behavior.

It should be clear. That the following philosophy is provided to educate men to stand firm in the intent of genuine gender equality. To avoid the toxic feminist double standards, mixed messages and manipulative suggestions that confound the individual man as well as civilization as a whole. Feminism is the foundation of rejection of the provided and valid sacred order. That has provided and sustained human civilization. Leading man kind into rapidly increasing disorder.

   Those who don’t understand self respect wont respect others and cant be trusted.

Spiritual maturity results in sound mind. In search of sound mind and those who would regenerate sound mind.

Sound Mind is dependant upon Self Confidence.

Self Confidence is dependant upon Dignity, Honor and Self Respect.

All require the right-choice-ness of Avoiding Deceptive Social Persuasion.

Participation with counterproductive behavior, demonstrates approval of counterproductive behaviour, encouraging counterproductive behaviour.

Clue!! Pay attention to those who refuse to admit mistake. Such can not possibly correct or mature. Untrustworthy arrogant, controlling, even dangerous individually and socially. “Right brain” Generally, Commonly, Normally, Probably, Toxic Feminist’s and those underdeveloped males who are unknowingly manipulated by complex irrational feminine persuasion.

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. Birds of a feather flock together. The only way to remain ahead of the game, is by avoiding participation. Its better to remain alone than miserable. Allowing the miserable to continue whining, complaining and blaming the world around them.

Toxic feminist influence has all but confounded humanity. By confounding genuine spirituality with counterfeit notions that undermine all sound rational consistent traditional order. Despite the blatant inconsistency with the very foundations of sacred traditions. Males now increasingly follow these baseless counterfeit teachings that stem from sensual right brain treachery. For the sake of immediate gratification without consideration for outcome. Emotionalism and relativism is being called spiritual. Romantic control and manipulation is being called love. Ego “self identity” is commonly condemned and the treachery of pride “social persuasion” is overlooked. Any knowledge of these and other such self destructive behaviors. Is condemned as being to harsh, arrogant, over bearing, even anti-social.

I’ve grown increasingly ashamed of America for many justified reasons. Here is an example of the shameful American double standards and sexism. It has become clearly probable that America will have a female Commander and Chief of the US Military. Yet it is well known that federal law is requiring all “men” 18 to 26 to register for military selective service. All my life I’ve been willing to fight for my country. But who can fight on behalf of shame?

If this view isn’t understandable or acceptable to you. There’s no need for your concern of it. The reason for this texts is to attract and unify in clarity. For those who naturally consider, comprehend, apply and benefit.

Since 1948, each generation has taken humanity deeper and deeper into chaos. Its to late for them to even see why, but there are those of us who are able to see, detach and prepare. This is an invitation to consider, apply and benefit in the designed human intention, of the sound rational mind, of the

Sacred Warrior


The Warriors and Honorable women of The Sacred Warrior Society are now forming world wide. Yet as of July 4, 2012 it is unanimously determined. That our Society has become Anonymous. Protecting the anonymity of the Warriors who defend and encourage genuine manhood and womanhood. Due to the increased cunning hatred and emasculation of just sound men and honorable women. As well as suspected and obvious risks. As well as the lack of reasoning and just minds in today’s toxic feminist influenced males.
Think about this statement; There is no greater peace and happiness then the confidence in knowing I am correct.
  Starting an anonymous group?  email the founder; founder@SacredWarrior.org

The one truly at peace in their belief will resist the temptation to debate. But rather be prepared to clarify that belief to those who question. The soul who’s intention is good, doesn’t want to be in error, but wants to be corrected.

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